The Love Mantra
Manifesting Meditation


Reprogram your body and mind to become a "Love Magnet" and manifest loving experiences everywhere you go!


 This 25 minute guided manifesting meditation experience will reconnect you with the greatest loving source of energy inside you!

 Miraculous manifestations occur through accessing the power of love, and dramatically improve your ability to attract healthy loving relationship in your life.


What you'll experience...

  • An enjoyable relaxing guided experience that will reprogram your entire body with the amazing vibration of Love!
  • Improved ability to receiving and giving love unconditionally.
  • Increased ability to attract loving, heart-felt healing relationships. 
  • A gentle opening of your heart chakra.
  • The experience unconditional acceptance of yourself and others.
  • Higher levels of self-confidence and trust in yourself and this amazing Universe!

These 31 powerful Love Mantras will create a new
foundation of joy, lightness and love in your life!

You'll experience 31 unique and heart transformational Love Mantras that will deeply reprogram your body and mind with the vibration of Love!

In the world of manifesting, like attracts like.  By increasing the "love vibration" inside your body, you'll automatically start attracting more loving relationships, situations and positive outcomes in life your life.

Each Love Mantra is repeated 3 times which allows it to sink deeply into your subconscious mind, to clear away past wounding in relationships, old habits that no longer serve you, and bathe in warm healing feelings of love. 

Love is the most powerful healing energy in this Universe and is what sets your soul radically free.  By improving this loving vibration inside your heart chakra, you'll begin healing your life in the most profound ways and experience a deep love for who you truly are.

The Love Mantra Manifesting Meditation is powerful and you'll feel results instantly!  It just may become the deepest and most profound spiritual work that you've ever experienced.  Enjoy!

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How will the Love Mantras

Dramatically Improve your Life?


All outer success in relationships manifest from this healing experience of love within you. Connecting with the energy of love is the foundation for all success, and is necessary to live a truly enlightened life.  You will become a master in your relationships when every unlovable part inside you is can feel loved again.

Love is always the answer to life’s greatest challenges and problems.  When you merge the subconscious deepening effect of a mantra with the power of love, you literally become a "Love Magnet". At this level it becomes effortless to magnetize loving people, situations and environments to you.

Love is the most powerful
vibration in the Universe!

The experience of love for all parts of yourself is one of the greatest achievements we can have in our inner world.  This type of love is one that goes beyond the ego, and truly heals every wound that you have.  All outer success you manifest springs forth from a strong core of self-love.  This may become the deepest and most profound inner work you've ever done.

When you create a relationship with yourself that is always loving, compassionate, and forgiving, you discover an amazing thing:  A direct connection with the Infinite Source of existence that appears to flow through the very core of your being.  You feel like you are on an endless, satisfying journey where you experience deep love for yourself, and for all other beings in your world.

The Love Mantra Manifesting Meditation is a highly effective tool for opening your heart to experience a profound deep love for who you truly are.  It will allow you to practice loving yourself so that throughout your day you can fully integrate love into every aspect of your life. 


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Increase the Power

 of Love in Your Life!


Loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are is key to consciously attracting more abundance into your life! When you start completely and utterly loving and accepting all aspects of yourself, you send out a strong energetic vibration of love to the Universe. 

The Love Mantra Manifesting Meditation will naturally increase your manifesting ability so that you can easily and effortlessly RECEIVE those desires you previously did not feel worthy of in the physical world. 

Everybody and everything around you is impacted by this strong loving vibration.  Love literally vibrates at a higher frequency than lower vibrational energy states such as fear, greed, lack or anger.  Therefore, increased levels of self-love will naturally shift the vibration of your mind-boy, allowing you to attract and manifest amazing experiences, relationships, and opportunities into your life!

This high energetic frequency of self-love is irresistible to others, naturally opening up other people's energy fields and causing them to want to support you in your manifestations. When you are living from this vibration, the entire Universe is pulled towards this strong loving energy and naturally supports you in making your dreams a reality! 


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You Can Physically Heal
your Life with Love!


Modern science has now proven that our thoughts have a direct impact on the outer world.  We now have living proof (below) that loving thoughts will transform water molecules in their shape, consistency and behavior.

Since your physical body is made up of more than 70% water, it is continuously impacted by vibrations of negative or positive words you send into it.  The molecules in our body are directly effected by the words, sounds and thoughts they are exposed to. 

These microscopic photographs (below) are of actual water molecules at near freezing temperatures that have been exposed to hateful and loving thoughts and feelings.

I hate you

I love you

You can see how loving thoughts will have a powerful, clear and crystal-like effect on molecules in your body when are exposed to loving words (on right).  Whereas, water exposed to unloving words has imperfect and harsher looking unclear patterns (on left). 

The Love Mantra Manifesting Meditation will create amazing shifts in your physical body on a molecular level.  It will send loving thoughts and feeling into every cell throughout your entire body, you will feel much more healing, love, joy and connection with others than ever before!

You will deeply install the most powerful loving thoughts into your subconscious mind, which will deeply impact the cells in your body, allowing you to access a healing experience. The more loving energy you send towards yourself, the more cells in your body will respond and the healthier you will be. 


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Manifest Healthy Empowering
Relationships with Self-Love!

The Love Mantra will help you to create a deeply loving relationship with a partner .  When you are filled with self-love, you become so attractive to others that they want to spend time around you, and commit to being in a loving relationship with you.

The more love you give yourself, the more others naturally have a deep love for you. The more you love yourself deeply and completely, the more you attract into your life people who mirror this high level of self-love, and can be in a truly healthy intimate relationship with you!

Based on the laws of attraction, the only way to manifest a deeply loving and beautiful relationship to yourself is to have an equally loving and profound relationship with yourself.  When you are sending yourself messages such as, “I am lovable, I am deeply appreciated", then you effortlessly manifest partners that will affirm these positive messages that you have been affirming to yourself. 

The inner self is where ALL love stems from and is found. Love increases your ability to relax deeply inside, eliminating those stuck, energetic blocks in your body that stop you from manifesting. To be able to accept yourself exactly as you are, for the pure pleasure of it, is one of the greatest experiences there is.

A life without love is often missing deep connecting relationships. After you establish an authentic loving connection with yourself, you become like rich, fertile soil for sowing the relationship of your dreams. With self-love, the other has something rich and inviting to dive into!

Increasing the loving vibrations in your body will make you a consistently happier person and support you in manifesting a life that you truly love!  You will naturally create positive healthy heart-opening relationships with everyone you want to connect with.

The more you can genuinely let in the love, joy and gratitude inside you, the easier it becomes to receive your greatest dreams!  Experience the power of Self-love today and see for yourself!



The Love Mantra Manifesting Meditation

A 25 minute heart opening experience!

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