Life Is Precious

Life Is Precious

Written by Jafree Ozwald 

“Looking at a sunset, just for a second you forget your separateness: you are the sunset. That is the moment when you feel the beauty of it. But the moment you say that it is a beautiful sunset, you are no longer feeling it; you have come back to your separate, enclosed entity of the ego.” ~Osho

I’m here to remind you again that your life is sooooo extremely precious. When I lived in Bali many years ago, my massage therapist’s son died in a motorcycle accident. It was a tragic loss for our whole community. On the phone, he was so sad that he could barely talk and didn’t have words to describe what he was experiencing. It was such a deep shock to everyone’s nervous system that the feeling that life was normal had disappeared completely.

The event reminded me of that day in 1993 when my father committed suicide. The morning that I heard the news a huge dark cloud took over my heart, and instantly my normal ‘safe’ version of reality completely changed. I searched for years looking for a way to feel at peace with myself, only to realize the only truly safe place on Earth, was to become intimate with the spiritual essence at my core.

It is certain that one day death will arrive at your door, and when it comes it will be a surprise. There will be no warning. So stop all your previous social habits, let down your emotional guard, and allow others to see and know the real person you are.

Yes, you can open your heart with any person you meet. This means learning how to let love in and share this bright light that you have inside you with them. You have no idea how it may change their life or yours for the better. Just do it! Who knows, they could be your last opportunity to experience love in this lifetime.

 It’s so vitally important that we seize every moment in this precious life. Death will be arriving on its schedule, and not according to your future plans. One minute your family is alive, the next minute they are all gone and you are alone. I know this is a sad thought to think yet this is the basic fact about life, it will eventually end. The minute you can accept this hard truth, every moment of life becomes emotionally rich and spiritually juicy. We discover a sweet reverence for life and stop taking every breath for granted.

 “The greatest wisdom to keep in the parade of your life… is that ‘this too shall pass.’  ~Osho 

My invitation for you this week is this. Before you get out of bed each morning, sit and feel the reality of impermanence. For 10 minutes before you get out of bed, meditate on the feeling of how everything is impermanent. Feel this deep truth in your bones. Nothing and no one in this world are going to remain here forever. Let it penetrate your head, heart, and gut! This is a very ancient meditation practice, and doing it for 3 weeks in a row will transform your life in the most amazing ways.

There is a deep emotional and spiritual release when we realize how everything is impermanent. Notice how you become different when you realize everything around you will one day be gone. Try to remain aware of the impermanence of everything throughout your day, and you will discover the greatest freedom arising within you. You’ll naturally start tapping into your deepest connection to that divine essence which continues after this body is gone. When this occurs by itself, you will always be appreciating this incredible blessing of existence.

Accepting your physical mortality is one of the greatest spiritual practices you can take on. As you embrace the fact that nothing is permanent in this world, a sacred humility takes over. The over-demanding ego is embarrassed as it sees the futility of its super-important plans. Only through this humble approach to existence can we find stillness, spiritual freedom, and enlightenment. All other non-humble spiritual paths have some sneaky ego still hiding and holding on in the background.

 “Misery nourishes your ego — that’s why you see so many miserable people in the world. The basic, central point is the ego.” ~Osho

Death is the most fierce and deeply penetrating spiritual teacher that we can have. It will not let our ego escape alive. Death will always be waiting around the next corner, ready to wipe clean your entire life. Death will remove all material possessions from you, all wounds, all people, all your financial problems, and plans. It is guaranteed that one day, everything will be removed from your grasp.

No matter how safe we think we are, this hard truth will remain, perhaps because it has the most profound purpose for our spiritual growth. Death forces us to stay awake. We must always appreciate this human life we are given. We have to find reverence, otherwise, we suffer.

Knowing how very fragile this life is, we become kind to everything alive. By remembering our mortality, we are not so quick to get angry at our loved ones, nor become distant, judgmental, or critical with them. We tend to forgive everyone who has wronged us more quickly, and return to loving the real heart and soul connection that we do have.

With the awareness that death is approaching, we become more gentle on ourselves, instantly dropping any hard heavy energy that we may be carrying. We tend to deal with any leftover skeletons hiding in our closet and embrace those things we are avoiding. We remember that we came here to heal ourselves, and so we stop protecting our hearts from opening up to others. We stop lying to ourselves and instead become radically honest because we just never know when it’s our turn to go.

“Wearing a mask wears you out. Faking it is fatiguing. The most exhausting activity is pretending to be what you know you aren’t.” ~ Rick Warren

I invite you to do something truly radical this week. Share with those who are still with you today, how you honestly feel. It may be challenging, yet tell them what is going on inside you, reveal everything and clear off your emotional plate. Be free to say anything you cannot speak about or say. You just don’t know when your best friend, family member, or child will die…do you?

Let them know how much you love them. Rise above any social games you are playing. Stop being afraid of being ridiculed or getting rejected. Take the risk to celebrate your lives, and enjoy your short precious time here together.  You truly don’t know when it is going to come to a quick end.

There’s only one thing you can do to transcend death, embrace it.  By welcoming it fully, you will eventually find your way to real inner peace. This acceptance does not mean to start taking more apathetic actions in your life. This is about finding more reverence in everything. Everything is sacred. When you discover this tremendous appreciation for the simple things, like this breath that is still flowing through your lungs, you’ll see the fear of living and dying quickly dissolves. If we can fully embrace death, we can live life.

“Man has lost one quality, the quality of zestfulness. And without zest, what is life? Just waiting for death? It can’t be anything else. Only with zest do you live; otherwise you vegetate.” ~Osho

When you have a deep reverence for life, you naturally take advantage of every moment to feel that you are alive. You finally arrive into this precious now moment of your life, where all the puzzle pieces fit in, and everything comes to perfection. You can truly rest here, it is the only place. You can let go of it all and fall into resonance with your true spiritual nature.

Take this moment to feel this spiritual essence inside your body. Feel that energy that will remain when your body is gone. Can you feel this eternal energy? The infinite self is here, and if can find it, and reconnect to it all day, you’ll soon realize that heaven is already here now. The spiritual effervescence will expand in you, and send bubbles of light-filled joy into your heart. Open your life to these bubbles and you wonder why you were pretending to be so worried, fearful, and concerned about everything in your life.

 Another technique to realize you are an infinite being who will never die is to pretend you just died. Breathe at this moment as if this was your very last breath. Lay your body down on the bed and imagine that this is your final moment of life. You are breathing your last breaths of life, and soon there will be no more! View all the important scenes from your life and see what truly matters.

“The greatest courage is to drop the mind aside. The bravest man is one who can see the world without the barrier of the mind, just as it is. It is tremendously different and utterly beautiful. There is nobody who is inferior and there is nobody who is superior — there are no distinctions.” ~Osho

Your body will (of course) continue to breathe for you, just let the air enter as slowly and deeply as possible. Fall into the quiet valley after every exhalation for as long and deep as you can. After a few minutes of reviewing your life, stop all mind activity and relax into the deepest point of stillness that you can find.

Follow these meditations for this week, and you’ll find a sense of completion with your past and a deeper acceptance of your future.  The more you practice them the better your life will become. You’ll find that there’s no more anxiety about anything or anyone… anymore! You’ll realize that there is only this moment of life, and this very precious moment is all that we have. Have fun, be playful, and remember you are an eternal being who will never die, so don’t take anything of this world too seriously. This single intention will allow you to enjoy your entire human life journey, while it’s still here.

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