How to Abandon Laziness and Go For Your Dreams!

How to Abandon Laziness and Go For Your Dreams!

Written by Jafree Ozwald

What do you really want to do with your life?  Who do you really want to become? What do you want to have manifested before you die? Are you tired of your laziness yet? What would you rather be fantasizing about all day long? How often do you fantasize about this ideal dream life that your heart so deeply desires? Paint me your perfect picture of what this looks and feels like please?

The act of replaying the movie of your “Dream Life” is the first important step on the road to manifesting it. Dreaming is not laziness. Dream is engaging your imagination fully in the FEELING that makes your heart SING!  A dream that works miracles for you is the one which is very clear about what you want. You know how it feels to be fully embodied within it, and supported by the entire Universe I’m making it a living reality.

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you shall dream, so shall you become.”  ~ author unknown

When you truly tap into the full power of your imagination, you can consciously visualize exactly what you want with deeper feeling, and a crystal clear perception naturally arises out of it.  The mind automatically creates a vision of what you want, and broadcasting it out like a blueprint for the Universe to follow.

This is what actually happens when we feel our prayers were answered by a bigger power outside of ourselves. The truth is there is nothing outside of you, it’s all inside job. The Universe just responds to the thoughts you most believe to be true.

So when you are completely lazy, completely non-attached from life, you are in a very sweet space that is filled full of infinite potential energy. Here you can surrender to the deepest source of you. Here you’ll discover that everything is an inside job. You relax into becoming the master of your destiny.

“All meaningful change starts in the imagination and works its way out.  Therefore dream often…dream big.” ~ Dan Zadra

The more you focus on your dreams and know the feeling that they are supported in manifested themselves, the easier and faster they will materialize. Many people have been taught to ignore their dreams, and write them off as a waste of time.  On the contrary, the ability to dream is what sets apart those who manifest huge success in their lives, and those who settle for a mediocre kind of existence.

Your dreams can come true because you are already and have always been a powerful manifestor.  You can manifest anything that you deeply desire if you keep your intention focused on it long enough, and raise your manifesting vibration so that you naturally attract that which you want.

“Dreams not only come true, but they can do so beyond your wildest expectations.” ~ Tiffany Loren Rowe

One extremely powerful technique for building powerful manifesting energy is doing dream dialoguing daily. Dream Dialoguing is taught in my online Super Manifesting Program. This experience will help you to create clarity, power and focus behind your dreams. Follow this program for 90 days in a row and I guarantee you will begin to materialize your heart’s desires, no matter how crazy big they are!!

We can have FUN manifesting your dream life together!!

Sending much love and many blessings to you,
Jafree Ozwald

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