Kundalini Shaking


Shake It Up and Awaken your Kundalini!


The 3 Steps to Expand your Consciousness
and Ignite a Kundalini Experience

There are a few bizarre experiences in this world that will always leave you feeling more conscious, awake, alive and turned on.  They will open your mind, heal your emotions, soften your heart and allow you to naturally discover the very essence of your soul. These unique experiences of the world I consider to be gold mines, which contain the tools and map you need to dig beneath the surface and become outrageously spiritually alive and rich.

The experience of liberating yourself from the mind, and all of its stress and tensions, is one of the essential explorations a spiritual explorer can do. Calming the mind may seem simple and like a bland task to do, yet It has the potential to take you to places you’ve never dreamed were possible. All you need on this journey is a little courage, curiosity, and openness to explore what it may be like to quiet your mind and awaken your Kundalini, so that one random afternoon, you may spontaneously drop into the divine experience of Samadhi.

Before we get into the “how to’s” of escalating your spiritual advancement into Samadhi, there are a few core beliefs that comprise the foundation of this Kundalini awakening exploration. As you are following the shaking video above, allow your mind to play with these 3 core spiritual understandings…

The first is the understanding that there is nothing you cannot do or experience in this Universe. Your spiritual essence is truly like a magical light, which has the unlimited potentiality to create, experience, manifest and become anything you can imagine. Your imagination and belief systems are the only limitations you have. The Universe is your infinite playground and you are always on center stage, the most brilliant star performer in existence.

The second core foundational belief to adopt is that because the Universe is truly and actually infinite, then there are no real boundaries out there or inside you. Anything becomes possible when we realize all the walls are imaginary. Sure, there will always be those doubting minds of this world, yet just like the light bulb, one day that impossible invention has become our everyday common household acceptance. The supreme awakening of Kundalini is the light bulb which humanity is completely unaware of, yet desperately needs to light its way.

The third understanding to digest is that YOU are an all-powerful being. Whatever it is that you want in life can and will be yours. If you can imagine it, and feel it, you have the ability to manifest it into your life. Our mind and body is naturally a manifesting machine, which is always building more energy with whatever it is focusing upon. Once you get a taste of your own divine infinite nature and true spiritual existence, you’ll be able to see your mind’s limiting belief system and relax into the Truth that is always there and available beyond these societal imposed ideas.

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” ~William Blake

It is good to know that the consistent practice of doing this shaking meditation for 30-60 minutes a day with these 3 core spiritual understandings above, will naturally channel your mind towards focusing on the Kundalini energy within you. The more we talk and think about Kundalini, we actually initiate the awakening process. Whatever we put our attention on is what grows and expands in our reality. By digging through the layers of buried limiting beliefs inside you, you become like a great archeologist uncovering the greatest treasure.

As you make attempts at describing, pointing at it, and feeling into what this mysterious Kundalini energy is, it starts to surface and soon becomes a natural part of your life. If you are conscious enough to continuously focus on the Kundalini energy within you for a few hours in a row, it will begin to reveal itself in the most intriguing ways.

If you’d like to dramatically speed up your journey to awakening your Kundalini and deepen your relationship with your spiritual core, listen to my Kundalini Meditation below AFTER you have done the shaking meditation above. Close your eyes, drop deep inside and enjoy the experience of becoming a portal of light and love for this divine magical Universe!

“Take a bigger risk. Learn to enjoy this life deeply. There’s plenty of time to be dead.”

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