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Jackie asked 4 years ago

hi Jafree,
thank you for reading this! We have been trying to conceive for over 5 years – i have had several MC along the way. I am now 45 years old but I know anything is possible. My issue is I fear my mother in law. She is truly controlling. I see how she is with my sister in law and her child — judgmental, overbearing, demanding, negative and overpowering. She has also yelled at me before when I didn’t do what she wanted. With a child, she would feel ownership as the grandmother and I know she would come over to our house and try to dictate and take over. Sometimes I think adoption would be better because then she wouldn’t feel such ownership as the baby wouldn’t be her blood. I know this fear is why i haven’t been able to conceive. I would love to hear any reaction or thoughts you have. Thank you so much 

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Jafree Ozwald Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Jackie,

As for your mother-in-law, I can assure you that if you’re able to cut the energetic cords with her and ground yourself in your belly, womb and root in a deeply safe relaxed open energy, your body will become highly receptive for your future baby to come through you.

Would you want to come into a stressful environment if you were the new baby soul coming in? I think you’d wait until the energy felt safer as well.

As long as you are letting your mother-in-law negatively effect you, letting her upset you, overpowering you, you’re giving away your right to feel connected to your own divinity… you have the power within you to create a safe nest and nobody can take that away from you if you don’t let them. This inner nest is for the baby and you to relax into so this is the motivation to cut the energy cords with your mother-in-law.

How to cut the cords? To cut the energy cords with your mother-in-law you’ll want to sit down and do a deep ritual/ceremony and invite in Archangel Michael with his blue sword of light and ask him to cut all small and large energy cords that you feel in between you and her.

For example you’d feel how your mother-in-law dominates you and cut the cord of that powerless feeling with her and reconnect your cut end of the cord that was going towards her and visualize it going back into your own heart. Feel yourself giving yourself the love connecting and power you need that you were giving away by believing her pain was more powerful than your love for you and your future child.

Any part of you who is tolerating her or letting your mother-and-law also needs to be cut. There maybe a dozen or more cords you have hooked into her and these are well stemming from many past lifetimes (it looks like this is a very old pattern in your akashic record) so it may be much bigger release than just your relationship with her in this lifetime. Perhaps this is why you needed the challenge with getting pregnant so as to heal these old wounds and creating a more loving empowered space inside you for your new child and family to live in.

You’ll know you’ve cut the cords and are free by feeling into the energetic environment this new baby soul would love to come into and if you’ve grounded the feeling of that in your body. Do everything you can to create that directly and by also releasing any cords going through your partner into you.

Let your mother-in-laws pain go from your life. It’s not your responsibility to help or cope with her pain. Only deal with your pain that she brings up inside you. Take responsibility for that.

I would not engage with her negative energy for a while to clean out your system…if you have to meet with her be either like an empty flute or an impenetrable shield of while light. Otherwise just ignore her and meet her with compassion or a distant indifference so that she has to look at herself and why she pushes other away trying to dominate and control everything and everyone around her. Don’t let her cause you any internal stress on any level. Don’t give her that satisfaction and thinking that she still has a hook in you.

I am going to gift you my Fertility Meditation that helped my friend conceive a baby after 2 years of trying and being unable… she had a baby boy 2 months after I gave her this meditation. I hope it works the same for you! 🙏❤️🙏

Much love

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