Guided Manifesting Meditation for Attracting your Enlightened Loving Soul Mate!


Heal your Heart and Move Forward with your Life to Manifest an Ideal Relationship!

What you'll experience...

  • An increased ability to materialize the divine soul mate who is perfect for you.
  • Healing of past relationship wounds that were stopping you from attracting your soul mate.
  • The opening of your heart to a higher vibration of loving someone and being loved.
  • A DNA cellular shift that will heal you and allow you to attract your soul mate into your life.

"I purchased your soul mate meditation, and after listening to it twice, I met my soul mate the next day, in a very strange place and against all logic. We both knew it immediately. We've been seeing each other for 6 months, and though we have had our thing is certain - we are soul mates and we have learned immensely from each other. Keep up the good work!  Namaste!

                           ~Suzanne Ledo, Scottsdale AZ


If you want the secrets to creating heavenly relationships, this is your lucky day!

It is such a big relief to finally meet that person who completes you. The one who fits you like a glove, and knows you intimately. A soul mate is one who you feel this deep spiritual connection with, and the love you share instantly takes away all fear and worries inside.

 If you are single, or tired of feeling lonely, or just keep meeting people who just are not "the one", this meditation can be your ticket to freedom!  This guided manifesting meditation is magically powerful.  It has the ability to help you physically attract your soul mate into your life very quickly!  If you are already in a relationship, it can help you move on and manifest a better partner and soul connection than with the person you're currently dating. 


Other benefits from this experience include:

  • Reprogramming your heart and soul with the profound ability to receive deep intimacy in a relationship.
  • A dramatic increase in your confidence in dealing with relationships.
  • The power to naturally attract your soul mate with joy, fun and initiate a new kind life.
  • New feelings of love, trust, and the pure excitement of being in a great relationship.

Do you want to know who your soul mate is and how to connect with them?

There is nothing better in life than finding your real true Soul Mate. What is a soul mate? This is someone who you experience a deep intimate spiritual connection and have a profound synchronicity. 

Upon your first meeting you may feel as if you have known each other for years, and there's a feeling of being able to relax and fully be yourself.  You may also feel like you can share with your soul mate what your life is about without editing your words in any way. 

The truth is there are many people on the planet that can meet this deeper connection with you and be your soul mate.  However, if you have wounds from past intimate relationships, they are blocking you from manifesting that loving person you want to be with. This happens to people more frequently than you think. 

There are many people on the planet that may fit you like a glove and you can have this deeper profound loving connection with them.  However, a wounded heart will be hesitant to receive love, and will think it is dangerous to love someone since it's still protecting itself from getting hurt again. The negative experiences from the past often penetrate our heart deeper than we realize and create a shield of defense that doesn't allow in any pain... or feelings of being loved.  

The wounds in the heart block both the positive and negative experiences from happening, leaving you completely numb and lacking personal intimate relationships.  The melting and healing of these walls is the key to healing your life and reconnecting with your soul mate.  Manifest a long term healthy wholesome loving relationship, this is what this powerful guided meditation can do for you!!



"I have only used your soul mate meditation for a few days and it seems to be very powerful. About a year ago I bought some e-books from another website on how to manifest SoulMates/Twin Flames and I had been following their instructions for almost a whole year and absolutely nothing has happened! That's when I realized there must be something looks like your meditation provides the missing answers. Your meditation takes strong, concrete steps so that the manifestation in the physical can occur. Thanks for this good stuff, I will certainly recommend it to anyone who I think can benefit from it."

                           ~Denise Rubens


The 3 Miracles from Meeting your Enlightened Loving Soul Mate!

Do you believe that you will never be with that amazing person who makes your heart sing with joy and aliveness?  You my friend are gravely mistaken.  They are possibly right in front of your eyes.  They could be the person you just met last week, an old friend, or even the person whom you have been married to for the past 20 years! 

The 1st Miracle of this manifesting mediation is this:  During the meditation you will be entering a very high vibrational place where the greatest enlightened beings and ascended masters are present.  It is in this space that you'll meet your soul mate.  This super powerful frequency will open, cleanse, and heal your heart so you are open to receiving love. 

The 2nd Miracle  is that by doing this meditation you will begin to physically attract that special someone into your life.  When you energetically meet and connect with your soul mate in your inner world, this experience creates a blue-print for manifesting that identical energy into your outer world.  The reason most people haven't yet met their soul mate is that their heart hasn't felt connected to their soul mates heart energetically.  Once there is an alignment with your soul mate's heart, you will be pulled together like magnets!  By healing and refocusing your heart energy through this meditation, your soul mate can mysteriously manifest into your life.

The 3rd Miracle  from listening to this manifesting meditation is the experience of how empowering, liberating and abundant you'll feel once these wounds inside your heart are released and healed!  Your heart is a very powerful manifesting vehicle.  If your heart energy is clogged up with old relationship pain from your parents, siblings, family, friends, and previous lovers, it can create all sorts of heaviness in your health, career, finances, and especially your intimate relationships. 

These old patterns from the past just keep repeating themselves unless you release them.  For example, if you feel that you cannot trust someone you are close to, you are sending out a certain vibration from your heart that actually attracts more people who will seem to be untrustworthy.   When your heart is healed, your mind will become clear, and you will attract people who possess the positive inner qualities you desire.


"I have been trying for 2 1/2 years to get over a breakup with no success.  The first time I listened to your meditation - tears were streaming down my face and I didn't know why. The next morning, I felt so much better! Though I will always love him, I can do without him in my life. The more I do the meditation, the stronger I feel. Thank you so much!  You helped when no one else could."

                           ~Tina from Flat Rock, Michigan

The Guided Meditation to Manifesting Your Enlightened Loving Soul Mate can instantly start transforming your past, present and future relationships.  You will be guided through a process where you enter your heart, reveal the hidden wounds, and then release this wounding on a cellular level. 

From this open and free heart space you will then be guided to connect with your soul mate in your inner world.  Your heart will be fully open and shine it's radiance, making you a manifesting magnet for your soul mate!  By healing the energy around your heart you'll experience a dramatic shift in your ability to attract your soul mate to you! 

Get ready to transform your love life completely!!


Guided Meditation for Manifesting Your Enlightened Loving Soul Mate!

17 minute Guided
Manifesting Meditation

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Get Ready to Meet your Soul Mate!



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