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 If you feel that you cannot afford my enlightening products simply send your donation by clicking on the button below. After you've sent your donation, forward your receipt to my support staff at this E-mail and tell them which products you'd like to experience.


NOTE:  Please do not ever feel guilty for not being able to afford what we are charging for this material.  Whatever money you can contribute is fine.  Think of this as a "spiritual investment" in yourself and know that whatever amount FEELS good for you is enough. The more we give, the more get back in return. Please realize that deep down you are an all-powerful magical manifesting being at the core.  Even though this material 3D world is based on the laws of karma and cause and effect, you are an infinite eternal soul whose value is priceless beyond it all.  Enjoy!

Sending many many blessings to you!

Jafree Ozwald



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