The Healing Miracle of a Green Juice Cleanse

I effortlessly released 21 lbs (10 kg) in 3 weeks on this healing green juice program and I had one of the most enlightening spiritual experiences of my life!“ -Jafree Ozwald, Boulder Colorado

My personal green juice cleansing journey testimony…

This amazing film below transformed my entire life!

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This powerful ebook contains the essential secrets to healing your body and mind using the power of green juice. This amazing cleanse will SKYROCKET your energy and consciousness in the highest direction and healing anything malfunctioning in your body.

Learn all the steps, juicing secrets, and necessities to completely cleansing your body and eliminate your life from all toxicity!
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Are you ready to have LOADS of energy, require less sleep, have more time, money, ability to relax, be creative, enjoy your life, and become more intelligent? This powerful life-changing healing step into creating an empowered abundant life!

The Top 5 Reasons to Drink Green Juice

1.  You’ll eliminate the foundational cause of ALL illness and diseases which come from a cluttered colon. 

2. You’ll experience more energy, a more clarity of mind, or motivation to work more enjoyment of life.

3. Drinking green juice daily creates the essential brain chemistry foundation for experiencing a lighter life filled with joy, appreciation, and bliss!

4. It is 10x easier to connect with your natural motivation for life and creatively live a life you love!

5. Your nervous system will become rewired and allow you to reach the highest states of orgasm (become Multi-Orgasmic) and there’s no easier way to become enlightened than experiencing this!

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You’ll also learn…

  • The most enlightened way to start a cleanse
  • The enlightening story of my personal 21 Day Green Juice ‘Spiritual’ Experience.
  • All my personal favorite “Rocket Fuel” Juice Healing Recipes.
  • The Essential Secrets to Having a Healthy Relationship with Food.
  • How to Think and Feel Positive During Your Juice Cleanse.
  • The NEW Super Health Food Pyramid to follow after your cleanse has finished!

Green juices and smoothies are the great golden secret to complete DNA cell regeneration and optimum health. It is pure “Rocket Fuel” for your body!  And believe it or not, your taste buds are going to CRAVE one of these juices every morning.

Do whatever it takes to start this green juice cleanse my friend. It will provide a total REBOOT of your brain, body, and life!! 

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 “There are no accidents or coincidences in this world.  Nothing is by chance.  Everything you’re experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you’re focusing your attention and how connected you are with your highest Manifesting Vibration.”  ~Jafree Ozwald

Sending 10,000 healing blessings to you!