My Favorite Spiritual Awakening Books and Enlightening Media

This list below is my life’s collection of the most profound guides that have assisted me on my spiritual awakening journey. Every one of these books has expanded my mind into a higher state of consciousness. These enlightening materials are priceless!

These materials have inspired my life soooooo much that I wrote my own library of Spiritually Awakening Ebooks!  Get ready to radically expand your consciousness and influence your healing process in the most beautiful ways. 

NOTE: These works have divine information inside them which will raise your vibration to a much higher level. Please trust your inner guidance always knows the highest path for you. If a book title moves a little something inside your heart, perhaps it’s telling you to dive deeper into it! And if you cannot decide which book is best for you, trust that you already have all the information you need right now. Trust that feeling that knows you are divinely guided, always at the right place and the right time…

Click on any cover below to explore!!

Angel Tarot Cards
Pure Angel Magic!

 The Ascended Masters Cards                                   

Enlightening Audiobooks

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief



 Heavenly Music for your Soul…

Nada Himalaya  By Deuter

Soul in Wonder  By Miten and Deva Premal

Songs for the Inner Child  By Shaina Noll

Love Is Space  By Deva Premal

Dakshina  By Deva Premal

The Essence  By Deva Premal

Trusting The Silence  By Miten and Deva Premal

Embrace  By Deva Premal

Songs for the Inner Lover  By Deva Premal

Medicine Music   By Bobby McFerrin

Amazing Life Transforming Movies

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


What the “Bleep” Do We Know?


The Matrix Movies

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