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  • 52 Enlightening Articles that each contain a powerful practical manifesting technique and/or enlightening "homework assignment"
  • Our most sacred Manifesting Secrets and Enlightening Wisdoms that will educate and motivate you to manifest a spectacular life!
  • Clear insightful inspiring information on how to become more peaceful, abundant and empowered in your daily life.
  • Our most inspirational articles from 2003-2017!
The Enlightened Manifestor e-book contains 52 articles that will assist you on your spiritual journey towards enlightenment and life mastery. You'll receive NEW enlightening exercises for every week for the  year!  Read inspiring stories, enlightening quotes, uplifting insights, and receive NEW spiritual awakening information that has not been seen in our newsletters!

The transformational words of wisdom you'll read in our new e-book will effortlessly awaken your natural manifesting powers so you can easily attract your heartís desires into your life.  You'll receive practical mini-homework assignments that will boost your Manifesting Vibration. 

These mini-manifesting exercises are powerful!  They will instantly help you to establish a deeper connection to your Divine Self, so you can receive that inner guidance you need to effortlessly transform negative thinking patterns into positive joyful thoughts that you'll love.


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"I just wanted to tell you both how much I love your articles. I print them up and have a folder I keep them in. I have about 50 of them saved in my email folder and I also keep some in my car in case I need something to read that is uplifting. They mean so much to me and I find myself coming back to many of them again and again.  You and your work are a true blessing."



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  • A new level of awareness where your mind is calm and you feel more secure, relaxed and at ease.
  • A shift in consciousness that will create a more expansive, empowered, abundant and loving experience of your current life.
  • An increase in your ability to magnetize the kinds of positive opportunities, people, and enlightening experiences you desire into your life!

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#1 The Secrets of Manifesting!  These articles clearly outline techniques and methods of how to consciously manifest what ever you desire. You will learn our specific manifesting techniques that will shift your vibration and support you in effortlessly attracting your desires to you.

#2 How to Attract Abundance  You'll learn how to manifest more prosperity into your life. You will learn specific ways to shift your energy and consciousness so that you are attracting a sea of financial riches and opportunities to you!

#3 How to Enlighten All Aspects of your Life  Do you want to know how to create an Enlightened Relationship with everyone in your life?  You will learn the secret to never get hurt in an intimate relationship, and receive many practical empowering tools for creating healthier, happier and more positive relationships with your partner and/or friends.

The Enlightened Manifestor e-book is a compilation of the BEST articles we've written that bridge the gap between enlightenment and manifesting. Since 1997, we've helped create outrageous and unbelievable manifestations in thousands of people's lives from all around the world!

Yes, we are devoted to teaching you HOW to manifest your most abundant state of being on your inner world and outer world. This instant download is all about manifesting your dream life from a truly enlightening perspective! 

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