What kind of karma do I have to pay back?

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Divine asked 1 year ago

Dear Jafree,

What kind of karma do I have to pay back?

I’ve had years of struggle and landed up with only pain. I had to give away all of my hard life earnings to my mother who was pretending to be helpless, I lost my father and supported him in all ways when I was young.

My mother and siblings all backstabbed me for no mistakes I\’ve made and then these bad guys came sending torture and harassment.

I never realized it until I turned 45 years old, am all alone, and had nowhere to go. Why has life been so hard for me in all aspects?

Thank you.


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Jafree Ozwald Staff answered 1 year ago

Dearest Divine,
I’m sorry you’re having to go through such a difficult situation. I know that something very good will eventually come out of this deeply challenging experience. This much I can guarantee you. The situation will eventually balance itself out given enough time.
Your question about Karma is a very deep and complex topic which is also then an often very misunderstood phenomenon.
These karmic belief systems can create a very emotionally complex inner world for you, which you’ll need to unravel to become completely free. I will try to simplify things for you in this message below…
Karma is a subject that many spiritual people have deeply complicated answers for. They come up with ideas about why your karma exists and what did you do to deserve this experience, and what good deeds you need to do to ‘pay back’ your karmic debt. Karma is a very powerful and deeply hypnotic belief system.
It’s also important to see that karma is a necessary force from our past lives, past actions, and conditioning that gives us a mission to complete here on earth as it directs our life in the deepest ways.
You would not be alive here on earth without some type of karma to transcend. It is like the sails and rudder that’s steering your sailboat which would only drift away at sea without it.
Whenever life throws us such emotionally hard and challenging lessons, it is forcing us to grow in ways that we may not be able to fully accept or understand.
When we experience something repetitively painful, we might believe that God doesn’t care about me, or why would God do this to us if we were loved?
Yet, we always have to remember one thing. Deep deep down at the very core of your being, you are The Godhead, my friend. You are the one behind it all, creating it all.
You are the consciousness who can change your sails and steer your boat towards a different situation because you are the one who is perpetuating your suffering as it is.
Try to be super gentle with yourself and understand deep in your heart one thing. The universe is infinitely powerful and deeply intelligent and it never makes a mistake.
Open your eyes and mind to the higher love and divine intelligence that runs this entire universe. The universe never ever makes any mistakes! Everything is divinely perfect on every level… including YOU!!
You have come into this world with a divine purpose and sacred mission. This mission is to experience suffering and learn how to become free from this suffering.
The family you’re with are the perfect people to set your ego on fire and spiritually awaken you! It’s the perfect setup! Remember the universe never ever makes mistakes!
You are here to liberate yourself from your past and projected future and be free from whatever energetic heaviness, burdens, or negativity that you have been carrying for lifetimes.
As long as your mind lives in a dualistic world of the ego’s judgments, you will see right/wrong, and feel stuck in this dualistic trap. As long as you exist in the 3D world of duality you’ll see everything has its opposite.
In the 3D world of duality, you cannot have an experience of freedom until you experience what imprisonment is. You cannot know the experience of real joy until you know what sadness is.
Yet, once you lift your vibration and consciousness to a higher frequency, you will transcend the 3D world of duality and step into a dimension of consciousness that sees perfection within it all. Even this idea that says you’re trapped.
Yet, it seems the mind continually gets stuck in negative thinking patterns and creates an inner world that always feels hopeless, angry, and helpless.
This is because you are still unaware of your real God Power. We are all unaware my friend. We are all incredibly ignorant as to how we are manifesting the same types of people, situations, and problems throughout life.
This deep unhappiness cycle is motivating everyone to do something different. When we fully realize that we are the ones creating our own problems, then we can choose to create something new.
You, however, will continue to repeat the same mistakes until you become more fierce, real, and true to loving yourself.
If you want to end this suffering now my friend, you need to step into a bigger reality and choose a higher truth, which begins with seeing that YOU are the one perpetuating this angry-victim inside you who needs to be saved.
They are not doing this to you, you are doing this to yourself. You’re letting them do it because you’re not standing in your full awareness of your God essence and power.
You’re not aware because you’re paying more attention to your angry-victim saboteur ego trip. This is what’s creating all of these unhealthy boundaries in your family. It’s also creating unsatisfactory personal relationships, poverty consciousness, and recreating the same repetitive angry-victim cycle of energy that causes ALL of your sufferings.
The angry-victim is a blame game behind it all. It’s the voice that says, ‘They are doing this to me. I am innocent, helpless and I have no power.’
This is the big lie you have to let go of and stop participating in.
The angry/victim is not wrong about being in pain, in fact, it is very righteous and right about its pain. It desperately wants to be saved, thinking this one thing will free me from this nightmare.
This reaching outside of yourself for a savior is what causes the angry-victim blame game to remain trapped in perpetuating this self-sabotaging trauma cycle.
The angry/victim/savior cycle is a self-destructive self-sabotaging triangle that’s perpetuating your pain.
Break free from playing the angry/victim blame game and this karmic hell you’re caught in will instantly leave your life!
You can stop participating in the cycle by choosing a different reaction and response to your family. It’s that simple.
Imagine they are God beings in disguise teaching you how to access your fire, stand strong in your heart, and fight for what you believe is right and true.
Of course, fighting is not easy, and it’s also not a good thing when you allow others to step on you, take advantage of you, mistreat you, or allow them to harass you.
When others hurt you, they also accrue revengeful abusive karma that they have to carry and do not feel at peace with themselves when they fall asleep at night.
Yet, I’ve heard from you for many years my friend, and I know you are humble, kind, and wise. You have the choice as to how you respond to someone who mistreats you.
Perhaps since you are practicing spirituality, and trying to be a spiritual being, you are suppressing the emotionally intense rage or dark feelings of anger that arise when you feel that you are being treated disrespectfully or unfairly.
Does it truly seem like you are not using this anger, and rising above it in order to bypass these dark feelings and take a higher ‘spiritual’ path?
If so, it will immensely help you to get in touch with your anger, feel it, welcome it and see this all as a great spiritual war, just like Krishna and Arjuna did.
Use your fire to set healthy boundaries with those who mistreat you. When you respond differently they will respond differently. Think of it all as a big test to see the amazing fire you’ve got.
I’m not saying that you should physically hurt others, or lash out with mean words causing them pain, as this will only create more problems and karmic baggage for you to carry.
Ultimately, it’s about using your fire to get out of the cold dark swamp and light your way to raising your vibration.
You are multidimensional so you can have compassion for the ignorant, and detach from your ego who feels threatened.
Read the Course of Miracles, as it will help raise your consciousness and guide you to understand what to do. The first lesson is the biggest one that says…
That which is real cannot be threatened, and that which is unreal does not exist.
Meditate on the meaning of this until it is integrated completely into your system.
I would suggest that you go away someplace to be alone and embody this teaching. Be alone for at least 30 to 40 days. This will assist the old helpless angry-victim ego to die. Fasting can also help you listen to your higher self and embrace the higher power inside you.
Remember that is only the ego that is threatened. The real you is the Godhead, the one that cannot ever be threatened because it’s made of pure love.
You’ve come here to embody this love and claim it as your true Self, that which is your Divine nature.
This great love begins with learning how to LOVE YOURSELF which means not playing the angry-victim blame game anymore and letting others step on you!
Once you stop all identification with your angry/victim/ego, all the karma that you were caring, no longer applies to you. It disappears instantly!
When anyone spiritually wakes up, they immediately stop carrying their karma.
Instead, they are aware of the ego and momentum of the karmic wave they are on and decide to stand on top of it all and surf in whatever direction brings more joy and freedom.
Maybe this means moving to a different city or country and finding your real spiritual family who loves and supports you unconditionally. Or maybe you fight this war and stop being a victim and earn their respect for you. Or maybe you just continue to be caught in the trap until you die. Whatever you decide, just be true to your highest self. Meditate on this bigger truth.
That which is real cannot be threatened,
and that which is unreal does not exist.
This truth is what will liberate you. Meditate on it and you will soon awaken to the realization inside yourself that you are a God-Being who can manifest any reality that you desire.
Drop the idea that you did something wrong and deserve this karma. Drop this belief and never ever touch it again!
You do not need to pay off your karma. Just transcend the situation with a higher understanding of it.
Besides, who would you be paying off this karmic debt to? You already are the Godhead.
This paying-off belief is also karma. You see it is an extremely dangerous belief system to participate in and it’s highly seductive and is simply not the highest Truth.
People who believe karma is a ‘debt’ that needs to be paid create that illusionary paradigm that they feel obligated to live out. They are born into a culture where everyone else believes in these same belief systems of the mind.
You are free now to stop thinking about it and stop believing it is real!
As long as you think that YOU have to do something, such as save yourself, change them, or think you’re a victim to your life, then you are still connecting to the spoke that’s turning this karmic wheel.
If you want to get out of the karmic cycle this week, you have to take new actions. Choose only new behaviors new choices new beliefs and new ways of seeing your life.
Start right now by shattering this idea that you need to ‘pay back’ your karmic debt. You don’t have to pay anything. Stop believing that you’re a sinner who’s trying to be a saint. Be a spiritual nobody and become free!
Remember that everything is happening FOR YOU, not to you. Everything and everyone is for our highest awakening.
It doesn’t matter that you have been caught up for years (and lifetimes) in following this victimized trend. This is a wave behind you, so don’t put it in front of you. You’ve inherited your victimized actions, beliefs, and behaviors from others. Cut the cords and give the patterns back to your past ancestors who you inherited them from!
This angry-victim blame game is a spin cycle on repeat because you simply have not seen how to release all attachment to the ego, and when you do, you’ll see how this old victim karma pattern does not affect you anymore.
Removing yourself from this spin cycle is the purpose of your entire life. To do this you will need to completely stop identifying with this victim, perpetrator, and savior triangle that perpetually goes round and round. You are not any of these thoughts. You are the one watching it all.
You make karma powerful by believing in its existence. Once you stop believing in it, it has no power over you. Stop believing that you are caught in this pattern and instead choose to be free from this pattern by realizing the highest truth.
That which is real cannot be threatened, and that which is unreal does not exist.
I am eagerly awaiting your next reply to be one sharing about the incredible changes you have made in your relationships and the actions you’ve taken that prove how you have decided to no longer be an angry-victim playing the blame game in your life.
Sending you much love and courage my friend. I’m always here for you as long as you need a helping hand.

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