What Actually Is Enlightenment?

By Jafree Ozwald


Stop whatever you are doing, stop whatever you are thinking, and right now realize that you are an Infinite Being.  You are a soul that will never ever die.  Make this dynamic shift in your consciousness keeping it all throughout your day and watch how enlightenment blossoms within you.


What does it mean to experience, "Enlightenment"?  Enlightenment is a continuous realization that you are an eternal being who will never die.  It comes from a deeper knowing that YOU are beyond body and behind the mind.  It is celebrating every moment of the day with the feeling of being intimately connected to the entire Universe, as if it is a living, breathing, conscious intelligence that loves you unconditionally.  It is surrendering to this truth everywhere you are.

Enlightenment is a process of peeling back the many layers of the ego to experience your true radiant Infinite Self.  It is a process of opening to your innermost being, and as a result to the entire Universe!  Reaching towards the center of "you" you may find a spiritual cyclone.  Yet, keep diving, beyond that there is a deep stillness.  In the very essence of your being is where your true spiritual knowledge resides.  This is the Source of your Reality and Universe. 

As you continuously rest deeper into the quiet peaceful still center in the heart of your being, you will eventually awaken to the Divine being you truly are.  The longer you can abide in this center, the faster you'll find yourself manifesting a rich life, full of depth, meaning, clarity, love and abundant with bliss.

Look Inside at your Infinite Nature.  There exists a divine energy inside you that is connected to the Infinite Source of this Universe.  This Source is ALWAYS available to you, if you are open to it.  The moment you have a tiny glance of your infinite nature, you see that you are The Divine.  You are the Source of Love itself.  There is nothing greater than knowing this.

The Universe is a conscious field of energy that is constantly supporting you in awakening to knowing the Truth.  Simply ask yourself, "What am I...really?"  If you answer this with thoughts or beliefs about yourself, you just arrive at a thought about what you are and cannot truly see your Infinite Nature.  The infinite is beyond words, ideas and concepts.  You need to simply BE WITH WHAT IS, and the Source will one day, suddenly pour into you.


"In a single moment, in one stroke, you can become enlightened. It is not a gradual process, because enlightenment is not something that you have to invent. It is something that you have to discover. It is already there. It is not something that you have to manufacture. If you have to manufacture it, of course, it will take time; but it is already there. Close your eyes and see it there. Be silent and have a taste of it. Your very nature is what I call enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something alien, outside you. It is not somewhere else in time and space. It is you, your very core."  ~Osho


Nothing that happens is by accident. Even your decision to read this is not an accident. Each experience you have in life is the "right" experience.  Every lesson you are here to learn is being provided to you through these experiences. The Universe is constantly giving us assistance.

Your problems and issues in life are like particles of sand between our toes, depending how you move through life they either grind or massage your feet. Your problems are your greatest teachers in disguise. Explore your life with a childlike curiosity.  Life has a greater wisdom for you than you can conceive of because the entire World is designed to awaken, enlighten, heal and empower you.

Everything is connected to a cosmic intelligent web of energy, love and information in between every atom in this Universe. An exponentially increasing flow of amazing enlightening insights will happen to you the moment you let go and dive deeper into trusting this Infinite Source of Intelligence. When you do you'll notice your body becomes very relaxed, empty, soft and open to almost every possibility that comes its way. 

Supreme states of Bliss are happening to people ALL over this planet right now...

As you become more patient with life (and wiser) you'll naturally create more time to explore your inner world.  By practicing quieting your mind with meditation everyday you'll begin to go deeper into your being...truly exploring your heart, mind and soul.  If you feel you've already done this, you haven't.  The inner world is an infinite exploration.  Once we have an idea that we "know it all" we become imprisoned in the Ego's realm of illusion.

To see an instant shift in your consciousness, focus on what is working in your life, instead of what isn't. If a certain problem or issue keeps arising in you and will not go away, sit with it. Face it directly.  Write about it.  Talk to it, then talk about it with someone else. Listen to the mental chatter that's constantly in your head.  It is pointing towards the answers if you follow with curiosity.  They are re-occurring because of unlearned life lessons from ignored past issues that were there to awake you to realizing the infinite being you really are.

As you experience your issues, notice the depth and/or shallowness of your breath.  Simply observe.  Do not judge anything (especially yourself).  Learn to simply be with what is happening on the inside, on the outside and witness.

Whenever caught in the experience of suffering, remember that it is the mind attached to one particular thought.  Once you let go of this thought then profound peace prevails.

Inner peace is always always always a choice...

The Top 10 Causes of Enlightenment

The following information will take you closer to having an experience of spiritual enlightenment.  Go easy on yourself.  You may have been trying to experience these for a long time, possibly for lifetimes... enjoy!

1. Be free from the illusion that you are separate from an Infinite Source of love, energy and consciousness. 

Feeling separate and disconnected from our Universe is how we create failure after failure in life.  This habitual illusion that we are NOT connected to the divine stems from the mind's attachment (and avoidance) of our EGO.  Once we untangle ourselves form these deep internal beliefs, we remember that we were always ONE, connected to our Source.  All experiences of suffering are created by the mind's lack of awareness in seeing your own divinity. Once we stop forgetting our eternal abundant nature, we are stepping forward into life as divine unlimited nature. 


2. Quieting the incessant chattering repetitive mind.  

The Ego is the thought program.  Like a computer, it is un-aware.  It just spits out information and computes ideas that are about the past and future.  The mind/ego is a limited construct of ideas and beliefs about who we think we are.  The more we can silence the chattering mind, the less we are trapped in this Ego.  You could say that E. G. O. really is an acronym for Excluding God's Omnipresence.  Only through the constant release of the Ego can we live in the true spiritually enlightened reality.  We become aligned with the bigger Truth  that are infinite Spiritual beings AND do also exist this physical third dimensional world.


3. Embracing and Releasing all your Fears.

As you may have heard, F.E.A.R. really stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  To discover what you are afraid of open yourself up to another intimately in conversation.  Let them see into you.  Sooner or later YOU will be able to see into YOURSELF again and understand truly what you are running from.  Once you know what you are running away from, run towards it and embrace it.  It will dissolve and be released from your life at the perfect time.


4. Embracing and Releasing all mental, emotional and physical attachments or aversions to everyone and everything in your life. 

As humans we tend to get attached to people, and what they say, do or think about us.  This occurs because we have this automatic habit of trying to avoid what is painful and stay with what is full of pleasure.  The problem arises when we become attached to having to HAVE what is pleasurable all the time, or desperately need to get rid of something painful.  Pain and suffering is just the Universe telling you to, "LET GO!"  The purpose of pain is not to create more suffering upon you, it is to create CHANGE!  This change is necessary for us to drop our ego-trip and return to our spiritual source again.  Allowing yourself to genuinely enjoy your life is communicating to the Universe that YOU are connecting to this Infinite Source inside! 

We experience pain because of one thing...Ignorance.  Think of the word "ignore", add a little dance to it and you get ignorance.  When we ignore the Truth of our infinite being, our Ignorance transmits into suffering.  To transcend this ignorance and find spiritual enlightenment again, a deep awareness is needed.   With this profound state of consciousness we can LET GO of anything that would create a belief saying we are not connected to this Source.   Nothing more is needed to transcend this illusion and re-discover the truth of who you are.


5. Total freedom from other peoples' unconscious myths and everyday stories of separation from their Infinite Source. 

When you were 7 years old, what were you told you were not enough of? What was your "standard" story of failure or separation?  Usually whatever we heard our parents and siblings having problems with, we attached ourselves to it and The Separation began.  Since our parents never weren't fully Enlightened Beings who constantly lived in wonder and amazement of the bills they had to pay, we got the idea we were limited.   If they contacted this Infinite Source, then they teach you.  Yet they had to send you off to an "education system" which worked about 15% of your brain's potentiality and capacity, thus churning you through the grinder.  Society never taught us how to be still inside, quiet our mind and emotions, meditate, focus on who we are or how to achieve inner bliss. They believed it was "illegal" to teach a connection with your Infinite Source in school. Society is hypnotized with a "thinking program" that success and truth is all about status, money and career.  The reality is "Success" is defined by how fulfilled you are as a human being.  That's something you cannot get from the right job, income, marriage, proper diplomas and P.H.D’s.etc...


6. We stop thinking that "Thinking" is a means to getting what we want and creating success.

"Think-aholics" have become the societal norm. It has become abnormal in society to sit and be silent alone.  Most people run from meditation because they cannot quiet their mind and feel they lose control of it.  The ironic thing is that ALL of the suffering, chaos and illness in life is caused by a lack of control and awareness of the mind.  Practicing "being" and sitting still, we naturally realize the Infinite Self inside. Instead of tuning into our silence more we are taught to think more and know more to achieve what we want.  We are not taught the secrets of the Universe are discovered by simply being in the here now.   This is by far the greatest success we can ever achieve. It is being at ONE with the infinite, all-powerful and omniscient Universal-God force. Is this enough for you to re-define your definition of success?


7. Hiding from your true power in a "safe" little fishbowl. 

Thoughts are safe, while experiences are real and unsafe. We find it easier not to take the risk of getting hurt by diving into the ocean of experiences in life. We stay safe, comfy (and basically dead) inside our little comfortable fishbowls of "habitually doing" things and thinking things that once gave a sense of confidence and security.   Life is a natural chaos that has a cosmic structure.  It is like an uncontrollable rollercoaster ride because we don't know the exact future ALL the time and know how to respond to each experience that occurs outside our little fishbowl.  Instead, we think about an experience without even having one.  Through T.V. movies, books we hide from our powerful omniscient Infinite spirit and pretend to be completely trapped in a mental spin-cycle of thoughts about "Reality". 


8. Let Go of having to be right all the time. 

Being right can be the hardest EGO trip to get off of.  To get off of it, basically means that you need to be WRONG about your entire life.  If everyone tells you from birth to death that Life is a struggle, that it's hard, painful and unfair, and you believe them, then how can you ever relax, let go, trust and surrender to Existence.   We think we must fight to get what we want.  If life is serious, we're probably going to gain love, success and freedom by stepping on or over others.  The world is a community of beings.  It is a playground, a play and comical stage where we can choose any role we desire.



9. Replace the "positive" results created from continuously playing The Victim in your life.

 Through lack of awareness (ignorance) of our ever-present connection with the Infinite Source, we all have been participating in an inner victimization programming.  This stems from a lack of inner peace, power and playfulness, which can later create a dis-ease (a severe lack of ease) in the body.  The Victim role we get caught in gets good strokes from others who feel sorry for our pain and send us love.  Thus we stay hooked and asleep to our ever-present Infinite Source inside.   When we don't respond with awareness, we just react unconsciously from past habits of being victimized and thus create more experiences of being a victim.  Many human beings on the planet are really " human programings".  The same thoughts day after day after day.  This creates a seriously deep rut in life, which the only way out is through being responsible for your thoughts and choosing more empowering and freeing ones. 


10. Choosing to suffer and stay unconscious.

Our society abhors people who step out of line.  The people around us often criticize us the moment we try to break out of the societal "norm" of unconscious living.  The unconscious way is more accepted, it's even advertised by the T.V., movies, news media, radio, newspapers, etc... which all agree on one thing.  That everything you need to end your suffering is outside of you, not inside you!  That's how they sell you stuff!  Many of us are caught in this ridiculous Rat Race to reach a certain monetary status and level of luxury we think will rid of our suffering. This never works.  The cheese we rats are after just gets bigger, and bigger and bigger.  Many refuse to understand the basis, that suffering comes from this constant desire!  When we are desire-less, we remember again how infinitely connected we are to the Infinite Source which is inside us all.

 Choosing to be conscious, means waking up from the Rat Race.  It takes much effort to go against all our friends and families beliefs to awaken.  The great part however is that the Universe won't let us sleep forever. She loves us much too much to let us forget our true nature. 

If you don't choose to wake up while you're alive (in your body), she'll let you know when your physical journey on Earth is over.  Then you will definitely know how she could love you more than ways than you could imagine.  To receive enlightening messages EVERYDAY that will awaken your mind, open your heart and soothe your soul, sign up for our Mini-Manifesting Package below...


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