How to Awaken Your Kundalini!

When you experience a Kundalini awakening it will change your life forever.  You will perceive the world, yourself and every person you meet as Divine.  Everything will have the flavor of an enlightened consciousness behind it.  Yes, everything is already Divine Intelligent Conscious Energy, yet when the Kundalini moves through you, it drops all the resistance and blocks in the mind to seeing and feeling this energy.

A Kundalini awakening removes the veil that stops you from seeing the world as it truly is...abundance with love, sacred and Divine.   When the Kundalini rises up through your body it purifies your consciousness, giving you the experience of pure trust, love, and connection to this higher Divine intelligence that is everywhere.

An awakened Kundalini contains the most expanded states of energy, cosmic thinking and blissful feelings of being loved imaginable.  You'll experience an unlimited comprehension of Reality, a taste of what enlightenment is like, and feelings of absolute ecstasy.  Not to mention that you've just befriended the greatest healing energy available inside you and extremely contagious to all human beings.  Now this is something to really get excited about!! 

I've found one of the most important secrets to having a full conscious Kundalini awakening is your depth of commitment to your spiritual path.  This means how devoted are you to finding, feeling and seeing God within everything and everyone you meet?  Can you be relaxed especially with those who cause you the most suffering? When you are practicing great compassion, your body relaxes deeply and the Kundalini can move through you.  By getting devoted to relaxing into this God connection, you will eventually and naturally awaken the most amazing power in the Universe...The Kundalini! 

To begin your journey towards awakening your Kundalini today, start to notice what you are running from and running towards in your life to find happiness. What do you think you need to achieve "out there" that will give you a feeling of peace inside?  My suggestion is to stop running and completely turn your attention to your natural sensual connection with the God-Source within you.  At the base of your spine you will discover the Kundalini is sleeping there waiting for you!

You may want to know that a Kundalini awakening is an experience that can be the greatest blessing in your life if you are devoted to your spiritual path, or can be the worst curse you have ever encountered if you are not very devoted spiritual growth.  This simply depends on how attached you are to your ego/identity.  Do you know that you are an infinite soul that will never die, or are you still believing that you are JUST this physical non-spiritual mortal body?  Perspective is everything when it comes to a million watts of Kundalini energy pouring through you!  The bigger and more inclusive your perspective is on the spiritual being you are, the easier it will be for your body-mind to accept the divine Kundalini experience and be healed by it.

How you awaken your Kundalini depends on two major factors; how sexually open and sensually alive your energy centers are near the base of your spine, and how receptive you are to having a total spiritual life transformation.  When your sexual and sensual energy is fully open and aligned with Source, then the path is energetically paved for the super-natural power to naturally flow through. 

To help you attune your body to the highest vibration of Kundalini energy I have created a special Guided Meditation to Awaken your Kundalini that will take you on an inner journey to ignite this awesome power.

Doing this meditation daily will pave a golden road for a joyful, healing and spiritually freeing Kundalini experience.  This meditation will train your body to remain open, strong and free.  It will clean the energy channels in your body to receive the amazing healing energy.  You can instantly download this meditation now and experience it for yourself.


"This morning I woke and was nudged to download your Kundalini Awakening Meditation, so I did. WOW is all I can say! My body was so ready for this... The wow part for me was that when I was done with the meditation and I stood up. I swear I was a foot taller (no pun intended but maybe it is) \My left foot has been bothering me for months, with burning tendons and painful when I would sit then stand up (the pain recently had me hobbling like an old woman) yet when I stood up after this meditation, there was no pain, not in the tendons and not in the nerves burning as I step…nothing but perfect balance and support. I LOVE IT! I also want to comment on the amount of excited energy that I feel coming from the 90 day program How to Raise your Manifesting Vibration. It feels like a cellular effervescent. When I hold the material to read it, the atmosphere vibrates with excitement, a truly blessed experience."

                           ~Victoria Page, Prescott, AZ

Awakening your Kundalini can be like tapping into a million watts of electricity where your body may only have the capacity of a 100 watt bulb at the time.  You will want to prepare your body-mind so that you can open up to 100 million watts with love and ease.  Our guided Kundalini awakening meditation prepares your body to easily receive this massive energy.  It will help your body be open to enough to merge with the most powerful healing Divine creative energy in the Universe!

It's good to know that the Kundalini is already inside you, she is just sleeping.  If you shake her from her deep slumber without the right foundation it can disrupt your typical experience of "reality".  This can be positive or negative, it all depends on your perspective.  Yet, if you have the spiritual foundation to support her, it will be a very enjoyable experience.

Make that life long commitment to your spiritual path today.  Start with loving life exactly as it is and practice being awake, aware and in the moment as much as you can.  Love your body as it is and treat it gently.  Listen to what it really needs.  This means eating right, exercising, bathing and treating it as absolutely sacred.  Your body most likely contains emotional and mental blocks where your ego is attached to certain limited belief systems.  These blocks will postpone the Kundalini from rising and fully awakening. 

Do not try to force your Kundalini to rise in any way. If you push it through your sexual tension blocks, it can cause great pain, which just tells you to back off and do more emotional healing work on yourself.  Pain is always the body's way of communicating to you to slow down, be silent, listen, relax deeper and start healing your personal issues.  Just be super gentle with yourself and do a daily Kundalini opening practice. You will feel more energy, health and have better sex for sure! 

Opening up your Kundalini ignites hidden channels of creative energy, and will inadvertently inspire you to become a more conscious, healed and alive spiritual being.  It will allow your life to become more full of gratitude, love and joy than ever before.

It's good to understanding that the Universe will not give you an experience unless you are ready for it and truly need it on some level.  If your Kundalini is deeply blocked and sex is painful, it means there is trauma still locked in the cells and wounded memories in your body that are trying to be healed. Be gentle with yourself!  This is the golden rule to healing all sorts of wounding. 

If you've heard any stories about how awakening the Kundalini has made people go "crazy", there is a ton of energy in there, and feeling out of control, beyond your normal paradigm of thinking are symptoms of the ego melting away. The Kundalini is the cosmic orgasmic fire that burns away the ego and liberates you into your spiritual path and God realized nature.  This is the way we all become purified from any past, present or future suffering!  The Kundalini is truly amazing, as she brings total healing and purification to your entire body and mind. 

I feel that the most beautiful secret to having a blissful Kundalini awakening is opening your heart to love.  With love all things are amazing.  So move into your meditation slowly, respectfully and consciously.  Let love be your guide always.

The ego has this tendency to want instant results and rush into experiences to find immediate gratification.  Be careful, this will only cause you delay from truly awakening her, and creating a conscious communion with Her awesome power.  If you are truly invested in your inner spiritual focus and are devoted to finding the spiritual adventure of your life, then love will find you....just surrender to it!

The Kundalini wants to rise up your spine and explode out the top of your head, giving you a direct download connection with God.  It is designed to do this for you, and will carve the spiritual path ahead of you so you easily can see where you need to go. By simply meditating on the Kundalini energy at the base of your spine, you will feel an expansion of energy and can invite up many tingling sensations into your spine bringing you waves of sweet enjoyable energy. 

Spiritual growth is by far THE BEST GIFT you can give yourself.  Exploring your Kundalini is by far one gift you can enjoy doing everyday, and experience results each time you do it.  I invite you to listen to my guided mediation instantly below and experience for yourself what a divine spiritual adventure your life truly is.  Enjoy!


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