Experiencing The 4th Side of The Coin

Experiencing The 4th Side of The Coin

“Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?” ~Morpheus, The Matrix Movie

Most people on this planet have heard the expression that there are two sides to every coin. There’s a heads and a tails, which represent the metaphor that everything has its polar opposite in this physical world.  We simply need to flip the coin over to realize this and experience that everything has another side to it.

Every peak has a valley, every microcosm has a macrocosm, and every bad occurrence has something good behind it, which balances everything out. We need this contrast to bring about an experience of life. The Sun needs the vast darkness of empty space behind it for us to be able to receive its perfect warmth and light.

There are some people who have explored these two sides who know about the 3rd side of the coin, which is the edge between the two. This is the very thin sliver of grey energy that is neither black nor white, right nor wrong, nor too hot or cold.  It is that warm sweet spot that lives exactly in between these two polar extremes.

Finding this edge in your daily life, this sacred meeting point between the negative and positive, allows you to experience freedom from both sides.  On the edge, you cannot get wrapped up in the dramatic story or bias of either side, and realize there is the option of a 3rd perspective to choose from.

To remain on the 3rd side all day long is a massive balancing act that leads to great joy and freedom. It takes mastery, as it’s like walking a tightrope in a circus where one small slip and you may fall back into the drama of polarity consciousness. You must be very conscious to always remain on this 3rd side of the coin, and yet the benefit is a lifetime of harmony between your mind and heart, and freedom from all thoughts and emotions. You discover a natural gentle freedom from situations that would have previously made you feel emotionally imprisoned, or stuck believing in some unbalanced point of view.

Meeting someone who is living their life balancing on the 3rd side of the coin is quite a rare occurrence, yet to encounter a person who knows about the 4th side of the coin is never heard of.  Have you ever considered that there is a 4th side of the coin to be explored? Most people haven’t, which is why I’m curious if you can imagine or guess what the 4th side is right now. I invite you to take some time to let your imagination really fly with this one before I tell you what it is.

The 4th side of the coin is something that cannot be forcefully understood by the mind, yet is revealed through a very relaxed, open, and receptive heart. One must let go of all analytical rational thinking to be drawn into the 4th side, which can happen instantly in a state of crazy laughter or orgasmic ecstasy. The 4th side is spontaneously discovered in the process of stepping back from the mind, seeing the mind truly for what it is, and noticing how expansive it feels when the mind drops its grip on your life.

“The normal self is the mind. The mind is with limitations. But pure Consciousness is beyond limitations, and is reached by investigation into the “I”  ~ Ramana Maharshi

Imagine a room without a ceiling, and is also missing all the walls, corners, or edges. This is the space that the 4th side of the coin takes up. It is experienced as a state of being or presence, which is beyond all 3 sides of the physical coin. The 4th side has no boundaries, no limitations, no time constraints, and no set beliefs on what’s not possible in this Universe. 

The 4th side is always bigger than the mind can imagine. It is truly immense, and if we took an entire day to talk about the 4th side of the coin, we would still just graze the surface of it. Once you discover it, you’ll find that words cannot touch it, thoughts cannot contain it, it is that sacred mystery that opens you up to your infinite nature.

I think the 4th side was best described in the movie The Matrix when Neo approached the little bald prodigy child who was bending the spoon with his mind.  The boy says to the perplexed-looking Neo:

 “Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth that there is no spoon. Then, you’ll see that it’s not the spoon that bends, yet only yourself.” 

What the boy was pointing towards was the metaphysical understanding of the 4th side of the coin. It contains an energy that connects all things because it is indivisible, undividable, and always consciously here, permeating every thought, feeling, and atom in this Universe.

Stepping over to the 4th side is similar to leaping from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension of consciousness. It’s like a mini drug trip, that blows the mind out of any context or safe container it was previously living in.  The 4th side is all about creating a mindless timeless experience felt within the body. It is only when we’re truly free from all this mind chatter, when the mind has stopped making up stories and is no longer running the show, telling you what to do, what to believe, how to see things, that you finally begin hearing the deeper silence inside. From this place, the 4th side is instantly revealed.

 I could try to explain the 4th side in technical scientific terminology, yet your mind would just throw that definition into a little box and say, “Oh yea I get it, I know exactly what it is now.”  This is not the purpose of the 4th side. Its reason for existing is to keep your mind open, always guessing, so that you are continuously expanding your state and accessing the most magical parts of your being. The mystery of the 4th side is meant to keep you living in a state of wonder, where you are opening and surrendering to life, so that eventually you become released from the trap of the logical rational mind.

Just watch the mind. Notice how it’s always thinking about something, always seeking something. It wants to find a way to be free from uncertainty and make everything perfect, safe, and secure. So it desires more things, more ideas, more food, more stuff, more money, more plans, and more desires to try and fill up any emptiness and meaninglessness in life.

The mind never takes a vacation or gives you time to notice the immense mystery which is all around you. If the mind settled down, and gave you one day of complete silence inside, everything would change. You’d find your true infinite Self, and see there was much more to life than this busy mind.  This is exactly what exploring the 4th side is all about.

“The Self is here and now and alone. It is not new and something to be acquired. It is natural and permanent. The term “Self” refers to the unlimited, infinite Self; do not limit its meaning.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Now perhaps you may be wondering, how does exploring the 4th side apply on a practical level to improve my daily life?  Well, it comes down to the most basic foundational truth in the realm of manifesting.  When you are on the 4th side, you realize that you are the ultimate creator of your life. You see precisely how you are the ultimate authority of your reality who is giving permission for every single experience in your life. 

The 4th side is our infinite platform for stepping back from the 3rd dimension of life that holds the 3 sides of the coin. The 4th side sees the bigger picture of reality, watching duality from a distance, and discovers that you are the one who is seeing, perceiving, and designing this whole cosmic play before your very eyes.  You see that everything in your life was first generated by your mind, and manifested into reality from an acceptance of your beliefs, desires, and intentions. 

A good question to ask yourself is, “Do you believe that if you cannot see something, then it does not exist?”  You cannot see air, yet you know there is something there to breathe right?  Accepting that the 4th side of the coin exists even if you cannot see it, is the first step towards discovering it. Most of us have very rational and reasonable minds, which do not want to let go too easily and blindly believe that something unreal is real. 

If this sounds like you, then you’ll need to get curious about exploring what is observing the other 3 sides of the coin. What is this that is perceiving the other 3 sides to be real?  Is the great observer, the infinite watcher, and the divine seer real?  It is this eternal point of observance that is your doorway and entrance ticket to experiencing the awesome enlightening dimension of the 4th side.

By resting in your inner observer, seeing all 3 sides of the coin throughout your day, there naturally arises an experience of a mysterious something that is beyond your thoughts. By giving space to the observance of this experience, you are expanding into the 4th side of the coin. Then, you may suddenly realize that this mysterious something is also the producer, director, and screenwriter of this movie called, The Life of {name}

You see where YOU are not feeling in control of this movie, trying to micro-manage where it should and shouldn’t flow.  When you step onto the 4th side, the “you” disappears, and a channel of flowing creative thoughts moves through your mind and body in each new moment. It is in this space that you see that you are the One, creating the resistance and allowance of the manifestation of all your desires and ultimately your ideal fantasy life.

If we are to fully be in this world and live in this 3D realm, we need to also know how to be at peace with it. When we are locked only in this 3D practical 9 to 5 time-bound reality, it is pure suffering.  Unless we can find an alternative dimension to play in, that honors this unlimited creative spiritual being we truly are, we simply cannot relax, breathe and feel safe here.

We deeply need the foundation of the 4th side in our daily lives if we are to relish and appreciate this 3D materialistic world.  If we don’t have a realm that expands us beyond the mind, we would have no mystery to uncover, and daily life soon becomes hopeless, boring, and meaningless.

It is the great mystery of the 4th side which will always keep us feeling alive and in a state of wonder. The 4th side is forever there, yanking us out of our sleepy little fishbowls, out of our velvet rut of known truths, of our socially agreed upon lifestyles, and shredding all our assumptions of how we thought the entire Universe was.  When we start to look for the 4th side in our everyday lives, we can consciously break free from living in the known, get out of that confined container of the mind and start to really pulsate with life.

“The mind is intangible, in fact it does not exist. The surest way to control it is to seek it. Then its activities cease.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

I’ve heard it said that it is our deepest love and fear that drives us in life to become who we truly are.  It is karmically there, always pushing us beyond the boundaries of who we believed we once were, and what we thought was impossible.  When we embrace all that we love and fear, we step out beyond our edge and move through the one thing we are most afraid to do, and love the person that we most yearn to love. 

It is taking this risk to embrace our love and fear that makes our lives truly amazing. It’s through the risk that we find that perpetual crack in the doorway that always opens us up to the 4th side’s dimension of infinite possibilities.  Perpetually taking this risk gives us all the power we need to receive the greatest abundance we yearn for in our lives.

Perhaps you’re wondering how does one know when they’ve reached the 4th side?  Are there any signs or signals to see?  You know that you’ve got at least one toe touching the 4th side when you feel every single detail of your life is absolutely perfect exactly the way it is. When you trust 100% that a Divine Intelligence Loving Force is guiding everything, and you trust in it 24 hours a day.

On the 4th side of the coin, life becomes a constant manifestation playground. You are seeing how your life is effortlessly manifesting everything you want through your every thought, desire, and intention. You feel appreciative and unburdened by all that occurs or doesn’t occur.  You see the grand master play behind it all, and realize that the only thing you’re truly responsible for is your happiness in each moment.

You’re on the 4th side when you get to experience firsthand how powerful you actually are at creating your reality.  You also get to see how easy and fun your daily life truly is. There are no mistakes you can make when you’re on the 4th side.  There are no accidents or coincidences.  You see that every single incident that occurs is part of the greater divine plan.  Understanding this, you take advantage of this perfect opportunity here and start to design the most fantastic, enjoyable, and healing scenes anyone could ever imagine painting on life’s blank canvas. 

On the 4th side, we are free from the heaviness of responsibility because we feel this highly intelligent Universe is working through us. We stop entertaining ourselves in the narrow-minded games of the first and second sides of the coin, and realize that only by integrating the 3rd side and seeing the bigger picture from the 4th side, can we truly enjoy playing this Universal manifestation game with everyone around us.

The 4th side is our passageway to finding total freedom and enlightenment in this lifetime. It is an exquisite enlightening space, where we find that there are no heroes, perpetrators, or victims here.  There is nobody to blame or point at for why things are the way that they are either. There is just acceptance of what is, and a deep allowance and recognition of the divine all intelligent perfection that is everywhere.

If you want to experience the 4th side this week and manifest more of what you want in life, you must start by doing something different to begin shifting your consciousness.  There must be a willingness to let go of who you thought you were, and open up to something totally fresh, alive, and new! The more you can surrender to this deep letting go process, the more all the enlightening attributes of the 4th side will naturally reveal themselves to you.

Your life is meant to be a fun joyous adventure!  Everything you want to manifest in love, money, health, sex, and your intimate relationships can and will be yours one day. You simply have to expand your mind, increase your consciousness and raise your vibration high enough.  By exploring what is within the 4th side of the coin, your desires will easily and effortlessly find their way into your life!

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Experiencing The 4th Side of The Coin

{name} remember that you are the Light that illuminates this World!

“Always remember deep in your heart that all is well and everything is unfolding as it should. There are no mistakes anywhere, at any time. What appears to be wrong is simply your own false imagination. That’s all.” ~Robert Adams

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