The Real Yogic Life and Spiritual Autobiography of the Ascended Master Jesus

Written by Jafree Ozwald

Prince of Peace Painting by Akiane Kramarik - Confirmed also by Colton Burpo a 4 year old boy who died and came back to share his meeting with Jesus in Heaven.

From the dawn of the information age, we know more about the real life of Jesus than we ever have in recorded history. What might be challenging for Christian minds is the deep programming about his life has been told thousands of times to us, thus runs deep in the belief system of the western psyche.  So it may be very hard at first to accept this story I’m about to tell you… 

Before I begin, I invite you to not blindly accept anything that is said.  Do your research!  My story is my own personal research and experience about what truly happened to Jesus and the spiritual life he lived.  I invite you to do you our personal research on Google, and develop your own deep self enquiry to discover your own experience and your own truth about what happened to the man which we know to be Jesus. 

To let you know, I feel the truth in my bones, it sings to me in such a way that it resonates with my heart and soul. In some way it feels like a guitar whose strings are in perfect tune.  If you know what your chakras are, I invite you to ‘tune them’ before you read this article so that you can feel it when you hear what resonates for you and what doesn’t. 

Looking through the past 2000 years of information on the life of Jesus, and listening to my own personal intuitive knowledge from the Akashic Records, I’ve cautiously filtered through many layers of information to provide you the following insights below, which I honestly feel is what really happened to the man we all know as Jesus. Here is what I’ve found…

Jesus was born a “normal” human being, like you and I, who realized his deep spiritual connection with God at a very young age.  He had many past lives on his spiritual path, so he was already a highly conscious being when he came into his mother’s womb.  He choose to be born in a very wealthy family (under the house of David) so he did not have many financial fears or worries imposing on him growing up. This would give him time to explore his spiritual path deeply in this lifetime.

Jesus was a very free spirit and spent most of his time in nature, with children and connecting with everyone from his heart.  He was a super sensitive child, quiet and serene.  At the age of 14 a major inner change happened which brought him out of the closet and he begin his life long spiritual exploration. Jesus was becoming a man, and like how all little boys need to go through this awkward and challenging stage, he was no exception.

Even though his family was extremely wealthy, there were many times during his youth, when he witnessed much hardship, deceit and darkness from the world around him.  Being emotionally protected by the walls of his extended family, he was forced to move his search deeper inside himself to find out the real truth. 

 The inner path was his mission, passion, and purpose during his late teenage years. At 17 years he experienced a Spiritual Awakening and Kundalini rising which led him on a deeper search out into the world for answers, which helped him awaken a much deeper sensual and spiritual connection within his body.  Around age 26 he found out that he wanted to bring healing and truth into the hearts and minds of the world. This deeper knowing caused his soul to be pulled away from his family and he traveled far from home to live amongst and study under the most enlightened beings of his time.

If you notice in the Bible, when Jesus was between the ages of 12-30 years old, those experiences of his life are missing! This was during the time when he took a 7 year spiritual journey through what is now Jordan, Iran, Pakistan and India. There are many highly credited sources out there which have done years of research and have documented his trek with profound proof. Check out this book: The Lost Years of Jesusfor very specific details about what he did during these missing years. Or you can just do a little research on google to find out for yourself.

Again, always listen to what your body says is true.  If your chest/heart opens and expands that means “yes”.  If it contracts that is a “no”.  Practice listening to your chest to see what resonates as the ‘truth’ fiction.

During these 7 years traveling abroad, Jesus trained under the world’s greatest yogis, tantric teachers, masters of meditation and a real live ‘siddha’ master.  He came from loads of money so he didn’t have to work and could afford the best accommodations.  He did not make this trek alone, he traveled with 2 male friends to India, and spent this time learning about the many ancient spiritual teachings and many occult ‘siddha’ practices.

Jesus learned how to control his breathing (practicing pranayama techniques) which enabled him to quiet his mind enough to deeply connect with the God Source. It was during this time of deep meditation that he realized and experienced the Divine God Source alive inside him, and became a fully self-realized yogi master at the age of 28.

An interesting astrological fact is that every 28 years the planet Saturn completes a full orbit around the Earth.  Each time it does this astrologers all agree it causes every individual a major shift in their overall life path and purpose.  There is a shift every 7 years, yet this is one of the biggest ones of all.  It was as this time Jesus finished studying with the yogic masters and decided to return back home to share with his family his amazing knowledge and enlightening discoveries.

Like any eager 28 year old who may have little fear, high hopes and magnanimous dreams from such an epic journey, not all the people of his hometown accepted this new “enlightened man” with quiet minds and open arms.  He started to work with children, as they were the most open minded and receptive to his ways.  Eventually others realized that he was connected to a higher power and started to listen to his message.

There was much fear, judgment, discord and gossip that spread, especially after people saw him being enamored by 12 disciples (some nearly twice his age) who seemed to follow the young master wherever he went.  Especially the men we know their “names” to be Mark, Matthew, Luke, John and Peter were amazed by this young mans wisdom and awakened ‘siddha’ powers.  These weren’t the real names of his disciples yet translations brought in by the catholic church.

At this time in Jesus’ life, the Roman Empire was reaching its peak.  The church and government were the same singular institution, which made the governing emperor to believe himself to be the “God Head” of the world.  Of course we know this was just an egotistical self righteous power trip, yet at the time everyone bought into it.  So when word spread about Jesus’ God like powers, his super occult wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and his teachings of love, truth, and how to manifest a peaceful humanity, the many men in political power became deeply threatened.

For almost 2 years Jesus’ life was at stake and he had to live his life constantly in movement and sometimes in hiding. He could not be seen in public for very long, and was always seeking a new place to sleep where the common people could not pin down his actual location.  Because Jesus was an extremely psychic and gifted individual, he could ‘feel’ if there was danger approaching.  He trusted his deep intuitive nature and knew it would warn him if there was a real threat.

You must remember that he was human, and so having to constantly be on the move and in this constant fearful vigilance wore at him over the years.  Jesus was used to relaxing deeply, as he was meditating in India for many years, so this constant movement and life threatening daily existence was not easy to work with.  Yet, he also knew that he was much more powerful than any weapon or force that they had.

Mary Magdalene and Jesus knew each other from a very young age.  She was his life long love.  Jesus had other girlfriends, yet it was Mary who was his destined soul mate. Just a few months before he knew he was about to be crucified, she had Jesus baby twins. They had a boy and a girl, yet the girl soon died after birth. Jesus took Mary and his child to France to be safe in a cave in the mountain.  He had to save the baby from being killed by the king.  When he went back alone, he was soon captured.

Jesus couldn’t just flee back to India and abandon his mission to educate his disciples who were also worshiping the ground he walked on. He had to find a way through this predicament. Jesus knew that human beings learn by our living example.  This caused him to take the non-confrontational path with the Roman army and yet stick to his mission. 

Jesus came to the realization that he needed to do something drastically creative and new. He knew he would eventually get caught, he saw it coming.  So he decided to surrender himself, go through with his crucifixion and move his body into a higher dimension.  He was a Siddha master and was going to “fake” his own death.

From all his yogic practices in India, he knew how to slow his breathing down to where the heart was barely pumping blood, and thus knew he would not bleed to death. He also knew he could live without air for a week like many yogis can do (to this day) and survive.  You have to remember that these yogic practices are real, and alive today in India.  Please do your research on Siddha powers if you want to know the real truth.

The yogic deathless state that Jesus could bring his body into allowed him to be thrown into a tomb alive, long enough where he would be pronounced officially dead. This was his plan from the beginning, as you must realize we are dealing with a true enlightened master here.  It was the ideal solution to liberate himself from the social pressure and media who kept him in constant persecution.  As long as he was pronounced dead, he was safe to live a normal peaceful life again.

The day that Jesus surrendered himself he secretly told his best friend Judas to let the army know of his whereabouts. He told 3 of his other disciples at the last supper each choose one person to come and open his tomb on the 3rd evening after his death in the middle of the night.  They had been studying pranayama for years with Jesus and wanted to see its power in full force.  In many ways it was a kind of “test” for Jesus to see how developed his yogic powers over his body were, and to teach his disciples to trust in God and know that anything is possible.

Jesus went through excruciating pain on the cross, yet he was also in such a deep trance that the pain was in some way “blissful”.  This is something many people do not know.  When they took him down 7 hours later, he was not breathing, and his heart was beating approximately 6 beats per minute.  Thought he thought he would make it out in 3 days time, he continued to go deeper into this very deep enlightening state for the next 7 days.

Jesus laid in a deep Samadhi state for 7 days and he ascended to a very high state of consciousness.  He realized that his spirit “light body” was powerful enough to manifest a new body and heal himself in the physical form.   After 7 days Jesus had ascended.  He could manifest himself into the physical form at will, or live only in his light body.  He bi-located to France often to visit his son and Mary Magdalene (yes she was the 13th disciple).  She became a master of meditationtantra and pranayama learning from and living with Jesus. He also met with his disciples for next several years after his crucifixion and taught them all his knowledge. 

At the ripe age of 36 Jesus had mastered the physical form and over the next 3 decades he taught Mary Magdalene how to do this as well.  He never left her.  Together they raised their son deeply in love and higher consciousness until she physically ascended. 

At the age of 94, Jesus felt his physical journey on earth had come to an end and left his body permanently.  Over the years his physical remains were stolen and are now residing in 2 tombs, one in Egypt and the other in northern India. You can visit this place in person or at this link, and see how everyone there recognizes him as the enlightened being he truly was.

Thank you for keeping an open mind and heart to this information. This is all the understanding that was ‘downloaded to me. If you have any further questions you will need to meditate on the answer, listening from within, and trust the guidance you receive.

Here are a few life changing quotes

to meditate upon from Master Jesus…

 The truth shall set you free.

Those who lose themselves, 

shall find themselves.

Have the faith of a mustard seed,

and all things shall be possible to you.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within You now.

All that I have done, you can do also;

wherever I am, you may be also.

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 What is My Personal Relationship with Jesus?

In the fall of 1989 I (Jafree) had been meditating on the presence of God and Jesus for many weeks.  One afternoon while taking a nap, I had an experience that changed my life forever. I remember the most amazing enlightening dream very clearly. My friend Carlos, myself and a crowd of people were all gathered around a being that I knew and could feel was Jesus.  The concentric circles were 15 people deep around him, yet it did not matter how close you were, his deep permeating love and profound peace was sooooo powerful just standing in his presence.  It felt like every crack and crevice in my being was being filled with love. 

In the few moments that I was there, I absorbed his truly unconditional love and acceptance into my being and returned back to my physical body FULL of this love.  This energy felt so good, so warm, and sooooo healing that you could not do anything but melt into it.

For the next several months, it felt like my body was physically dissolving and transforming from this Divine Love of tenderness and heart-warming energy.  My body was continuously returning to this healing pool of energy from within me that I somehow tapped into from meeting Jesus. 

I felt this amazing love was in everything and in everyone, everywhere I went.  The unconditional loving feeling is here now and is available for anyone to tap into.  It remains inside your heart everywhere you go, all day long. 

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