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Direct new traffic to your sales pages by creating Facebook and Google ads.


Your Super Manifestor Sales page has over 150+ testimonials inside it with your affiliate URL embedded inside as well. Share these testimonials with others to generate integrity, trust and commitment to taking action.


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Other Suggestions…

When you login to your account, one of the best tools you have are the enlightening Banners and the Subscribe Form where you can post to any website and direct traffic to your sales pages.

Follow the special instructions in this Internet Marketing Guide to learn exactly how to reach millions of people from all around the world!

These special marketing instructions contain all the greatest secrets and the technical steps you’ll want to take over the next 6 months to build a powerful online business. Using this guide and taking daily inspired action steps, within a few months you can generate a consistent stream of passive income that will create real financial freedom in your life!

When someone signs up under you, you’ll receive their contact email. Build a team relationship with everyone on your 2nd tier as this creates more momentum and sales. Check in weekly with them to brainstorm together different ways to share the free training program, post banners and send out mass emails.

The Top 6 Marketing Secrets

to Maximize your Monthly Profits!

These marketing secrets will expand your online business to the next level!

Marketing Secret #1 There are some BIG self-help and self-growth email companies out there. Some have databases of millions of people. Contact their affiliate promotion manager and create a relationship with them. Share with them our enlightening information and FREE Manifesting Training Program, letting them know they’ll get 50% commission ($63 profit) from each sale of the Super Manifesting Program. The part of all is that you are truly helping others to create a more enlightened world.

Marketing Secret #2 Sign up for the FREE Manifesting Training Program UNDER your affiliate account. The enlightening articles you then receive will already have your affiliate link embedded inside. You can forward these messages to your family, friends and colleagues and if anyone clicks on the links, you will automatically be rewarded.

Marketing Secret #3 Realize that it can take up to 7 emails before people will sign up for anything FREE on the internet. Yet, when you give a personal testimony about your experience with our products, people are 5 times more likely to try it out. Consistently talk with people about your experiences with the FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Program and give them your sign up link to try it out for free. They have nothing to lose. Tell people how it changed your life and be honest! When they read the first chapter of our “Manifesting Manual” (which is a powerful marketing mini-ebook) it will introduce them to this enlightening material and they will your affiliate link inside the e-book they download.

Marketing Secret #4 Learn where your traffic is flowing from. Here you can understand where your market is curious and where they are not. The traffic you receive is an essential key to knowing what your customers are interested in. We have 14 different Marketing Websites to choose from, and 24 different products, so there is something for everyone out there! Experiment with sending people to your Enlightened Messages Signup Page, your Affiliate Guide Signup Page, Your Super Manifestor E-Store, the Enlightened Beings E-store, because these are all different unique websites. Some people are attracted to certain material and websites so you must experiment to get to know what your market is interested in. We’ve marketed the top performing websites with “blue stars” to make it easy for you. Knowing exactly where people are coming from and looking at your conversion rates allows you to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Marketing Secret #5 Visit our Enlightened Beings Blog and you can search for any word on the search bar to find an article worthy of posting on forums, blogs, facebook and send out via email. We allow you to do this as long as you keep our full article in tact and it ONLY promotes our products with your affiliate link where the buy now buttons are at (please respect our policy, if other websites are connected with our articles we will have to delete your affiliate account). We are giving you full access to use anything you find in our blog, so you’ll need to manually add in your affiliate link where the ‘buy now’ button is at. If you don’t want to do all the work, simply send people the FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Program gift and they’ll become signed up on your Enlightened Messages email list and we will send the articles to them!

Marketing Secret #6 Attitude is everything. How you approach people on Facebook with your Super Manifestor website depends how quickly they sign up. Your Super Manifestor Website contains all of our enlightening products, a 60% super discount, amazing testimonials, a great video, and a subscribe form that pops up at the bottom of the page for others who may not be on your affiliate email list yet. The key is all about how you approach people as to how quickly they join!

How You Will Be Paid Each Month

All affiliate payments are made from Enlightened Beings after the last day of the month to your PayPal address. You’ll always receive 50% commission on your 1st Level. All the statistics can be found in your affiliate account. You can also view the commission you’ll receive from each product sold in the button called “Send Products Now”. It’s good to know that

You’ll receive $98.50 for every
Super Manifesting Package you sell!

Sometimes people just buy one of the many products in our Manifesting University. When they do, you will earn 50% commission of each sale, and a personal email notification every time you make a sale.

You’ll notice that when anyone joins underneath you on your 2nd level or purchases a product from you, you’ll receive a personal email from us! We want you to know how well you’re doing and what is working for you. Soon you’ll get to see how effective your emails are and what works as far as creating growth in your affiliate account.

The Most Effective Way to Share
this Enlightening Business Opportunity

The best way of course is to send people the invitation sales page which will do all the work for you. However, we’ve found that when people find out the personal impact these enlightening products have had on your life, and then receive the business opportunity invitation, they become emotionally moved by our mission and want to join in! Take time to experience our free products so that you can FEEL a positive shift in your life! Then when you tell your friends and family about it, it will be coming from the heart. This is an enlightening business opportunity that is designed to bring a higher consciousness to the planet. The secret to that it expands and enlightens your consciousness along the way…

If you know a large online group (forum, blog, FB) personally, it’s best to send a super fun personalized email straight from your heart. Trust yourself with writing and creatively modifying your messages. When it has your personal touch in it, with your personal testimonial using your feelings to describe the experiences and results you had, people get excited!

If you don’t know what to say in your email, you can use one of your Marketing Emails inside your account and then add in your “blue star” Affiliate Guide Signup page to invite them. It’s good to seek out open minded business persons who are looking for a way to contribute in enlightening the planet and getting paid for it. When you email them the invitation page, you’ll soon find they are curious and want to know more! This is a powerful internet business opportunity for anyone no matter who they are. As long as they have a paypal account and the commitment to take daily inpiraed actions from the information on this page, they will be making a monthly profit quite easily.

Think of your main goal is to help as many people as you can everyday to become happier, healthier, more financially abundant, and enlightened! All this happens by simply sharing the enlightening “blue star” links inside your account. Just sharing this free enlightening information you’ll be changing lives! You have no idea how many random people will be overflowing with gratitude and thanking YOU for finding the Enlightened Beings website and Super Manifesting materials. It’s truly a wonderful good feeling job to receive monthly passive income by helping others enlighten their lives around the world! Just make sure that you have fun enlightening the planet!

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself. Now the key is to implement this information consistently over the next 6 months ahead! You’ve got all the tools and technology on this page to generate an online income that easily exceeds your monthly expenses! The sales will start flooding in when you take consistent daily actions. So save this page to your favorites, for it will be your new home base for generating extra income and enlightening the world!

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