Become an Allow-a-Holic

Become an Allow-a-HolicBy Jafree Ozwald

The reason why we suffer is that we are trying to have a different experience than the one that is happening to us right now.  We are not allowing for the current feeling, thought, or experience to be happening in our body and resist it immensely.  By not giving it "space" or permission to be here now, we are denying that the Divine exists within everything.  By internally fighting with our current experience, and trying, wishing, hoping or praying that it will change, we are not honoring the Universe as our most powerful teacher.  The ironic thing is that the very moment you start allowing yourself to FEEL the apparently negative feeling and or experience exactly as it is showing up in your body right now, you stop resisting it and thus the suffering ends instantly. 

Becoming an Allow-a-Holic is letting the Universe be exactly as it is.  The truth is that there is very little you can do to change the entire Universe, and you might not necessarily even want to change it.  If you take a step back and look at the entire massive cosmic picture of it all, it’s amazingly synchronistically perfect just the way it is.  Your ego may not agree with the way things show up in your personal situation here on planet Earth because the ego thinks its role is to fight, argue, and try to manipulate Reality so that it can get what it thinks it needs to be happier.  True happiness is a state of inner balance that allows for everything to be exactly as it is.  While your ego may not like this way of defining happiness, experiment with the state of allowing and notice how your body reacts. 

No matter what your situation is, how stuck you think you are, or how profound your pain is, you have the power to shift it completely right now.  The power is in learning to allow for it.  Give each negative FEELING you have full permission to be here now.  Allow it to be 100%, not 99.99% because that small .01%  means that you are not really letting go, and experiencing the magic of doing so.  The moment you let go and really hit 100% allowing, your suffering will disappear.  When the suffering leaves, you will learn something very valuable about yourself.   That you are the master of your life and have the power to release anything you need to from your life. 

Sending many many blessings to you,

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