Manifesting Laws

The 7 Manifesting Laws

The Universal Laws for Attracting Anything You Desire

Manifesting is the metaphysical art and science of how we can easily and effortlessly attract our desires into the physical world. It is natural process that involves a specific vibration of energy which you experience that will attract ANY heartfelt desire to you quickly and joyfully!

Manifesting will happen for you spontaneously when you practice these 7 Manifesting Laws below along with the scientific manifesting technology to raise your manifesting vibration. This higher energy is found through practicing manifesting exercises and a proven 8 Habits Manifesting Routine which will skyrocket your vibration.

If you want to test it out and actually see a specific desire come into physical manifestation with effortless ease, you’ll want to do the manifesting exercises, techniques, and meditations found for 90 days in my Super Manifesting Program.

I hope you enjoy these 7 Manifesting Laws as they will provide you with the foundational base for deepening the awesome manifesting powers within you!

1. Slow Down, Relax and Fully Be Here Now.

Being ever-present to this eternal moment is one of the most essential and basic key to manifesting. The mind will jump from past to the future and back again to the past, distracting you from the Infinite Source of power that is only here now. The entire Universe is happening only in this moment. If you are thinking about anything but this moment you are missing out on the Source that is connected to everyone and everything in it. The mind/ego is an extraordinary tool and is what we use to manifest our desires with. If the mind is free from the distracting thoughts about the past and future, then the amazing core of your magical manifesting power has room to come through! By slowing down you are able to shut off the mind chatter and tap directly into the infinite Source of manifesting power that is available ONLY in the Now. The breath is closely associated with the mind, so if you’re breathing from a lower and slower pace and space in your body you can hear your thoughts better and can control your mind easier. When we are relaxed we are more receptive and open to receiving what we desire. So practice being conscious of your breath and breathing slower and deeper throughout the day. As you learn how to slow down your thoughts, your breathing and the movement of your body, eventually the mind comes to a halt and creates space of timelessness. Here we tap into the Infinite Source and you make contact with a super-natural power inside. When we live throughout our day at an enjoyable relaxed and peace filled pace, we can truly resource the intelligence and power in this eternal moment. For this week experiment with walking slower, eating slower, talking slower (actually slow down to annunciate your words) and start driving under the speed limit (it is a speed limit, not a minimum). This practice will create more depth, relaxation and awareness in your being….enjoy!

2. Practice Stillness Everyday.

In order to stop the constant chattering of the mind, we need a conscious daily Meditation practice of training the mind. Practice focusing on one thing (your breath) to strengthen the mind to obey your every command. Manifesting happens instantly when you have made the mind your servant and YOU the master of it. The longer you can maintain focus on your breath, the faster your goals will manifest for you. The actual time it takes to manifest is directly proportional to the number of minutes you can concentrate on what you want without distraction. You are a beautiful powerful consciousness. Become the master of your thoughts, get to know this seat of consciousness inside.

3. Make Conscious Contact With The Universe

The first step here is to acknowledge that there is a higher power inside you right now, and its very easily available to you. The next step is to be open to this extremely ever-present intelligent Source that is always happening everywhere you are. Believe and get to know your personal conscious connection with this sacred omni-present Source of power. Give yourself a special time each day to be still, quiet and connect with this higher conscious power. When you feel some form of contact, ask God to bring your desired goal into form. If your request is done with sincerity you will manifest the most amazing results. As you progress in your relationship with this very real divine intelligence, center your mind closer to your heart. You will come to know that God is closer to you than your heart, your mind or your next breath of air.

4. Trust in Life’s Magical Unfolding Process.

Be infinitely patient! Discover a deeper “knowingness” inside you that can help you let go of anxiety, disbelief and doubt. Decide and believe that your goal is on its way. The Universe is always supporting what you want and if you affirm what you want it will always help you to achieve it. The more you can surrender to this deeply wise and powerful feeling of trust and letting go, the more the Universe can help you. The Universe has always provided us with everything we have our whole lives. It’s safe to deepen and relish this sacred Trust. If you have trouble trusting, watch the mind vigilantly for old patterns of fear and doubt, then gently re-focus on a relaxing positive thought flow. As soon as you are in a space of infinitely trusting the Universe, it will immediately manifest your desires. It’s about getting in touch with that infinite patience that ignites and engages this manifesting process. The experience of Trust is really the greatest and deepest surrender to the Universe from the tiny ego trip we’re on.

5. Know that Everyone Is A Magical Manifesting Being (and especially you!)

Be conscious of your extremely magical potentiality everywhere you are. Anything is possible for those who believe. Take time every day to consciously explore that part of your mind that believes this. Reveal to others those playful aspects of yourself where magical situations, miracles and synchronicities can occur in your life. If the skeptical mind doubts that you aren’t magical and all powerful, release it! Let the light of your own divine consciousness shine through! See that there’s magic everywhere in your world and it exists in all things. Once you know that this magic is always within yourself, everything you do you’ll see the magical manifesting power in it.

6. Focus on your Desired Outcome without Attachment to it.

When you allow your mind to ONLY have positive thoughts towards your desired outcome you are saying to the Universe that you are devoted to manifesting your dream. Being in a deep, positive, open connection with your desired outcome without being overly attached to it, is one of the greatest hidden keys to manifesting it. Positive thinking is a way of sending direct messages to the Universe saying what you want is important and sacred to you. The greatest power in you is love…use it! Visualize, feel and imagine that your greatest dream is happening to you without clinging to it. Assume that your imagination is real! Honor and respect your goals in life as if they were given to you from the highest and most powerful being you can imagine. By being continuously focused on love and loving, you’re actually sending out trillions of powerful atoms of thought-energy into the Universe to physically manifest into your desired form.

7. Love Yourself Always and In All Ways.

By simply and profoundly giving Love to yourself everyday in everyway you are saying to the Universe you are worthy of attaining any dream, vision or goal. Immediately drop any neediness for love, acceptance and approval from others and replace it with self-love. The highest place we can be is independent of other people’s opinions of us. Step aside from everyone’s judgments of you and use that crucial time and energy to send yourself loving and appreciative thoughts. You will increase your manifesting ability and power with every loving feeling you have about yourself that is usually negative and skeptical. The greatest manifesting energy comes from within this Infinite Source of Thought of your being which is in essence Absolute Love.


The 3 Greatest Blocks to Manifesting

1. An Uncontrollable Incessantly Chattering Mind.

The mind without stillness or supervision becomes an easily distracted and weak focusing tool. By vigilantly watching the mind, observing your thoughts and maintaining concentration on the breath you will be able to control it and master it with patience. Having an untamed mind is like being in a dark jungle with a pack of very hungry wild tigers. With a constantly chattering mind, life becomes this roller coaster of emotional experiences where survival is the only priority. Taking control of this wild beast called your Mind is as easy as grabbing the steering the wheel of your car and directing your life down the off-ramp and highway to your dreams.

2. Fear, Self-Doubt and Worry.

Fear is like putting on the brakes of your car all the time which stop your life from going in the direction of your dreams. The greatest opposing manifesting force in the Universe is fear. When we discover that our fears are merely the shadows of negative thoughts and emotions, we can free ourselves from the limiting beliefs we’ve placed upon ourselves. When we live each day completely free of fear and doubt, everything we want in our lives becomes magically attracted to us in the most miraculous ways.

3. Lack of Love for your Dream.

This type of indifference is as if we are afraid to touch the gas pedal of our car. It is a very lazy sloth-like attitude where we take life for granted and only randomly appreciate being entertained by a good T.V. show or movie once in a while. It is similar to being in the car when its in neutral, coasting through our days in a daze of unnecessary boredom mixed with depression and anger. It happens when we are lacking motivation and inspiration caught in a velvet rutted comfort zone, thinking we know God. The truth is the Source of Existence is infinite and to discover the essence of it is an unfolding that lasts for eternity. When we appreciate the smaller things in life we fall deeply in love with our dream again.

To get out of this rut, we need to give up our cozy isolated cave of non-action and false security pretending to be O.K. and doing just “F.I.N.E.” (Fully In Need of Everything). When we are focused on loving what we do and doing what we love, we become unstuck from the thickest illusionary mask of our Ego-trip and each day becomes more memorable than the next. The best way to relinquish this block is to get out of the stands and onto the playing field of life. If you feel you’re in a velvet rut it’s time to take ANY kind of new action towards your life’s dream.