How To Meditate

The 8 Essential Steps How to Meditate Have a Profound Enlightening Experience of Life!

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Learning how to meditate and master your mind could take you years without the proper guide. If you have the right guidance you can make rapid growth and experience results instantly! 

#1 Relax your entire Body. 

Most of us are carrying loads of stress and tension in our bodies and don’t even know it. When you first sit, start by relaxing every little muscular tension in your body. Then, go deeper into the emotional tension and armor you’re carrying around your heart and belly. A relaxed body = a relaxed mind. Relax and release all tensions and you will discover an ocean of peace within your mind.

Practice sitting for 5 minutes comfortably in a chair (or on the floor) releasing any tension in your body. Scan your system from head to toe. Imagine your body is filled with the most relaxing warm soft nurturing healing energy that instantly pushes out ANY stress held inside. The secret to a relaxed body is enjoying how good it feels to let go, trust the Universe and let the body breathe through you.

#2 Find your vertical center.

Your asana (bodily posture) is everything. As you are sitting, being still, and resting inside yourself, find your “vertical center”. Your body has a natural center inside it that connects the top of your head, flows down your spinal cord, and roots at the base of your spine. Keep your spine vertical yet relaxed, as if your spine were a gently balanced stack of golden coins, and let your hands rest comfortably wherever they are.

Bring all of your awareness into your vertical connection from Earth to the Infinite Cosmos. Don’t force the mind to try and stay here, just allow your mind to relax into this space within. Eventually, everything will come into it, and all mental efforting will cease.

#3 Become very very physically still and explore that which is already silent inside.

Whenever you sit, do not move your physical body. This doesn’t mean trying to stop breathing. The body will naturally breathe for you, yet do not allow yourself to move at all. Become like a statue, completely silent, still and unmoving. However, this statue is relaxed, not rigid, and full of bliss. Our ultimate goal is to relax everything within.

When your entire body is totally still, notice what has no voice and is just witnessing everything accepting it all as it is. This watcher has no judgments about anything. It does nothing but observes and bathe in the silence that’s already there. It may help to pretend you are a statue that just happens to breathe on its own. Don’t do anything.

#4 Let go of any internal commentary or chattering arising inside the mind.

We are constantly following the mind 24 hours a day. We are listening more to the mind than to our hearts or the silence between our breaths. The greatest guidance I’ve received in learning how to stop the mind chatter was this. Let everything be as it is.

When you practice allowing everything to be exactly as it is, you naturally allow your mind to fall into deep rest and everything becomes peaceful inside. When you let everything inside you and outside you be okay the way it is, something truly profound relaxes deeply and completely in you.

Remember, there is no efforting in relaxation, as that would be redundant. When we learn how to meditate we are bathing in a space of absolute effortlessness that penetrates us on all levels of the mind, body, and emotions. So even ignoring something can become an effort, and so we eventually need to drop that as well.

#5 Be the Observer of Everything.

When thoughts arise, just watch them. Notice how each one comes and goes. See how quickly you can release them as they come. Watch your thoughts as if they were just background noises, and ignore them. Whatever interesting, super important, or distracting thoughts arise, just breathe deeper and give yourself even more space from them. Just take a baby step back from everything and witness the entire Universe existing here now.

#6 Practice letting the mind be totally unfocused on anything. 

Eventually, when the body relaxes enough, you’ll come to the point where the mind relaxes just a little bit. Here you will naturally find yourself being empty, quiet, and free from entertaining the mind. Remain unfocused as if you could only use your peripheral vision in your mind. Not letting the mind focus on anything opens the gateway to instant bliss! This state of pure unbounded consciousness is your natural state.

#7 Relax deeply into your Divine Presence.

Just resting into you, the center of your being, you are experiencing your own sacred God Source presence. This is how we transcend the mind and drop into the bliss of our spiritual essence. If your mind needs to focus on something, focus it on the breath, or on being unfocused while experiencing your own presence.

The mind is used to always focusing on something. The only way to stop it from constantly wandering here and there is by allowing it to be deeply unfocused. “Unfocusedness” is the secret to quieting the mind and dropping into the sacred quality of being present to the foundation and GROUND OF YOUR BEING.

#8 Be Kind and Gentle with Your Progress.

This might be the most important secret of them all. Even if you have been “meditating” for years and you feel you’re not getting any benefit from it, be gentle. This is a major achievement to train the mind. It’s a divine process of letting go of the ego’s constant efforting to get somewhere better. We can choose to just relax into our being, connected to the sacred stillness that resides at our core. Be super patient with training your mind. It may take anywhere from 3 hours to 3 years to notice any significant shifts or results from learning how to meditate. 

Sitting and doing nothing is an extremely easy practice. You are not doing anything but just resting. Sure, you might be following your breathing for a bit and that can seem difficult because we never learned how to focus the ever-wandering mind. Don’t underestimate how powerful meditation is. Just learning how to meditate for 15 minutes a day can transform your entire experience of life. When it comes to discovering freedom from all suffering you’ll see how it’s sooooo worth all your time and energy.

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