How to Awaken the Enlightened Animal Within You

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How to Awaken the Enlightened Animal Within You

Written by Jafree Ozwald 

“You have to remember that freedom is the highest value,
and if love is not giving you freedom then it is not love.” ~Osho

Most of us are unaware that we blindly accept living in a society stuffed full with rules, regulations, and imposing laws that command us to follow its lead.  We are hypnotized to follow this rigid system of moral code and conduct that was meant to keep the masses orderly, in line, on track and in a container of conducting themselves in a safe and harmless manner. There is a false sense of security that can arise from such a structure, and comparing to how things were 500 years ago (where physically brutality was an accepted form of social correction) we humans have made incredible progress.  Yet, as the tight grip of the western world governments have become just a bit too over controlling, it has produced masses of fearful, sterile and emotionally gridlocked humans who are terrified of stepping out of line, being fully self expressed, and rocking the social boat in any way.

One of the major flaws I find in any overly controlling system is not the three thousand extra laws and addendums added to each new set of rules every year, nor the amount of money, time and energy it takes to get anything accomplished within the system structure. The real issue is that our system’s foundation is built on a lack of trusting each individual’s divine intuition and connection to higher consciousness.  This psychological depth of fear based control has lead the masses to forget and refute the fact that we are all super powerful magnetic manifesting beings who can attract anything we desire by pure will.

 The lack of trust in our connection to spirit has separated us from our greatest inherent ally that would liberate us all from this deep unconscious trance.  This ally is that wild free animal within us who refuses to be a slave for the systems needs, as it cannot follow any rigid set of rules for deep down it understands the actual divine manifesting power we each have.  It knows that we are living in a multi-dimensional Universe that has no limits or boundaries, and that the heart will always know the right way and wrong way of navigating through this experience called life.

It really doesn’t matter as a collective that we have unconsciously given our system power over us by assuming it is the authority over the choices we make and how we live our lives.  We can pretend to play by the social rules, believing that it is deeply wrong that anyone should stand up and dance on the table at a fancy restaurant, or belt out their favorite love song at the local church, or kiss your lover passionately in front of a watchful crowd. 

Most of us don’t know just how deeply we are imprisoned and programmed to behave in a very particular way, until we choose to rebel.  Most of us were not taught how to be free in our thinking, words and actions as this would upset the social norm.  We simply do not realize we are sovereign, until we come across a more enlightened being who demonstrates through their consciousness, energy, heart and wisdom what true freedom really is and how they discovered it along the way. 

I find that the biggest truth is the one that creates the most liberation, aliveness and love in your life.  If you continue following the smaller truths, the beliefs that make you feel more powerless, imprisoned and unloved, it is going to weaken you, stifle you and eventually kill you. Every human being knows deep down what is best for themselves. We are each born with a natural indicator that tells us this information in each new living breathing moment. When we return to our deeper animal nature, we feel it, know it and naturally trust in the fresh information that arises in each new sensual moment, listening to higher guidance that is constantly showing us the way. This deeper knowing thrives beyond the blind who fight or follow our systems law abiding structure.  This is the beginning to understanding that enlightened animal who only lives spontaneously, is totally devoted to this divine sensual moment, and perpetually honoring our inherent manifesting power to attract and create the most amazing life we will truly love. 

“God is there only if you surrender. Surrender makes anything God. Surrender gives you the eyes, and everything that is brought to these eyes becomes Divine.” ~Osho

To take that first step into the realm of experiencing the enlightened animal with you, you must take the risk to explore something that might feel a bit frightening to experience.  You must open yourself up to an energy and attitude that is primal, real, authentic and yet deeply sensitive, highly conscious and deeply devoted to the path of love. The path of the enlightened animal is all about trusting your inner guidance, taking uncalculated risks, not holding back the pure love for another being, and being totally emotionally free.  As you practice trusting in yourself, there is this natural state of divine unguardedness and true fearlessness that comes from the pure joy of being untamed, unabanonded, totally wild and absolutely free.

You may not think that bringing forth the animalistic energy inside you could contribute to creating a successful life brimming with spiritual advancement, yet the truth is that when it come down to it, it is the only thing that does. The animal in you is not reckless and foolish, it is instinctual, trusting, and passionate about being alive!  Every meeting and personal encounter for an enlightened animal becomes an exquisite intimate sensual soul connection that is fierce and ruthless in its pursuit of opening of the heart further into love. This paradigm shift creates our most alive, sensual and enlightened state of being. This enlightened animal is inside each and every one of us, and is our deepest and most evolved enlightened nature.

If you feel you already are a highly passionate being, and want to take a bold jump to experience your inner enlightened animal, imagine what its like to overcome any limitation or fear you may have.  The basic social fears of being abandoned, unloved, unwanted or ousted from the community are some of the most typical fears people have.  What others say or do is a constant threat that continuously pierces our consciousness, causing people not to feel free enough to laugh out loud for they might disturb the person next to them.  The enlightened animal in you is beyond all of this.  This part of you knows that fear creates the illusion that you lack true freedom.  It has integrated and transcended the deep unconscious prison of social shoulds and shouldn’ts, which most humans have simply surrendered to and accepted as “law”.  The enlightened animal knows that this is just the way society is evolving right now, and they are radically free from any complacency that is formed, which causes people to live a dry, controlled, boring, and tame existence that is bound by the society’s imaginary psychological walls.

There once was a study done on baby fleas that were born in a glass jar only 5 inches tall.  Normally in life, a new born flea can jump up to 3 feet or more when they are mature.  These baby fleas however, grew up always hitting a mysterious “glass ceiling” that was placed over them at birth, and so they never knew anything else than pain and frustration whenever they tried to jump beyond 5 inches.  When the fleas were removed from the jar after they were fully mature, the study found that for the remainder of their lives the fleas never could jump higher than 5 inches.  So the real question here is… what are the glass ceilings in your life?  What are your belief systems that cause you to play small, think small, act small and only jump so high?  What is stopping you from stepping into your most enlightened animal nature?

Until we get a glimpse of our infinite potentiality, and feel the unbounded level of creative energy we can tap into within ourselves, we truly have no idea what limited lives we are still living.  To get a tiny glimpse of this real freedom, we have to return to the most liberated part of ourselves, which comes in the form of our basic mammal nature.  Yes, it is true at the deepest core of your essence you are very primal and animalistic. This core animal essence within you is either going to be your path to total freedom and enlightenment, or it will thicken the walls of a perpetual social prison. 

Once you realize how imprisoned you are, how socially unacceptable it may feel to be radically alive, the shift will begin to happen!  You will stat to truly befriend your most wild, free animal nature, and only through this will you discover the most liberating, conscious and wholesome aspect of yourself.  We must integrate the dark and light aspects within themselves if true enlightenment is going to find us.  Once the raw real and wild side is allowed to surface and surrender into that soft, conscious and receptive intuitive nature, all the walls blocking you from your dreams begin falling down. 

“Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” ~ Rumi

Getting in touch with your inner enlightened animal is a very sensual experience that awakens the greatest aliveness you can handle.  Your body is your gateway to God, and the physical senses are your inner vehicles for navigating your way.   To start accessing your highly sensual animalistic nature today, begin by feeling deeply into each one of your six senses. Make it a point to do this every day (wherever you are) to allow yourself to be a highly sensual being, and stop whatever you’re doing and consciously tune in to what your senses are receiving.  Relax, deepen and soften into your experience of touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and hearing.  Feel into your intuitive connection to the divine that is at your deepest most silent core.  Use each of your senses to awaken you and feel the conscious divinity is in everything around you.  The more sensitive you can become, the more exotic, erotic and abundant your life will be!  The divine animal in you will begin to emerge more frequently, as you allow yourself to deeply fall in love with this Universe, that is the love making and divine meeting of form and spirit in each new moment.  

I find it also helps to bring your attention to any animals you may see.  Feel into their energy and imagine you are inside them.  If you look at animals in the wild, you mainly see this very sweet calm, relaxing and patient energy they naturally have.  They are directly connecting with the earth, aligned with the elements, the weather, and living in harmony with their surroundings.  This connection with mother nature creates the most sensually alive and deeply peaceful presence any being can have. Your most soft, receptive and accepting blissful nature will simply shine forth from within. 

Most people are afraid of that wild crazy and free aspect of their inner animal which would allow them to behave however and perhaps destroy the life and relationships they’ve created. This fear is coming from that childish part inside who didn’t know any better, and the trusting of oneself as an adult is where the “enlightened” aspect comes in.  Your heart is conscious and it has full understanding over what feels right and wrong to choose and do in each moment.  Trusting in your heart is the ultimate guide, and you can start living totally, without any hesitation, procrastination or fear of what other “unenlightened” animals around you would think of you.

Often it will happen that whenever people first allow the most wild free animalistic energy inside themselves to fully come out into the society, they are instantly met with feelings of fear, guilt, shame and a piercing judgment from others.  It’s only when we can discover our truly grounded and liberated inner animal, that we can transcend all the imposing negative beliefs others may have about us, and feel free to express ourselves in the most authentic, empowering and liberating ways.  Through smiling eyes that know you are on the path of freedom, being your true self not to rebel against the sheeple, yet to discover the active source of true freedom within you.

The enlightened animal within you is the most grounded, solid, and real individual inside you, who is already deeply free.  This being may live in the same society as everyone else, yet they are completely free from fear.  They allow fearful feelings to rise and pass away which are meant to heighten their sensitivity to life, yet they don’t let any worry dominate or control their mind.  They consciously make and break their own rules, as they know that they are the sovereign authority over their life.  This true enlightened being lives only by divine inspiration, following the path of love, intuition, and consciously choosing to abide in the source of complete harmony being at peace with the society’s fear based illusions.

There is absolutely nothing that any animal fears socially.  When this enlightened animal within you comes alive, it feels totally free to speak your deepest truth without holding back energetically on any level.  There is an understanding that you are a unique individual being who also is always at peace with the greater herd.  They know this state of Universal “oneness” is the permanent nature of reality and do not fight with it.  The enlightened animal is not interested in harming others, yet only interacting with the community in a way that is conducive to creating more sustainability, growth, love and engaging intimately with others that reveals more truth, lightness and freedom along the way.   

“Our task in life must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.” ~ Albert Einstein

I find that the enlightened animal can be a threat to others because it is extremely powerful in its naked vulnerability.  They trust in their guidance so completely, beyond what anyone says, that they are free from any thoughts, addictions, habitual programs of feelings that they simply don’t want to experience.  He or she has transcended the unwritten moral and social code, and thus does not take anything personally from the world.  The enlightened animals consciously lives life beyond their ego, engaging with the spiritual source of every being on an individual personal level.  They know that through this intimacy with each person they discover the greatest truth of all, and this experience is so vast that it takes precedence over any assumed judgments of any collective group. 

The enlightened animal is able to find a sensual experience of God in every personal human interaction.  They meet others with intense appreciation, acceptance and approval, accepting wherever people are at in their spiritual journey.  Deep down they know that if others judge you they are simply defining where they are at, instead of where you are at.  From this enlightened perspective there seems to grow an unguardedness, that has an honest real true love for others that is totally free from fear, desire and inhibition. 

The highest enlightened path in life contains a merging and melting of our deepest darkest emotions with the highest peaks in consciousness. It is only through accessing that truly wild free being in you that you can find the needed fuel to create such a sacred shift into higher consciousness.  You will see then in this endless game of meeting the egos desires in life, that the consciousness of the enlightened animal has already graduated.  It’s fierce meeting of having total intimacy with others has burned out any leftovers of lack, neediness and desperation from the past.  There is only love and presence overflowing inside.  Everything that contained fear has now been burned up in the compassionate fire of love.  This path of discovering your inner enlightened nature is the most profound sacred journey you can take on, and riding on the back of your inner animal will perpetually fill your heart with the most grounded, natural and earthy connection to the Divine.

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Sending lots of love, laughter and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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