Dropping the Big “J”

Happy Valentines Day!!

As you go about your daily life today, think about what kind of energy you are sending out to the world?  When you walk into your favorite store, notice how you think about those other people who may cross your path.  Do you spend even a few moments judging them?  Did you think that they are a terrible dresser, too fat, ugly, a bad driver, or rude?  Judging others is a sure fire way of lowering your manifesting vibration.  The more you judge, the more contracted you become.  It is impossible to attract great things to you when you send out so much negativity towards others.    Putting a stop to the Big "J" (judgment) is extremely simple.  All it takes is to develop a new habit of sending out acceptance and appreciation. You can’t judge someone when you are consciously focused on accepting them exactly the way they are.  Just open your heart and start to think about even ONE thing that you could appreciate about them.  The next time a person you see in the grocery store gives you a nasty look or that driver cuts you off imagine a golden light of abundance surrounding them.  Notice how YOU feel after you imagine this for them. 

Focus on sending others warm loving energy from your heart expands your mind, and your ability to manifest the dream life you desire.  It’s very simple and easy to give love, and will make a profound difference in your life as well as the entire vibration of the planet.  Imagine what our world would be like if everyone was consciously sending each other acceptance and appreciation!   There would be no more war or inner conflict.  We would all live in total bliss together! 

I invite you to practice this exercise today.  And if you’re ready for a BIG shift in your life, do it through the next 90 days.  This new committment of sending love to your mate or fellow man/woman on this Valentine’s day can shift your life and theirs.  It’s all about your vibration, and how you can shift it by what you focus upon…enjoy! For more amazing techniques to shift your vibration download the 90 Day Manifesting Program at: www.manifestingmagnet.com Have an AMAZING Valentine’s Day!!  Jafreewww.manifestingmagnet.com

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