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Waking Up From The Dream

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?” ~Morpheus. The Matrix

 What is the greatest goal of your life on Earth? Why are you here? To find love, abundance, freedom, or unending joy? What about having a profound spiritually awakening experience? One which would alter your consciousness so deeply, that it’d allow you to cultivate a lifetime of deep satisfaction and inner peace. Would this be a worthwhile goal to meditate upon?

Most of us are living our entire lives lost in some sort of dream. The mind is either wrapped around a fantasy about what we want, or a nightmare about what we don’t want. The mind is running its mental projector, splattering its ideas all over the world. The mind is rarely in the peaceful gap that’s between the past and the future, that gap we call the NOW. The mind forgets about the gap, and how it makes you feel how your essence is beyond space and time. The mind instead gets wrapped up in thoughts, creating scenarios about the future and processes memories about the past, until you are bedazzled by it all. The mind throws you into a whirlwind of ideas each day, some new, some old, yet they all leave you unaware, spiritually unsatisfied and your soul left reaching for answers. The unaware mind slowly and quietly rips you away from being here now and pushes you towards the edge of insanity more often than you may realize.

Once the mind stops believing its inner picture show is real, then you will know without a doubt that you are awake. The movie watcher will suddenly realize its sitting in the middle of a dark theater (the mind) and simply stand up and walk out of the theater into the vast light of your Infinite Being. When you stop paying attention to the picture show of the mind, there is a deep release and relaxation. There is no more identification with the mind and its thousands of thoughts anymore, so life becomes very peaceful. The experience is divine, beyond amazing. It’s like pure freedom beyond boundaries, knowing yourself as a supreme conscious being who is aware of its divine nature again.

When we wake up, we find real peace inside. We remember that we are not this limited crazy mind that cannot stop thinking. We get the bigger picture, that we are Gods who can manifest anything we want. We remember our true nature and it becomes crystal clear that all these illusions and delusions the mind creates are not real. We understand how existence is creating everything through our imagination. We let go of control and co-create our lives with the Universe. We practice seeing how every little moment is an absolute miracle. We stop believing that we are something super duper special or just one of the sheeple. We know the truth, that we are divine creativity, the Source of life itself. When we have realized that we are THAT which is beyond the mind, we come home and we stop sleepwalking through this existence forever.

When someone is spiritually asleep they are unaware that they are lost in the mind. They feel the joy they get from their imagination is more pleasurable than stepping back and waking up from it. The sleepwalker is constantly trailing the mind, like a hungry mouse following a trail of cheese. It moves from consuming one tiny bite of cheese to the next. From this thought now, to the next thought, and the next. It is forever hungry, and forever unsatisfied. How can thoughts ever truly be fulfilling and spiritually satisfying? The mind is not aware that there’s an option to not follow the next thought. The mind is mainly caught in the outer world, obsessed with it. Wanting to buy things, get things accomplished, completing today’s to-do list, and it is emotionally invested in solving all the problems which arise throughout the week.

  Yes, the mind wanders incessantly and there’s really not much you can do about it. You can press your nose up against the movie screen, or sit in the last row, and the movie will still continue to play. The mind is just doing its thing. If you have a semi-important appointment in a few hours, the mind instantly starts projecting desires, hopes, and assumptions about how the experience will be. The mind is a natural strategist, constantly trying to help us survive in life as best as it can. Hopefully, we are aware enough to stop getting hooked into its demands on others and ourselves. There is always another desirable prefabricated ideal version of reality randomly generated by an overly active imagination.

“Unless you become a Buddha you have not lived at all because you will not know the great poetry of life, the great music of existence.  You will not know the celestial celebration that goes on and on, you will not know the dance of the stars.  This bliss is for you!  All these flowers and all these songs and all these stars are for you.  You are a Buddha, you are entitled to miracles.” ~Osho

  So how will you know if you suddenly, “Woke Up from the Dream”?  What are the signs? Well, when you are awake there is no more fear anymore. You simply realize that you have nothing to fear because you are an infinite being who cannot die. From this space, you can have no bad relationships, no misunderstandings, for you can only radiate love, and have compassion for everyone and every living thing. In the beginning of every awakening, you heal all inner conflicts within the mind. You stop trying to control, suppress, or push away from the mind. The mind has retired and you let it relax. You don’t try to reawaken from the dream, you’re simply aware that you are not this mind. You watch and observe how it is continuously dreaming about something. When you wake up, you are constantly awake, living as the awareness, Divine Presence, the conscious God essence that enjoys the play between the dream, the dreamer, and the awareness watching the dream.

 Waking up is as natural as breathing. It is our very nature to be awake, aware, conscious beings. Being awake allows life to be natural, light, easy and effortless. It’s like floating on a magic carpet, bathing in the Light of your Infinite Eternal Being every day.  There are no more egoic desires to manifest, there’s no more worry, struggle, or effort to make reality different than what it is. You’ve let go of buying into the mind’s ideas about right and wrong, good and bad, and realized that at the core… you’re simply love. You are the spirit of love itself.

When we are spiritually awake, we are fully alive in our life. We are devoted to welcoming both our highest and lowest selves who are immeshed in the world that’s here, right now. We are not rejecting any aspect of our nature. We are simply immersed in the dualistic nature of reality, the totality of what is. When we stop being spiritually asleep, there’s no machine churning to get ahead anymore. It has won the game. It’s stopped trying to cover life up with fancy adornments to make it seem better than what it actually is. When you are awake there is no judgment about anything. There is no rational analytical personality running the show. The mind is submerged in the essence of pure Being in an empty space, simply here feeling at peace with what shows up in life, loving it exactly as it is.

“Is space anywhere supported? Upon what does it rest?  Like space, Mahamudra (waking from the Dream) is dependent upon nothing; Relax and settle in the continuum of unalloyed purity, and your bonds loosening, the release is certain.” ~Tilopa

To unravel oneself from a lifetime of being caught in the web of the mind, the first step is being aware of the mind’s habit of dreaming about the past and future.  Without judgment or emotion, watch how the mind continuously returns to buying into the illusions it created yesterday. The dreaming machine is much stronger than you think it is, yet not as powerful as your awareness is. Your awareness can burn right through the dream. Yet, you’ll want to get a firm grip on the mind, and this is done best through practicing meditation.  Sitting silent and still as if you were a solid statue. This will bring the mind to a place of deep inner calm.  It can take up to 48 minutes of sitting absolutely still, being deeply silent, before the mind becomes completely empty.  This inner quietness is the necessary work needed to create the spiritual foundation towards a real awakening experience.

The practice is simple. Watch the thoughts pass through the mind. Observe them like clouds flying through the vast blue infinite sky above. In the beginning, you may realize all those super important thoughts aren’t so important after all.  The thoughts seem very real, and you’ve believed them to be real your entire life, yet are they real… really?  Perhaps they are just electrons flying through your brain, synapses firing electrical impulses in that massive space in between your ears.  Once you are aware that this is what’s happening, you start to pay more attention. You begin to direct your attention away from the mind, and back to what is real.  Once you are able to still long enough at the source of pure creativity from where all thoughts are arising from, you’ll experience a divine basking in the glorious love and light of your own being.

As you explore yourself deeper on this inner awakening journey you may begin to wonder “what is real”?  Are the actual sensations of your taste buds firing good flavors more real than if your imagination was creating them?  Is your body’s sense of touch, sight and smell and hearing more real because they allow you to interface with the physical world?  We could invent all sorts of brilliant definitions about what is real and what is imagined, and make a varied list of degrees between these two worlds.  Yet, for practical reasons in this spiritual awakening experiment, let us stick to the understanding that what is real is that which does not change.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” ~A Course In Miracles

 It is only when you devote your entire heart and being 100% to the grounded experience of what does not change that a full spiritual awakening will occur.  When you stop to ponder this thought and dive into this understanding with deep inquiry and investigation all day long, something profound occurs. You are bound to wake up from lifetimes of dreaming.  When your mind becomes obsessed and addicted to diving into the mystery of knowing that which does not change 24 hours a day, the veil begins to lift on its own accord.

That which does not change or move is the very center of this outrageous cyclone. This Universe is a vast ordered chaos of quarks, atoms and molecules flying every which direction, yet look at that which is at the center of it all. Perhaps you’re like most people who think they don’t have time for this inner exploration. They feel it’s not practical or possible given their busy lives of children, work, bills, mortgages and traffic jams. The truth is you can continue doing the same actions you are doing, yet from a more enlightened perspective.  You may show up late or early to work, yet you’ll arrive with more lightness, smiling and a genuine peaceful interest in what their experience of life is.  When you wake up from the dream, life is completely enjoyable. No matter if you’re jobless, homeless and broke alone, or trading millions of dollars on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, you find pleasure in being alive.  You realize a deeper enlightened truth inside and do not allow anything to compromise the peace it brings.

For anyone to have a full spiritual awakening experience, they must be 100% committed to it. For total inner freedom to show, we must be willing to experience a deep level of commitment. When you devote your life to something 50% you can at best expect 50% success.  A true spiritual awakening is no small matter for nothing in your life will be the same after it has occurred.  Of course, you could continue to hold the same job, family, and lifestyle as before, yet the quality of each of these experiences will be is like the difference between driving a 1969 VW Bug and a 2087 Ferrari.  Your life will be completely transformed when you’re fully surrendered to living as the awareness of what is real and does not change.

My best advice to you on this profound walk through the forest of desire and temptation is to be gentle with yourself.  Don’t expect too much from you. Try not to change too much, in too little time.  Often when progress is steady and slow, the final change is more permanent.  Slow and steady wins the race, as each subtle shift creates a deeper embedded pattern making it harder for the mind to slip back into its old unconscious habit.  If you start to hit a wall, relax, rest and be ordinary. A simple walk through the forest can become a pathway to a profound realization.  The ordinary things in life become absolutely extraordinary when there is nowhere to go and nothing to attain.

We must have compassion on this lifelong journey to awakening. The sheeple consciousness is a necessary part of waking up because without first living in darkness we cannot truly know how bright the light really is. Life with no darkness is a false state. If we live only in the light, we cannot know what spiritual growth truly feels like.  If waking up is going to occur, then we first have to be deeply asleep. We’d need to be unaware that we are sleepwalking through our lives. Unconscious of how we are deeply programmed and locked into certain habits of feeling and thinking. As we let the dreamer walk out of the theater for a breath of fresh air, we receive a new shift in perspective, and it becomes so much easier for the higher vibrational realities to become embodied and feel more real.

“Consciousness can only observe what undergoes change. ‘That’ which is eternal cannot be observed by consciousness or known by it. Unless you meditate on this point, the puzzle will not be solved.” ~ Nisargadatta

One last note on your journey. Be aware that anything you are forcing yourself to do is not coming from love. It is never healthy to try and push yourself to be dedicated to something you feel you “should” be devoted to. The utmost curiosity and wonder comes naturally from within. It is quite ironic how it works, yet continuously point your mind back to your highest Self and you will integrate your lower self naturally. If you want a powerful spiritual awakening experience, there needs to be full acceptance of all your Selves, great and small.

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