enlightening Poems by Kabir

The following poems were written by Kabir. His words are often mysterious, yet often refer to his personal search and passionate, intimate connection with the Divine Presence within.


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Below is an amazing poem of Kabir's description of enlightenment.  He is referring to your chakras, especially the top chakra at the crown of the head.  This is known as the 1000 pedaled lotus flower, where we reach the peak of enlightenment.


Garden of Flowers

Do not go into the garden of flowers
O friend, go not there.

In your body is the garden of flowers.
Take your seat on the thousand petals of lotus
and there gaze upon the infinite beauty.

There is a strange tree,
which stands without roots,
bears fruits without blossoming.
It has no branches and no leaves.
It is Lotus all over.

Two birds sing there:
One is the Guru and the other the disciple.
The disciple chooses the manifold fruits of life
and tastes them
And the Guru beholds him in joy.



Where there is neither sea nor rains

Where there is neither sea nor rains,
Nor sun nor shade;
Where there is neither creation
Nor dissolution;
Where prevails neither life nor death,
Nor pain nor pleasure;
Beyond the states of Sun and trance;
Beyond words, O friend,
Is that unique state of Samadhi.
It can be neither weighted
Nor exhausted,
Is neither heavy nor light;
It has no upper regions
Nor lower ones;
It knows not the dawn of day
Nor the gloom of night;
Where there is neither wind
Nor water nor fire,
There abides the perfect Master.
It is inaccessible,
It is, and it will ever be;
Attain it through the Master's grace.

I surrender myself
At the feet of my master,
I remain absorbed
In his true company.




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