The Path of Enlightened Zen

By Jafree Ozwald


"God is there only if you surrender. Surrender makes anything God. Surrender gives you the eyes, and everything that is brought to these eyes becomes Divine." ~ Osho

To reach into this awesome sacred moment, there must be no reaching. One most let everything go to totally arrive. It is only through the art of surrender that we can relax and rest in the heart of God.

Enlightened Zen is what enlightenment is truly about. It is becoming self-realized. Realizing that you are the Big Beautiful Amazing Divine God-Self and the small insignificant struggling small self. You are both and neither. They cancel each other out, and when you experience this you discover the greatest Truth of all. That you are the enlightened conscious space which contains it all.

The mind is always blinding us from the Truth. It is constantly looking, busy seeking elsewhere, searching for something, anything it can find to satisfy it's longings. So it is not going to be so obvious to you that you have The Seed already inside you to blossom into a fully Awakened Divine God Being. In this moment, the sacred Divine Being that you are is already here now, yet hidden behind this clouded judgmental mind.

Perhaps you cannot see yourself as "enlightened" because the mind has labeled you as something much less than this. Yet, enlightenment is simply a constant state of realization that the Divine God Source is all around you, and flowing through every breath and thought.

To be in this state of realization requires only one simple thing. Surrender. Total and complete surrender to this perfect zen moment. This is the path of enlightened zen. Realizing that you are the Divine and that which believes it is not divine, and surrendering to something that is beyond them both.

Enlightened Zen can happen at any moment. A walk through the garden, doing the dishes, driving to work or making love. It is simply the effortless practice of being here now with full awareness.

Zen is one of the most ancient practices to attaining enlightenment and reaching a higher level of consciousness. It is the most simple and effortless path to total liberation, that involves no-effort, no-thought, and literally no-mind.

The Enlightened Zen mind is not a dull, bored mind. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It is so vigilantly focused in the NOW that it is sharper than a sharpest razors edge.

An enlightened zen mind is not just free from all fear, doubt and worry, it is free from all thoughts completely. It is a self-realized mind, that has realized what the real Self actually is. It can be fully present to each life experience, thought, and bodily sensation without getting over identified with them.

Whatever is happening now is the path to God, yet the enlightened zen mind is not searching for God but finding it through every moment. It is full of awe and wonder for it sees that everything in this Universe is the Divine.

It feels how the real is not the plastic, and from seeing this it can live in a constant state of enjoyment. The enlightened zen mind feels everything deeply. Embracing that every living thing around us was born from sex. The merging of the divine masculine and divine feminine. It feels how all life is overflowing with a divine love and erotic sensuality.

An Enlightened Zen lifestyle finds an inner balance within every situation and person. It is free from desires, yet still enjoys the experience of "wanting" without being attached. The Enlightened Zen being is truly the master of this existence, because it is liberated from the mind. It is surrendered to the Divine, and has given up the perpetual search, and grasping for something.




NOTE: The following random quotes are by Zen masters.  As you read, pay close attention to the conscious awareness which is reading.  This is the "Enlightened Zen reading technique" and playing with it will reveal to you the great mystery of Enlightenment they are all pointing towards.

There is nothing lacking in you!
You are no different than a Buddha.
-Zen Master Tao-Hsin

Only by accepting that the ego is a fabricated
illusion do we walk the Buddha's way. - Dogen

Enlightenment is beyond concepts. 
No one has ever attained it. -Ying-an

When everything is seen as One, we return to the Source and stay where we have always been.. -Seng-t'san

Here it is - right now.
 Start thinking about it and you miss it. -Huang-po

If you love the sacred and despise the ordinary, 
you are still bobbing in the ocean of delusion - Linji

These last quotes are from Bodhidharma, 
the official "founder" of Zen.

Not thinking about anything is Zen.
Once you know this, walking, standing,
 sitting, or lying down, everything you do is Zen.

Know that the empty mind can see the Buddha...

Using the mind to look for reality is delusion.
 Not using the mind to look for reality is awareness.

Freeing oneself from the mind is total liberation.

When the mind is the master, you live in a hell.
When you are the master of your mind,
you live in the land of the Buddhas.

Mind creates all delusion. Consciousness
penetrates the mind and transforms all delusion.

If you use the Mind to study Reality, 
you won't understand Mind or Reality.
 If you study Reality without using mind,
 you'll understand both.

The Mind and the world are opposites,
 and vision arises where they meet.
 When your Mind doesn't stir inside, 
the world doesn't arise outside.

When the world and the Mind are both transparent, 
you have true vision. Such vision is the
 understanding of the Buddha.


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