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The 5 Sacred Secrets to the Attitude of Gratitude

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The 5 Sacred Secrets to the Attitude of Gratitude

Written by Jafree Ozwald

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”  ~ Melody Beattie

There is a gift in everything.  Life is overflowing with goodness, even in those moments that appear the darkest and bleakest.  The secret to finding this goodness is to consciously SEEK it. Open your mind and explore how the challenge you’re facing in THIS now moment is a real blessing in disguise. When you begin to practice looking for the blessing, your mind in that moment stops focusing on what’s wrong, and begins focusing on what’s right. In one moment you begin seeing reality and yourself in a totally new light. You find the eyes of gratitude and everything you see comes alive!

Whenever life shows its dark, sad, depressing side, try giving thanks for this darkness. It will soon pass (like all experiences in life) everything will come and go as long as we can stop holding on to them. It is our mind that makes them stay, and forces a convoluted judgment onto our experience of reality. Darkness has its purpose, its to accentuate the most amazing sparkling brilliant Light! Without darkness we would not see light, nor appreciate any fun good peaceful days when they arrive.

My suggestion for you today is this. Peer into your darkest most difficult moments which you’ve had this past year, and find the blessing inside each one. What is the difference between a curse and a blessing? It’s simply the time, angle and perspective you’re viewing it from. Try to see how every challenging experience is forcing a new strength, creativity or talent to grow inside you. When you give thanks to the darkness, then real miraculous things begin to happen!  You no longer run from anything in this world. You stop playing the victim game because you understand how everything in life is happening for you, and not to you.

The all intelligent Universe is designed to support you in creating your ultimate experience of life.  By having a natural thankful energy for every experience you meet, life will spontaneously return the favor. It will increase your manifesting ability to attract even MORE goodies into your life! The attitude of gratitude is one of the most powerful Manifesting Vibration that you can tap into. Be thankful for what you do have, and you’ll manifest even MORE amazing things. Live 24 hours of week in joy, and you’ll be astounded how magical this mundane ordinary life truly is! 

Gratitude is the foundation to a happy fulfilling existence. When we are not practicing gratitude, then it doesn’t matter how much success we achieve in the outer world. If we are not wearing our gratitude glasses, then it doesn’t matter how amazing our life is, we cannot see or feel it. Nothing truly matters more than our perspective on reality. The ego is programmed to be constantly on the prowl for something better, faster and more amazing. The ego is designed to never be satisfied. By training your mind/ego to be grateful for what is here now, then no matter what you manifest or don’t manifest, you will be happy with your life no matter how it turns out. 

Below are the 5 sacred secrets to help you stay in the Attitude of Gratitude all day long! Commit to practicing them for the next 3 days and you will cultivate a vibration that has enough momentum to glide into another 3 days, and then another 3 days…and so on. Eventually, you will flow in gratitude through the rest of the month with ease and Grace. Put on your gratitude glasses right now, and SEE this situation as perfect and Divine. Wear them for a few hours and watch the magic begin to show up just because you are a gratitude magnet!

“It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” ~Agnes Repplier 


The 5 Sacred Secrets to The Attitude of Gratitude

Choose to Live Life as a Gratitude Adventure.  This secret is all about taking on this gratitude challenge as an adventure in consciousness. There is no right or wrong way to live life, yet by practicing having gratitude for yourself, other people, situations, events, messages, words, actions, behaviors, and Facebook commentary you begin experiencing Divine Grace in action. This takes a very advanced soul to walk this path, as it’s about acknowledging that EVERY experience is a gift given directly to you from the God Source.  We just never know what gifts we are needing to receive each day, and this is what makes life so precious…a real adventure!  Each person you meet is a blessing in disguise sent from the Divine. With the right questioning and listening, you’ll hear the personal message (meant just for you) to help you see the sacred being you truly are.  When life is an adventure in deepening and expanding your experience of gratitude, you can be open to accepting all of life, and trust that everything life brings to you is intended to enrich your life, even if it does not first appear that way to the ego/mind.  

Create a Daily Gratitude Focus.  Every morning before your feet get out of bed and touch the floor, choose one thing that will be your Gratitude Focus of your entire day. Find that one thing that you feel the most grateful for in your life right now, and practice returning to the thought and feeling of it all throughout your day. Milk that thought until there is no juice left inside of  it. Your Gratitude Focus may change with each new day, yet keep to that ONE which you started with in each morning.  The deeper you can dive into ONE thing you’re truly grateful for, and remain with it throughout your day, the easier it becomes to slip into a constant state of appreciation again. This is training your gratitude muscles! The more frequently you practice returning to your first feeling of gratitude, the more magnified it gets and slowly creates a profound shift in your energy and consciousness. 

 Check your Gratitude Meter.  As many times as you can throughout your day, check in with your level of gratitude.  Ask yourself, “On a scale of 1-100, how thankful am I for everything that is in my life right now?”  If you’re anything less than 100% start making a mental and emotional list of what you are grateful for.  Think of anything that makes your heart sing just a little bit.  The answers might be as simple as, “My health, clean air to breathe, my heart is still beating, I have feet to walk on, and I am alive!”  You can also turn all those things that you’re ungrateful for upside-down by simply honoring them as sacred teachers on your spiritual path. As you keep checking your gratitude meter throughout the day, you create a higher state of awareness about what you’re thankful for, which helps you to move consistently back into that peak state.  Once your mind gets hooked on the habit of thinking about things that it’s grateful for, it will be easier to remain in a state of 100% gratitude 24 hours a day.

Reset the Complaining Mind to Thankful Thinking.  Your mind is probably already somewhat addicted to complaining.  It thinks its job is to notify you about every little thing it believes is wrong, imperfect, or probably could make you happier if it wasn’t missing from your life.  When you try to resist, judge or ignore these complaining thoughts, you’ll find that they resurface again in a new form fairly soon.  To free your mind from any complaint saboteur forever, simply investigate what the mind REALLY needs, wants and desires. This complaint is actually coming from a smaller helpless part of you who is secretly trying to ask for what you want.  Yet, this voice feels so small and powerless that it cannot actually speak it.  So the next time you hear yourself complain about something, purposefully shift your focus to what it is that you truly want to feel INSIDE yourself in that moment. Gratitude is always a good one, if you don’t know what you’re missing. So think about what your heart is thankful for.  In just a few moments you’ll reset your mind to the program of thankful thinking and finding the good simple things in life again. The secret here to retrain your brain is in how long you can relax into the FEELING of being grateful. Be honest and sincere with yourself, and investigate what your heart really is thankful for. Every time you hear a complaint say to yourself, ” Honestly, I don’t want to continue being unhappy, I’m actually really grateful for XYZ”.  If you are really stuck in a rut and cannot feel any feeling of gratitude, just be curious and ask yourself, “What would it feel like to be grateful for this?” Gratitude is like the sun in the sky. It’s always present, yet sometimes its hidden from our vision by the dark clouds.  The mind can get very cloudy when we are always focused on complaints.  Find the Light in everything and you will set your mind free!  

Make Gratitude your Top Priority.  Your level of commitment equals the degree of success that you’ll experience in manifesting what you want out of your life.  A commitment is a deep shift in consciousness towards the awareness of what your heart wants.  Making a commitment to gratitude can only happen if gratitude becomes one of the most important things in your life.  When something is a priority in your life it takes precedence over everything!  This means you’re incorporating the “no matter what” philosophy.  Meaning, no matter what happens, you are choosing to be grateful.  No matter what they do or say, you can be thankful for something. Your dedication and devotion to gratitude also acts as an massive magnet for what is good and beautiful.  When you are 100% committed to living in gratitude, you instantly become a magnet for what you love and desire, which then makes it even EASIER to remain in devotion.  Being grateful for the ability to be committed creates an even more powerful magnetizing energy.  Try it today! Focus on the experience of gratitude is the most important thing in your life ALL day today…you’ll be AMAZED at what happens next!


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