NOTE:  First take a deep breath and be patient.

You WILL be able to figure this out.

This challenge is part of raising your Manifesting Vibration.

How to Open your ZIP file

1.  Double click on on your .zip file.  If it does not open instantly, then you need to download special unZip software below. 

For iPhones -  Download this App
Android/Tablets  -  Download this App
Mac Computer - Download this Program
PC Computer -  Download Here or Try Here

If none of these work use another software click here

2. After you downloaded your unZip software, install it and you should be able to double click on your zip file and it will open for you.

3.  Choose the destination where you'd like your files to be saved.  The easiest destination to find it is your desktop!   

How to Open your PDF E-book

1. Double click on your PDF file.  If it does not open, you will need to download PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader 

2.  Open the Adobe Reader and in top left corner click on "File" and "Open" and find the PDF you want to read!

How to Play your MP3 Audio

Go to the destination where your new MP3 files are located.  When you click on your new MP3 file it should start to play immediately.  If it does not, you'll need to download a media player.

ITunes is easy to use, works on mac, PC and iphones. It's free to download and you can burn CD's easily with it too! Click here to download iTunes now! 

How to Burn MP3 files onto a CD

The easiest way to make a CD from MP3 files is to use ITunes.  If you wish to print these instructions Click on this page which is white so you can print it out and work on installing the software at same time.

Download iTunes at After its installed then open the program up and read instructions below.

1. At the bottom left corner of the screen you'll see a plus "+" sign. Click on this and in the new folder type in any name you desire. This is your new CD burning playlist!

2. Now look the top right corner of the screen and you'll see word "File". Select it and beneath it you'll see "Add File to Library". Click on this, and FIND your mp3 file(s) on your computer that you wish to burn to your blank CD. Import these into your iTunes music library. Shortcut: You can also manually drag and drop your mp3 files directly into your new playlist, from one screen to another.

3. Now above your new playlist you'll see the word "music" which is directly under Library at the top of the left column on the screen. Click on it and you'll see your new mp3 you added on the right side. Click your mouse on this file (holding the button down) and drag it and drop it into your new playlist and you're done!

4. Just click once on your new playlist to highlight it, and in the bottom right corner of the screen you'll see the button "Burn Disc". Insert a blank CD and click this button and you're done!!

If you were unable to figure this out please email our support staff for help by clicking on this link

 Much love and patience to you!

Jafree Ozwald


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