Healing Goddess

The Healing Goddess

One of the most loving and healing energy in the Universe comes from the Divine Female or Goddess energy.  The expansive vibration of the Goddess is available to you and within you right now.  To truly let this healing vibration transform your life, you must focus on a divine feminine being (see above).  One who has set foot on this planet and has brought a great vibration to people that is beyond this material world. 

For the past 500+ years, the Divine Female Goddess Energy has been extremely suppressed and practically lost in the Western World.   The society has been predominately run by a male dominated patriarchal game based on fear, oppression, and greed.  It’s based on many self-righteous ego-trips trying to attain superiority to rid of their inferiority complex.  The more power they craved, the greater their sense of powerless was deep inside.


mother mary

Mother Mary

  Since the dawn of the new millennium, you see now that the great Pendulum of Life is swinging back to the other side.  The spiritual awakening that you see all over the planet is an effect of the Divine Feminine being reborn in each of us again.  As we were each starved from the Divine Feminine energy, it is now being craved from every angle.  This is why we are experiencing one of the greatest times of transformation this planet has seen. 





This spiritual awakening is happening on an individual basis, and is barely distinguishable collectively on a massive scale.  It has been obvious to see the great imbalance, destruction, and cruelty that has happened to our planet, caused by the lack of inner harmony and balance within each person’s inner world.   If you have any spiritual awareness, you will have noticed that a major spiritual shift is already happening on the planet right now.  The greatest thing about it is that nothing can stop it.  It’s just going to be more pleasant and healing for those who are in connection with the Divine Feminine vibration, than those who resist it. 

Your own spiritual awakening comes from a merging within your being of your divine masculine and feminine energies.  Every human being contains both, masculine and feminine energy.  The opposites unite us and unwind us to find our spiritual center.  Through weakness you find strength, through surrendering to your dullness and stagnation you find creativity, through experiencing receptivity and find manifestation of abundance! 



Don’t get stuck in the All the different variations.  When every atom in your body contains this harmonic balance of both yang and yin energies, there is a constant state of peace and true spiritual power that prevails for the experiencer. 

Those who won’t choose to unite and merge with the Divine Feminine energy within themselves will experience much resistance, strife, struggle, and pain in their daily experiences during this global awakening process.  So it is best to choose to uncover and discover your personal energetic balance with these yin and yang energies within each experience you have.  Each moment you do, a wholeness and harmony enters your being, and radiates to everyone around you.

goddess kwan yin

Quan Yin

From the past 500 years of patriarchal dominated conditioning in society,  there has grown a great need to rekindle our connection with the Divine Feminine within each of us.  Even if you think you are too feminine and need more masculine energy, the Divine Mother can heal you of this imbalance and bring you into your true power and balance.

The ever loving Divine Goddess is pure love and light.  She is what will bring each of us home to our true Self.  She is a direct vibration from the God-force, here to help you open up your mind-body to receive the tremendous healing and receptive energy you’ve been resisting.   Amazing results have occurred in moments while focusing upon the Divine Healing Goddess energy, form, or name.

To experience a healing today, discover the loving presence of the Divine Healing Goddess within you.  Meditate on any one of the photos here and find the one that “speaks” to you the most.  Print out the picture if you wish, and hold your attention on her energy and appearance for at least 3 minutes.  Ask her to come into your life where you need her the most.  Do this before sleeping at night, while holding the intention before you drift off to sleep of connecting with her in your dreams.

goddess green tara

Green Tara

During the day, call upon the Divine Healing Goddess wherever you are, with all your heart, mind and soul.  Remain open and aware.  She will come in the way that best allows you to truly feel her presence.   Be non-judgmental and aware, as she can appear to people in many forms and unexpected ways.

Explore the Divine Femine Within! She is here, ready to take you into the most healing, loving experience of your life!

Feel the Divine Healing Presence of Mother Mary

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