How To Use The Super Affiliate System and Generate Profit (READ FIRST)

Instructions how to sign up, use our Super Affiliate System and maximize sales.

    1. Register as an affiliate on our registration page. Make sure to fill in all the information you have, especially the email for your paypal account!

    • You will then receive an email with your login information(username and password)

  • With your all of your account information – PayPal account, username and password already set up, you can start using your affiliate system and start generating sales and income for yourself!
    The next step is logging in to the system and start using the creatives we’ve prepared for you in the Affiliate Control Panel!


    • Make sure to fill the correct information for your PayPal account or you will not be able to receive your commisions!

    • On the bottom of the Edit Profile page, you will find the field for your PayPal email.

  • Once you have decided which product you want to promote, you select it from the list of creatives and you can see your unique affiliate link for promoting that particular product. This link GUARANTEES that you will receive 50% COMMISSION for promoting that product:
  • Once you have selected one of our products for promotion from the list, you just have to copy your UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK for this product and use it for promoting the product. Every sale made via this link will INSTANTLY transfer 50% of the price of the product to your PayPal account.



It may seem a bit complicated at first, but once you get the ball rolling, nothing will be able to stop you from enlightening the planet and generating income for yourself, while doing it!

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