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“You need not leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. You need not even listen, simply wait. You need not even wait. Just learn to become quiet, still, solitary and the world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no other choice. It will roll in ecstasy at your feet.” ~ Franz Kafka

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What is the Real Purpose of Meditation?

Written by Jafree Ozwald

The goal of meditation is to find the silent center of perfect stillness within your being. When your mind is quiet, all bodily tension releases, and your mental, emotional, physical, financial, and social problems seem to magically disappear. This happens instantly the very moment we bring our entire focus of the mind inwards and direct it into perfect stillness and silence.

Quieting our mind chatter allows us to be free from the inner chaos of the ego. In this expansive internal space, we naturally and effortlessly connect with the highest Divinity in the Universe.

By being in direct conscious connection with Divinity, we manifest the most beautiful divine situations and people in our lives. You discover the practice of meditation by finding your infinite center (soul), and you find your center by practicing meditation.

If you want to experience freedom from suffering in this lifetime, you need to awaken to a higher state of consciousness. By relaxing into a divine alignment with your soul, the health, happiness, and wealth you’ve yearned for naturally fall into your lap.

It just naturally happens like this for everyone. The very millisecond you drop the mind, you instantly feel the connection with the magnificent all-powerful magnetic spiritual essence of who you truly are!

“Like the state of space, the mind transcends thought. Set it at ease in its own nature, without rejecting it or maintaining it. When the mind is without objective content it is called Mahamudra (enlightenment). Through familiarisation with that, supreme enlightenment is achieved.” ~Tilopa

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 The Spiritual Purpose of Meditation

If there was one spiritual purpose for having a meditation practice daily, it would be this. To transcend the dramatic illusions created by the ego/mind. We are that all-powerful, unconditionally accepting, omniscient God Source behind it all. When the mind is quiet, we see this Truth directly in front of our eyes.

You could also say that meditation is the golden key that opens the spiritual door to your natural God-given manifesting powers. I’m not saying the physical world is more or less spiritual than the spiritual world. Everything is deeply interconnected and spiritually guided.

Meditation brings about this awareness of the divine interconnection of all things. It also naturally increases our feelings of self-worth, self-appreciation, self-approval, and self-love. When we sit in meditation for even a few minutes, it initiates this healing feeling inside us that we can take wherever we go. When we are living in this higher spiritual state, we attract more of the most positive loving experiences that your soul is here to experience in your life.

This enlightening perspective from practicing a few minutes of meditation every day can contribute to an enormous shift in consciousness. We no longer have to live in the small fishbowl of limited thinking that the mind has been used to swimming in. When we dive into this deeper ocean of Divine truth we acquire an understanding that initiates the end of suffering forever.

What are the 3 Types of Meditation?

It might be useful to know there are 3 types of experiences people call ‘meditation’ if you wish to become a devoted spiritual aspirant on the path to enlightenment.

#1 The ‘active mind’ meditation focuses the mind to reach its goal.

#2 In the real state of meditation there is no mental activity. You pure consciousness experiencing presence.

#3 The divine dance between these two.

In mind-active meditations, you are engaging the mind to focus on a mantra, a sacred image, a guru, an enlightened thought, or some idea that you think is going to help you transcend the mind.

If you want to reach a state of bliss, you’ll need to drop this ‘taxi ride’ and drop into no mind. The taxi serves as a convenient way for the mind to be ‘busy’ while it’s dropping deeper into the infinite pool of spiritual stillness at the core. 

In the second type of real meditation, you are totally unfocused. Yes, that’s right you are focusing on nothing. It might be hard for you to even imagine this. When you focus purely on nothing, you stop existing as a separate self/ego/identity.

When you have no identification with your thoughts, you simply relax into the pure presence of the infinite spiritual essence that you already are.

The Blissful State of Now

This is our most natural state which is not about focusing or concentrating the mind on any idea to arrive. It is completely letting go of everything that you think you are and dissolving into an ocean of beingness. You are relaxing in a completely unfocused mind, absorbed into the pure essence of infinite spiritual essence.

In the highest state of being, you are fully present in the NOW. You detach from all mental drama and stop thinking that you are just some separate being who is all alone and disconnected from others.

When you’re fully in the now, you are merging with the experience of all of life and free from the perpetually desiring mind. This is what real meditation is all about.

If you want to reach this highest state of bliss, you must sit absolutely still. There is a deep letting go of the thinking habit, as you relinquish attachment to everything. All levels of cognitive exploration and separation of the self are abandoned.

When we surrender to the deepest silence and resource in our being, we find a stillness that always exists beneath the mind. As this perfect inner stillness is reached, the most tremendous clarity comes naturally through. The instant that the mind is silent, the Universe reveals the powerful divinity within you and all around you.

“Stop all physical activity: sit naturally at ease. Do not talk or speak: let sound be empty, like an echo. Do not think about anything: look at experience beyond thought. Your body has no core, hollow like bamboo. Your mind goes beyond thought, open like space. Let go of control and rest right there.” ~ Tilopa

The Most Mysterious Type of Meditation

The third type of meditation is the most mysterious one of all. This is the edge between the mind and no mind, where these opposite worlds meet and dissolve into each other as one. If you can find this edge and ride it, you will move into a space of transcending your ego, or all identifications you have about who/what you are.

This level is the most tricky and challenging space to explore, as the mind will constantly try to pull you back into cognitive thinking. Yet, if you can play around on this edge, and devote your practice to merging with it, you’ll find it truly is the state of real bliss or Nirvana (the extinguishing of the mind/ego).

Once the mind stops its perpetual search to find happiness out there you’ll begin to relax into being fully present to the Divinity of what is, where every moment is pulsating with clarity and bliss.

 Why We Must Stop Focusing The Mind

Once you quiet your mind chatter you will feel like you are the master of your Universe. It just happens this way. You suddenly uncover the sacred purpose of your entire life.

Train your mind to be completely unfocused and quiet, and for the very first time, you’ll feel like you are completely relaxed. In this space, you can manifest your desires 1000 times easier than with a rigidly focused tense mind. Why is this?

Focusing the mind creates a subtle ‘tension’ inside you because the mind is caught in the past tense and the future tense.

The mind cannot fully exist in this present moment of now. Now is where all the power, energy, and life source is found. When you exist ONLY in the now, you’ll see that the mind disappears.

Whatever you crave to experience in this life, the joyful outcome you desire is always found in the NOW. Ironically, it takes time to learn how to be here now. Yet, the more you retrain your brain to remain one-pointed and focused in one single direction, the longer you’ll be able to remain in the here and now.

The untrained mind moves always from one thought to the next, never realizing that it is focusing on each thought bringing it into manifestation. The truth is that we are manifesting machines. Meaning, whatever we focus on is what we manifest.

So the secret is to learn how to be still, empty, silent, and unfocused. Try this for even a few minutes a day. You will find a deep harmony within yourself in a matter of time as the Universal Source reveals itself to you. You’ll discover how joyful and easy it is for your desires to manifest themselves through you.

What do you really want out of your life?

Maybe it’s more happiness, money, success, love, and or health that you desire. Whatever you want in life, a calm meditative mind is always more efficient in manifesting your desires than a chatterbox. Meditation is that bridge to bringing our very dreams and desires into physical form. It’s the link we’ve been missing our entire lives. It is the gateway to an eternal river of inner bliss that naturally unfolds success in everything we do.

Like taming a wild animal, our mind can get crazier and wilder when in an attempt to control it. However, the more frequently we sit and find quietness inside, the more our mind will discover the freedom to play, laugh with life, enjoy the play of duality, and transcend all suffering. Only with a calm centered mind and body, we can explore any unknown and are metaphysically opening up the greatest manifesting channels of energy in the Universe.


What is Not Meditation?

Meditation is not a hard arduous practice that feels like torture. It’s exactly the opposite. Meditation is an effortless state of being.

We are not actually doing anything when we stop the mind from its incessant chatter. We are simply not touching the mind, which is like taking your foot off the gas pedal.

The ego will try to struggle to push on the pedal, the clutch, the brakes or doing anything to remain in control. The ego desperately wants to be more, have more, and do more to be happy. Yet, in our own peaceful awareness, our energy naturally becomes a lesson for ourselves as well for others who want to live a powerful loving, and more conscious life.

If you are struggling in your life, you are probably not meditating daily. You are most like attached to your mind (ego), stuck like superglue to the thoughts flowing through you. By unconsciously experiencing the effects of each thought coming through, you are perpetuating suffering. Stop this mind and find the bliss of pure being.

“Consciousness can only observe what undergoes change. ‘That’ which is eternal cannot be observed by consciousness or known by it. Unless you meditate on this point, the puzzle will not be solved.” ~ Nisargadatta

How Long to Practice Meditation

Meditating for 20-30 minutes a day will start to clear out the “cobwebs” of the mind. You’ll begin to empower yourself to feel like the commander of your ship. In a meditative experience, you can find the route to enjoy sailing toward the destination of your dreams!

If you can relax every muscle and tension in your body for 2 minutes one day, then 3 minutes the next day. Add on 1 minute a day until you reach day 48 and if you can sit still for 48 minutes, you will find deep peace within yourself.

It takes a chicken egg at least 5 minutes to become a hard-boiled egg at a certain elevation. The meditation masters say it takes at least 48 minutes for the ego to boil at a certain elevation as well. After a full hour of sitting and doing nothing, your ego realizes that you’re serious and it finally gives up!  The most divine state of peace you’ll ever find will immediately pour through you.

Meditation allows you to be at total peace with life in the midst of the worst possible life situations. Even after a few moments of reaching complete stillness in the mind, we can really relax about our life, knowing we are totally free beings and a new sense of power and certainty arises inside.

“The quieter you can become, the more you’re able to hear.” ~Ancient Chinese Proverb


The Secrets to Raising Your Vibration

I’ve created an efficient way for you to increase your vibration and consciousness so that you can quickly drop into a very deep and powerful experience of bliss inside. It’s an online course called Manifesting 101. I believe it is one of the most powerful (and incredibly inexpensive) products that I’ve ever created.

Follow it for just a few weeks and it will help you to drop into an experience of meditation instantly. This is truly an enlightening and spiritually alive 5D Consciousness Experience that can expand your mind so deeply that it can transform your entire life.

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The Greatest Benefits of Meditation

When your mind rests in this deep silence, then you can hear the Universe guiding you to make the right decisions. This is the path that brings your life into an even higher state of consciousness.

With a quiet mind, you naturally see the perfection in others. The silence lets you see life clearly and thus you discover the spiritually awakened being inside yourself. Life becomes a magical adventure from your “normal” daily reality and transforms into this deeply profound relaxing communion with everyone.

The absolute enjoyment of your life is yours for the taking. Life is inherently blissful. Nature is constantly fornicating, reproducing itself in a billion varieties and forms. It’s truly amazing!! You are here to experience it all! However, the best news is that the most outrageous state of bliss is hidden within your innermost being.

How to Spiritually Awaken

If you want to transcend the ego and spiritually “wake up”, you’ll need to dramatically increase your vibration. This is often hard to do if you are stuck in old mental and emotional programming at a lower struggling state of being. I’ve put together all my years of meditation practice and exploring the higher 5D states of consciousness and have created a Manifesting 101 Program

This online experience is incredibly inexpensive for what it will teach you. You’ll learn how to clean out the toxic clutter inside your body and mind! When you’re truly ‘cleaned out’, then you will naturally abide in the spiritual center of your being. You will learn how to relish every moment of life in this program. You’ll naturally find yourself manifesting a life that’s full of joy, abundance, and everlasting bliss!

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“Enlightenment is a process of peeling back the layers of yourself that are resisting being one with your Infinite Nature. It is an opening of your Divine Essence, to your Universal Being. When you rest in this liberating space, then you will discover a profound peace and stillness. At the very center of this stillness is a very radical spiritual experience.  Just stop and realize that enlightenment is not far away. Radical freedom is available for you right now! It exists at the innermost core of your being. There is nothing you need to do to achieve it. The only thing you need to do is learn how to relax deeply. Enlightenment will show itself when you are fully relaxed on all levels, and resting completely in the quiet peaceful center that abides in the very heart of your being.” ~Jafree Ozwald