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Get ready to enlighten and heal your relationship with money. You're going to learn how to effortlessly attract financial abundance into your life!

This powerful manifesting experience will inspire, enlighten and heal your relationship with money so that you can effortlessly attract financial abundance into your life!

True story...

Learn How to Win the Lottery with Visualization!!

She wrote the figure "$112 million" constantly, slept with the number under her pillow for weeks, meditated on it, and imagined how excited she would be once the money finally came into her life. After four months of obsessive focus she stopped and let go. And it did. In May 2007, Stafford won $112 million in California's Mega Millions lottery.

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Secrets to Become a Powerful Money Magnet!Learn 12 Manifesting Secrets that will turn you into a Money Magnet
Secrets to Become a Powerful Money Magnet!Feel what's it like to step into the mind of a real Billionaire
Secrets to Become a Powerful Money Magnet!Experience a Dramatic Increase in your Financial Frequency
Secrets to Become a Powerful Money Magnet!Experience a Dramatic Increase in your Financial Frequency
Secrets to Become a Powerful Money Magnet!Empower and Liberate your Relationship with Money
Secrets to Become a Powerful Money Magnet!Experience the sensations of being totally abundant and financially free
Secrets to Become a Powerful Money Magnet!Receive direction and clarity about your life purpose and mission on this planet
Secrets to Become a Powerful Money Magnet!Inspirational quotes about abundance and how you can manifest it effortlessly
Secrets to Become a Powerful Money Magnet!Enlightened Financial Lessons that will help to expand, heal and reignite a positive relationship with money!

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"You are such a genius for coming up with this Money Magnet E-course!! I am having such a wonderful time laughing out loud and gleefully spending the money... what a hoot!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Universe is indeed abundant and all we have to do is change our consciousness to "having", and your Money Magnet E-course is doing just that!!  Blessings and love to you!" ~Mary J

Do You Honestly Want to Be
Financially Free?

While you are taking the 12 day ecourse, I highly recommend purchasing ALL 4 Manifesting Money Meditations to completely retrain your brain and subconscious mind for abundance and success.

Financial freedom is a possibility and will become a living reality when you know how to physically raise your Financial Frequency.

What is needed is a creative powerful new energy to be installed in your financial "software" that will raise your vibration and turn you into a money magnet! This new program will allow you to attract all the abundance that you could ever want and need.

This is your golden ticket to boost your financial frequency and attract plenty of money into your life!

Within 12 days of reprogramming your body and mind with abundance consciousness, you will be creating a new FEELING habit around money.

This inner work is powerful and will shift you out of ANY poverty consciousness you thought you were stuck in...enjoy!

It's time to let go of poverty consciousness forever! You deserve to have to enjoy the dream life that you desire!

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Do you want a life filled with inner peace, relaxation and abundance?  Are you tired of trying to get out of bed in the morning, and feeling you need to drag yourself to work?  If so, it's a good sign you are not inspired by what you are doing.  We suggest that you turn up your Manifesting Vibration and choose a new life ahead of you! It's time to contribute your great gift to the world and empower yourself, your friends, family and the rest of the world.

Becoming a Super Manifesting Magnet means you are not paid for each hour you are at work, but rather you receive gifts of monetary love from the creativity, joy and inspirational ideas you offer the world. When you're helping increase the consciousness of 6 billion people on the plane, the people will in turn help you.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Gandhi

I found that one of the most liberating ways to step out of poverty consciousness and start becoming a manifesting money magnet is letting go of the negative judgmental ideas around it.  Money is simply a form of spiritual energy, and what you do with it determines how you're affected by it.  When you realize that the more money you can manifest, the more loving acts of kindness you can do for others who need it in the material world, the easier it is to let yourself receive loads of it.

FREE Money Magnet Manifesting E-Course - Increase your Financial Frequency and Instantly Become a Manifesting Money Magnet!

Think about it this way...the more people in the world you can help to become financially free, the more they will help you achieve financial freedom!! The greatest thing about financial freedom is the higher vibrational feelings and consciousness that comes with it.  These feelings of joy, freedom and unbounded possibility are what allow you to share your financial abundance with others so that it grows in their lives. 

When we start doing things that can enlighten and inspire others around us, then we also become inspired and enlightened in the process. One thing you can do today is to become a Super Manifesting Affiliate and start building your passive revenue stream with the help of people all around the world!

This is an enlightened global community based way of being is created through focusing on what we can GIVE BACK to the world.  This gifting energy is what will bring in more joy, peace and eventually financial abundance.  The first step is to simply ask the question,

"How can I help others?" Instead of thinking, "What's in it for me?"

With enough time, creativity and marketing, your business income will soon exceed your monthly expenses.  Now this is the day you are physically financially free!  With the right tools product and attitude there will be enough momentum in your team to carry every person's residual monthly income to reach financial freedom!

I've found financial freedom is basically manifested in two ways. The first is through creating a deeply profound trusting relationship with money that you are not attached to how much or how little of it you have.  You may have a zillion dollars in the bank or owe the bank a zillion dollars, and it doesn't really matter at all.  You are still emotionally at peace with money, yourself, the world and everyone in it.  This is what living in paradise is all about!!


Move to an Abundant Internal Paradise with our FREE Money Magnet Manifesting E-Course - Increase your Financial Frequency and Instantly Become a Manifesting Money Magnet!

The second path to manifesting financial freedom is to do everything you can each day to raise your vibration and become a Super Manifesting Being!  Start by asking yourself, "What actions can I take in the world that make my heart SING and contribute to the lives of others?"  Do not worry if what you do will provide an income at first, the creativity inside you will find a way to make the money flow.

You'll also receive much more success the more often you get out of your comfort zone and meet new people everyday.  This includes making phone calls from your heart, writing emails with enthusiasm, and connecting with everyone in the outer world!  This is not about coming from a place of desperation, its about getting off of the sidelines and onto the playing field of the financial game in your life.  It may also mean deciding to become your own boss, and start your own business!!

The most profound path is the middle path, where you have a balance between these two strategies above to discover financial freedom.  When you are inwardly free from any attachment to money on such a deep emotional level you will stop worrying and obsessing about it.  When you realize that everything in this material world is impermanent, that everything will come and go, you will no longer be soooo attached.

Remember, there are no pockets in Heaven. You don't get to take anything with you when you leave this body and physically die. So don't get too attached to anything of this world!  Finding a healthy relationship with money means that you are energetically connected to it and yet absolutely free from it.  It means you are tapping into a spiritual power that is far beyond money, where you know that you can manifest as much of it IF you choose to.

The first law of manifesting states that whatever you focus on grows.  So the more you can relax and receive this, the feeling of being financially free, the more you will attract the situations that create more abundance in your life.  When you take time to stop, relax and feel what it's like to be supported by this loving, conscious Universe no fear or worry can touch you.  Try it!  Right now, allow yourself to relax, open your heart up and FEEL what its like to have all the money you want provided for...let yourself truly relax and hang out on that inner beach...and enjoy your life today!

Keep imagining... you are relaxing in paradise. The warm sand is in between your toes...the warm ocean water in front of you...and the vast blue sky above.  And best of all, you are receiving a monthly passive income of $10,000+ every month!  Notice what happens to your body when you say to yourself, "I received a check for $10,000 last month and will receive one EVERY month for the rest of your life!"  Does your body get tense, tight, scared...or truly deeply relax?  Just notice how your body responds.  This is a tiny taste for what true financial freedom will be like.

It's time to let go of poverty consciousness forever! You deserve to have to enjoy the dream life that you desire!

Raise your Financial Frequency and your Fantasy Life will Become a Living Reality!!

Instantly Download ALL 4 Money Magnet Manifesting Meditations on MP3 Audio Now!


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