Coffee Enemas


Experience the Healing Power of Coffee Enemas!

(uplift your life with a holy “Crap-a-chino”)

This is a comprehensive guide covering what you need to know about this powerful colonic therapy, including its history, benefits, risks, and instructions.

Perhaps you are one of the billions of people on this planet who are battling with being overweight, lacking energy, unable to focus with clarity, feeling unmotivated, depressed, or dealing with constant negativity. It’s good to know that all of your problems are not just coming from your head!

Scientists now point to how the neuronal pathways inside our gut are 99% responsible for how we are thinking and feeling about everything going on in our lives. They also know that there are more neurons in our gut than in our brain, and when we are filling our belly with processed foods, deep-fried foods, or overly cooked foods.

In fact, anything you eat out of a box, bag, or can is going to lower your capacity to think creatively, and feel positively. Alive raw foods (fruits and veggies) will only make you feel lighter and happier inside.

Dead foods will dampen your ability to be motivated, inspired about life, and have enlightened thoughts about yourself. All the dead foods that you’ve eaten have toxic remains still sitting in your gut lining your intestinal wall. 

Through the years, your intestines have built up layers of mucoid plaque. This thick slimy rubbery toxic mucoid plaque is what’s contributing to ALL OF YOUR depressing thoughts and negative feelings! Remove the mucoid plaque with a 10-day colon cleanse and you’ll clean all 28 feet of the intestinal tract and feel 1000% better!!

Studies now show that mucoid plaque is the primal cause behind every long-term disease and illness. When you see and smell this horrific rubbery stuff coming out of your bum, you’ll understand why…

3 feet of Mucoid Plaque
Over 3 feet of mucoid plaque

Up till the turn of the 20th century, all American hospitals required their new patients to get an enema immediately before the doctor would treat them for anything. Many times it would clean the person out and shift their well-being instantly.

Enemas are not new to the healing industry throughout history, as there are even documented cases of Ancient Egyptians doing coffee enemas. It’s been known for millennia that your guts dictate your level of health. It’s difficult to think anything but crappy thoughts when our intestines are flooded with unhealthy bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and candida.

Cleaning out your intestines with a coffee enema is the fast track to creating real mental health. Coffee enemas are an ancient way to detoxify your gut that is fast, safe, and has some amazingly positive mental side effects. 


When we drink coffee, it has an acidic effect on the body creating more toxins for the kidneys and liver to process. When coffee is taken as an enema, the caffeine acts like a diuretic, cleaning out the kidneys, gall bladder, liver, and creating a more alkaline environment throughout your system as well. The caffeine in coffee also stimulates your thinking in such a way that you can think more creatively, quicker, and more clearly about things.

Perhaps having a coffee enema scares the sh** out of you, or seems like the craziest thing you’d ever do to treat a health issue. Yet, I guarantee that within a few hours after your enema is over, you’re going to feel like a million dollars!

After your body and brain are truly detoxified the crystal clear detoxified pathways will open the way for a new clean peak experience of life.


The Mind-Enhancing Reasons to Start Doing Coffee Enemas

I’ve been doing coffee enemas for several years now and I can truly say that there is no way possible that one could be depressed about life on any level after doing a full-strength “crap-a-chino”. Here are several other benefits you’ll receive from doing a coffee enema.

1. Increases energy levels, improves mental clarity, and uplifts your mood.

2. Provides an instant break from depression, bad moods, lack of motivation, and sluggishness.

3. Helps eliminate parasites, bacteria, and Candida.

4. Cleans out the bile ducts, helps the liver to detoxify, and can actually help to repair the liver.


Are you ready to start cleaning out the ole pipes yet?

INSTRUCTIONS: How to Do Your First Coffee Enema

First off, you will need to purchase an enema kit. You can get a decent Enema Bag that should last you several years. Next, purchase a large bag of ground-up organic coffee and store it in your fridge/freezer.

I find it’s best to do your enema within a half hour after you’ve had a large meal. If you do a strong coffee enema first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (and haven’t eaten food all night), it may cause you to feel weak and get the “shakes”.

You also might not do an enema too late in the evening as the buzz from the caffeine could keep you up all night long. I find that after a good hearty breakfast and you have released your first morning bowel movement is the best time of them all.

To make the sacred batch of coffee, you can use an automatic machine if you have one, or just use a pot on the stove. Simply add…2 tablespoons of organic coffee and 3 cups of FILTERED water.

Bring the water to a boil, add your coffee, turn off the stove, and let it sit for 15 minutes while it cools. Always stick your finger in the coffee to make sure it is NOT too hot before you put it up your butt.  This is perhaps the most important step of them all for obvious intestinal safety reasons.

Next, create a comfortable healing space on your bathroom floor with a towel, yoga mat, and pillow. If it’s your first time doing an enema and you’re terrified of making a mess, you might want to lay down in your bathtub because things just might get a little messy.

Coffee Enema Healing Ritual

It’s good to make a healing ritual out of the whole coffee enema experience. Put on some calming meditative music, candles, or perhaps some enlightening audiobook material as you will be lying down and going into a deep inner process for at least 15 minutes.

Always make sure the nozzle on your bag is in the OFF position when pouring so the coffee remains in your bag. After you pour your body temperature coffee into your enema bag, hang it up on a towel rack, hook, or just find something strong for it to hang on that is higher above.

It’s smart to apply a dab of coconut oil to the tip of the nozzle for easy insertion. Then, lie down on your back with your feet/legs leaning up against the wall so that your body is upside down and vertical. You might know this as shoulder stand in yoga. This will help the coffee to stay inside your body and gravity will assist you in moving the coffee through your intestines doing even more cleansing work for you.

After your enema bag is emptied inside you, remain lying there with your feet/legs up in the air, breathing deeply and slowly to help retain the enema for at least 15 minutes for optimum cleansing.

Every few minutes you may feel some strong urges to go to the toilet, especially if you have not had a bowel movement earlier. If this happens, breathe deeper and try to hold on for as long as you can, quite often the sensations will pass.


How Many Enemas Can You Do?

Some people do as many as 6 enemas per day and are addicted. I don’t think this is healthy. It all depends on your physical health, mental/emotional health, and overall strength as a human being, you should be fine with doing one enema every other day. Please know the potential dangers of doing too many enemas, and if you’re hesitant then consult your health practitioner first.

After and before you do a coffee enema, always make sure you drink lots of water and take a raw probiotic. It’s highly important to always take a probiotic in the morning and evening, get lots of rest, and drink plenty of water.

A good probiotic will help restore the missing flora in your gut. I’ve heard some horror stories of people who did too many enemas and didn’t follow these essential protocols. If you are mentally, emotionally, and physically sick on any level, coffee enemas can become your best friend. Many people battling cancer have proclaimed that coffee enemas helped save their lives.

The more coffee enemas you do, the more you will learn how the cleansing process works and how you can retain them easily for the full 15 minutes, as this is the exact time your body needs to cleanse and release all the toxins.

When you are ready to release your coffee enema, slowly make your way to the toilet and just let it go! You might need to sit on the toilet for 5-7 minutes just to get it all out. You should feel a lot lighter in your body and mind after it’s all done! Be sure to clean your enema bag and store it in a sacred secret place.

Remember, you are doing a deep cleanse inside your body so you will be releasing lots of toxins. It may take you some time, yet eventually, you should feel more energy, creativity, and motivation for life.

What to Do After Your Coffee Enema?

You must be super gentle with yourself during this cleansing time, and eat extra clean organic light healthy food. You will gain many more mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits on your healing journey.

If you want my personal super clean diet recipe, drink at least a liter of green juice for breakfast, a huge dark green salad for lunch, and another liter (or more) of green smoothie for dinner. 

It’s good to warn your friends and family that you might seem like a different person while you’re cleansing out your colon. Be sure to allow yourself to truly FEEL any emotional crap that arises. Let yourself be extra expressive during this time. If you tend to avoid your emotional issues they will get lodged deeper in your tissues.

It’s best to welcome whatever feelings that come up and relax deeply into them. Feel all your emotions, and find the stillness at the core. For this is where you can relax into the very center of the cyclone of the mind. The sacred stillness within you is where the real cleansing and healing are done on the deepest levels of them all. Enjoy your coffee enema experience and be sure to tell us all about it!