Judge Nothing

Judge Nothing
Written by Jafree Ozwald

Judging nothing is the way to enlightenment. When the mind drops its ideas about how things should be, and accepts what is as it is, then you start experiencing a great liberation inside.  This amazing freedom from judgment happens when you are not attached to any particular thought.  You are experiencing thoughts flowing through you, yet not clinging to them.  Your life then becomes a journey of letting go of the small limited self who was wrapped up in ideas, and begins stepping into the vast boundless unlimited potentiality of who you truly are.  The day all your judging drops, total inner peace floods in and a wave of healing and deeper relaxation expands out into the world.

“The richest person is the one who is contented with what he has.” ~Robert C. Savage

A very interesting thing happens when you stop judging yourself, others or the world. You start feeling at liberty to explore, experience and merge with everything this world has to offer.  There is no more defending, avoiding and protecting against those bad things “out there” because you see that everything is Divinely orchestrated. Have you ever watched someone receive a loving healing massage? The longer you watch, the more your body will give in, relax inside and feels as though it’s receiving the massage!  What you focus on is what you become.  Once you truly know this you will not judge yourself or another again. You will only choose to see the Divine.  If all you perceived in this world was enlightening and liberating, then guess what starts happening in your inner world?  Exactly!  The mind’s ideas of right and wrong are not opposites in this Universe, they are complimentaries.  One depends on the other to exist.  Yet, whenever you can free your mind from both sides of the pendulum of morality, your entire reality shifts causing everything to gently expand.

“The beautiful thing about the mind is we can always change it.” -Lisa Guyman

There is nothing “wrong” with judgment, it’s simply a tool to indicate we are living up in the head.  Judging lets us know we are about to create an extra burden to carry, making life’s journey heavy and arduous. This experience is needed so as to make you more aware and conscious of what you choosing to believe.  A mind that is truly un-attached to all beliefs gives space for you to be divinely infinitely connected with your Infinite Self. Then this infinite eternal soul that you are, no longer is some imaginary idea jostling up in your head, it becomes your living experience of life.  The un-attached mind acts like a perfect mirror, reflecting the qualities of good and bad that the mind discerns, yet never possessing them. It becomes free, like the limitless sky above that knows no boundary or end.

“A person starts to live when he can live outside himself.”  ~Albert Einstein

The logical judgmental mind is no match for the spiritual being that you are. The instant you see this, surrender to and you’ll instantly drop into being the infinite eternal soul you already truly are.  This dropping in wipes the mind clean of all perceptions and deceptions.  You are not attached to your mind, unless you believe you are.  You are the master of your mind.  The mind is a tool to access experiences of the limitless all pervading Self. The moment you see that we are all connected spiritually, and if you harm another you are harming yourself, then the search is over and enlightenment is found.  They are just aspects of you anyway since nothing is separate from your Source.  So the next time the mind judges someone or something as good or bad right or wrong or whatever, take it in and see what it is that you were judging about you.  Look at what experience you were most needing to have in that moment and how that judgment was an attempt in creating it.  When the mind is truly free and only a pure awareness resides, then enlightenment simply happens.

“I tell you, this is the time… forget the seeker… it is the biggest
illusion!  It’s all happening now.” -Koen Zagers

My invitation for you this week is very challenging.  Watch your mind closely and notice when it’s judging.  Don’t try to control, reject or resist it.  Let the judgmental pendulum swing, yet let it truly swing to both extremes.  Let both opposing sides be true so that they cancel each other out.  The mind may continue pulling you to just one side, saying only this can be true and that is definitely not true.  Yet simply investigate what beliefs your mind is attached to.  What outcome is it attached to manifesting?  What happens when the mind is wrong and you are right?  The mind is sneaky, and can make any particular idea its God because your “survival” depends on it.  You don’t have to believe in the mind.  You are an infinite being; you’re not going to die.  You can relax, sit back and watch it.  Notice it’s just making up these fantastic stories about reality trying to attain a private goal. 

“Life is a river of meaningful experiences…when you are flowing with the true meaning in it.”  ~Unknown Author

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Sending lots of love, laughter and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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