Meditation Tips for Light Workers

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.” ~ C.G. Jung

Below are my personal meditation tips for light workers around the world! These are the golden secrets of how to access your infinite divine nature anytime and anywhere. These tips are discoveries that have helped me on my spiritual journey since 1986. You may need to unlearn some beliefs which you thought meditation was, to let go and dive into even deeper states of bliss…enjoy!

Whenever you sit in meditation, relax into your body as if you were an enormous tree. Sit and relax into yourself as if you were going to be in that exact spot for 4+ hours.

Find your favorite asana (posture), hand mudra, and dropping-in technique, that works best for totally letting go of your body and mind. Always sit in the same spot, around the same time each day to help you maintain a daily habit.

Surrendering to the Universe is the key. To fully let go, allow yourself to fall into the empty void of nothingness and perfect stillness that exists in the millions (and trillions) of miles in every direction all around you.

Whenever in times of mental or emotional stress/chaos, use that energy to push you into deeper stillness and inner peace. Breathe into it, harness that energy like it was a mule, and let it work for you to push you deeper into the center of your being. As your inner world becomes more relaxed and at ease, you will feel a deeper spiritual connection within to balance out life’s craziness. 

People often don’t realize how much spiritual progress they’ve made until they stop meditating. It’s like you don’t know how far you’ve driven on a road trip until you stop and look at your GPS.

 Juicy Meditation Tips for your Soul

See your inner world and outer world as all just one undivided happening. Watch how your thoughts are a reflection of what you are seeing in the world. When you focus on stillness and silence, it becomes obvious that your outer world is a living reflection of this divine state.

. The more you surrender to the perfection of the Universe, the more magnetic and attractive you’ll become. You’ll soon be able to attract all the love, success, joy, and abundance that you want into your life.

When you sit, simply practice watching your breathing, watching your thoughts as if they were simply background noise. Try to explore the experience of being absolutely still and totally motionless, as if people could think you were a statue.

Don’t judge yourself for not being able to do this perfectly. You may need at least 21 days of daily practice to notice any improvements.

When you sit, explore the source of who you are. Focus on the Source from where your thoughts are coming from. 

The more you can quiet the mind, the easier it becomes to know the deepest truth of your infinite God-like essence. Realize at the core, you are God. You are not the mind. You are this infinite source of unconditionally accepting conscious awareness.

Allow yourself to relax deeper than any thought, desire, perspective, judgment, or any opinion the mind forms. Don’t pay attention to the mind. Just observe thoughts as if they were not yours. Pay closer attention to what exactly is watching the mind.

 Golden Meditation Tips to Open your Heart

It’s an amazing life-transforming experience to meditate on your heart center. Simply relax into the infinite light of love that exists there. Breathe long slow breaths into the energy there, opening it up like flower petals bathing in the light of the Sun.

Notice how your body opens up when your heart is more open and relaxed. You can do this exploration in public, finding the most blissful heart-opening experience in the most ordinary situations.

There are layers of ego in the way blocking your heart from becoming completely relaxed inside. You can let go of holding onto these egoic patterns by fully surrendering to your spiritual nature. This non-identification with your ego is the first step towards liberation and enlightenment!

The golden secret to opening your heart is allowing everything to be as it is. This allowing process will naturally peel back the layers of ego, which quiets the mind. Make your meditation practice all about the feeling of being in deep peace with your life as it is now.

Give yourself permission to naturally open up to the experience of Divinity inside your heart. Imagine your favorite ascended master, angelic guide or enlightened teacher is sitting in your heart waiting for you.

Surrender to the living ocean of love and infinite peace that you are connected to inside your heart. Feel that you are one drop in the Ocean of existence!

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 Spiritual Meditation Tips, Insights, and Inspirations

Meditation is not needed when you are spiritually aware that God is all around you and inside of you 24-7. Buddha sat for 7 years practicing meditation all day long before he spiritually woke up. In one moment he pierced through maya and glimpsed the perfection of everything. After that day he stopped practicing meditation because he was no longer identified with any thought passing through his mind.

You’ll discover the first enlightening experience of meditation when you can maintain a focus in one direction for 2 full minutes without the mind deviating. Maintain this focus for 5 hours and you’ll reach Samadhi!!

Always dive to the deepest place inside yourself. Explore all of the spaces where you still feel a disconnection from God. By learning how to welcome the feeling of reconnection in your body, the magical door to Divinity opens up, and the most surprising rewards will soon follow.

Only through full surrender can you find your spiritual path. A half-hearted surrender keeps you clinging to your ego. As long as the ego is in charge, you cannot feel truly connected to God or your divine nature.

The greatest rewards of practicing daily meditation do not come instantly. Progress shows up after you sit through the fire. This fire is a burning away of your attachments to the ego’s desires, beliefs, and ignorance of being separate from God.

The longer you sit, the easier it becomes to embrace your deepest darkest fears, insecurities, and pains inside. When you can be with and accept your dark side, you’ll find compassion for yourself, and the deepest inner peace will soon follow.

The Spiritual Benefits of a Meditation Practice

The Secrets to Walking a Spiritual Path

 Manifesting Meditation Tips and Explorations

Fierce concentration is a muscle that needs to be strengthened in order to transcend the mind and enter the spiritual dimension of reality. The longer you can focus your attention in one direction, the more powerful and clear you will become.

When meditation becomes the center of your life, you become deeply attractive, delicious, magnetic, and powerful. It is this easy and effortless for all your greatest dreams to manifest because your ego is no longer in the way.

Meditation empowers you to respond more consciously and lovingly to others, and be less reactive. When we become more responsible for our minds, we gain the power to see how everything is happening for us, instead of to us.

When you are living in a state of meditation, everyone in your outer world will feel it. By turning your attention inwards to find that direct spiritual connection within yourself, you become a beacon of Light for others to be free from suffering.

The 4 Sacred Meditation Steps to Enter 5D Consciousness
The foundational ground to enter the Samadhi state of 5D Consciousness is to have a clean clear physical body and a relaxed emotional body. This will automatically calm the mind down so it’s easy to drop into a perfect God-like silence and divine stillness. Your energetic body and nervous system need to be super relaxed, strong, and operating with a clean diet for at least 3 weeks to handle the Christ-like frequency in 5D. These 4 steps below are ‘the fast track’ to enter 5D and allow you to maintain a grounded experience of bliss!

~ The First Step ~

Do a 21-Day Green Juice Cleanse or eat only raw food for 21 days. You can also clean out your system with this amazing 10-day healing salt water colon cleanse.  When your body is clear, do at least a 45-minute daily yoga practice or 20-30 minute high cardio exercises. These will prepare your energetic body to expand so you may enter the higher states of consciousness in meditation and eventually one day drop into Samadhi

~ The Second Step ~

Practice increasing the amount of time you can hold a one-pointed focused awareness in a single direction. If you can keep your attention focused solely on a candle flame for 60 seconds, you’re twice as advanced as someone who can only hold it for only 30 seconds.

As often as you can, hold your focus in one unwavering direction. Imagine you’re pouring coconut oil from one giant glass jar into a small jar without spilling a drop. You must focus your mind intensely, yet relax your body deeply. Your physical form must remain open, soft, and free from all tension to pour the oil consistently and continuously for long periods.

~ The Third Step ~

Throughout your day, practice stop focusing the mind. Let go of all focusing of your mind in any direction. Remain in a state of being open, unfocused, and connecting with your infinite presence (consciousness).

The ability to keep the mind unfocused is the entire first step of training the mind. Once your mind can remain focused in one single direction for enough time, it can transcend the ocean of unconscious thoughts bubbling up within it. 

By being unfocused in a state of non-efforting for long periods you will experience your Divinity. This is a highly enlightened state and what true meditation is all about.

Non-efforting is witnessing everything. Just watching life, purely being here now is soooo divinely blissful. You will know you’re on the right path when you catch a tiny glimpse of it. The entire experience comes down to learning how to relax deeper and deeper opening into this sacred sweet blissful Presence that you already are. 

~ The Final Step ~

There’s nothing you actually ‘need’ to do to reach 5D consciousness. Just relax and let everything be as it is. In this state of ‘pure being’, you will come to the natural realization that you are the God Source who is creating reality through every thought you believe to be true or not true.

The more you can surrender to non-doing, non-being, not thinking, not perceiving, not anything…you will have a direct 5D experience that you are not separate from the Universe on any level and have always been ONE with everything. 

Give 100% devotion to your moment-to-moment experience. This will merge the split parts of your mind and let them naturally fall back into the heart.

The heart chakra is the 4th center the gateway to the 4th dimension. Rest deeply in your heart center and with a constant flow of self-love. Being gentle and kind with you will allow your crazy mind to relax and heal any trauma that arises.

Positive reinforcement breeds confidence and furthers your practice. The secret to living a life of peace comes from quieting the mind. It’s not about controlling it, yet learning how to relax into yourself enough to let your greatest love in.

Perhaps the greatest advice I could give you on this sacred inner journey is this. Over one month, hold the intention to cultivate persistent calm self-loving patience with yourself. Always congratulate yourself whenever even a tiny bit of patience, peace, or joy bubbles up for no reason during your day.

In each moment ask are you choosing to awaken or be complacent?

The Sensual Tantric Secrets of Mindfulness

Feeling deeply into the senses of your physical body and enjoying the experience of them, can lead you into a one-pointed centered focus of your mind. This tantric approach to meditation allows your typical everyday ordinary normal human experiences to become deeply blissful and ecstatic.

When your full presence is brought into each sensation you experience your ego surrenders. By bringing complete mindfulness and the fullness of your being into your moment-to-moment experience of life, then the light of your being fills you up.

How much consciousness and presence can you have while you’re walking, making love, or washing the dishes? Feeling the warm water run across your hands, the sound of scrubbing the pot, this too is meditation.

Once the mind stops its perpetual search to find happiness out there you’ll begin to relax into being fully present to the Divinity of what is, where every moment is pulsating with clarity and bliss.

Mind Mastery Meditation Techniques to
Master your Mind and Your Life!

1. All day long practice following your breath. Don’t try to control or change it, simply watch it. Surrender to it. Let the Universe breathe you.

2. Repeat the sound AUM or HUM or HU for 15 minutes in the morning and evening. Let the sound vibrate through every cell in your body.

3. Look directly into another person’s eyes for 15 minutes, gaze into the center of their eyes, and dissolve.

5. Do the same thing yet with your eyes in a mirror.

6. Visualize a flower of light opening in each of your 7 main chakras. Imagine a brilliant fountain of golden light going up the spine and showering out the top of your head.

7. Practice holding your attention on the space between your thoughts (pure nothing-ness)

8. Practice surrendering to what is here now. Bring your attention to God, the Universe, Consciousness, etc…)

9. At night, focus on the space between the stars. Let yourself FEEL what is there. Become that empty space.

10. Focus on a brilliant golden light in your heart shining from an eternal source throughout the day.

11. Listen to the silence between your heartbeats.

12. No matter what happens, always remember inner peace is a choice…

The 3 Meditation Paths

(Traditional, Non-Traditional, and Mysterious)

“Your actual self is not a separate and lonely part of the world, but the real you is the world itself, everything that there is, expressing itself as this particular organism here and now. We are all tits on the same sow and rays from the same Sun.” -Alan Watts

Traditional meditation techniques include the repetition of an affirmation such as chanting a mantra or perhaps following your breath, gazing into a candle flame, etc. These are done for the sole purpose of training the mind so that it eventually just GIVES UP and falls into the present moment.

These traditional techniques use a fixed experience inside or outside the body, to center and make still the mind. They are very effective for the beginner yet after much practice they must be dropped if the person is to ascend into an even higher spiritual experience of life.

In the second non-traditional approach, anything and everything you do becomes a meditation. You are bringing 100% full awareness into your life experience and enjoying it as a doorway to the Divine. So standing in line at the grocery store, driving your car, making love, making dinner, washing your clothes, enjoying eating food, anything you do can lead you into a state of sensual enjoyment and bliss.

The third path of meditation is the most mysterious one of all. This is the edge between the mind and no mind, where these opposite worlds meet and dissolve into each other as one. If you can find this edge and ride it, you will move into a space of transcending your ego, or all identifications you have about who/what you are.

This level is the most tricky and challenging space to explore, as the mind will constantly try to pull you back into cognitive thinking. Yet, if you can play around on this edge, and devote your practice to merging with it, you’ll find it truly is the state of real bliss or Nirvana (the extinguishing of the mind/ego).


Practical Powerful Meditation Tips

Watch your body and notice the tension it carries. Don’t judge it. Just be with the tight holding patterns and relax into them until they naturally let go. There are deep emotional patterns of pain, past life karma, and egoic tension in this lifetime. This is your work to liberate yourself from these patterns. You have nothing stopping you from entering the state of pure bliss.

If you can relax every muscle and tension in your body for 2 minutes one day, then 3 minutes the next day. Add on 1 minute a day until you reach day 48 and if you can sit still for 48 minutes, you will find peace within yourself. Practice being with your breath and release any tension in your body from head to toe.

A great mantra to help you relax is to repeat, ‘Relaxed body (focus at your base), Open Heart (focus at your heart), Relaxed Mind (focus at your head).’ It’s good to bring the mind back to the body, otherwise, the desiring ego takes over and it just wanders everywhere.

Practice napping 15-20 minutes mid-day. This can take you into the deepest possible space inside yourself for you to practice diving into the divine. Nap in the late afternoon is better than late at night. 

How to Relax About Everything

If you cannot relax at all, imagine your body is filled with the most relaxing healing golden light energy. This light pushes out all tension inside and makes you glow with warmth from within.

If you’re feeling too angry, sad, unstable, weak, or insecure in yourself to visualize it on your own, I’m made this Golden Light Healing Meditation for you to listen to. These guided experiences will take you on a deep journey where you can experience deep relaxation and peace.

Physical posture impacts the mind and emotions. Whenever you meditate, sit upright and keep your spine vertical. Make sure your vertebrae are aligned, balanced, yet totally relaxed. 

Meditate on your vertical center. Your body has a center to it, that runs from the top of your head, down the spinal cord, and into the base of your spine. Don’t force the mind to stay here, just allow your mind to relax into this space within. Eventually, everything will come into it, and all mental effort will cease.

“Spill the oil lamp. Set this dry boring place on fire! If you have ever made wanton love with God, then you have ignited that brilliant light inside that every person needs.” ~ Hafiz

Discover the Golden Light in your Spine

Imagine your spine is a balanced stack of golden coins. Let your shoulders fall, your back open and your hands rest comfortably wherever they are.  Relax into the “vertical center” within you.

Keep your neck and head perfectly level and relaxed. Breathe into this perfect alignment and open up your body to whatever sensations it wants to experience. The secret to a relaxed body is enjoying how GOOD it feels to let go, trust the Universe, and let the body breathe for you.

Practice sitting very still and explore the greatest stillness inside. When you are practicing meditation, do not move. The body will breathe for you, yet do not allow yourself to move at all. Be like a solid gold statue that is completely still and unmoving.

However, this golden statue is not rigid and full of hardened tension. Remember your ultimate goal here is to relax completely. When your entire body is still, notice what is already quiet and still inside you. Silence is already here now.

It may help to pretend you are a statue that just happens to breathe on its own. Don’t do anything but allow the stillness and silence to penetrate you.

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Watch Everything Moving Without Being Moved

Practice letting go of the busy achieving ‘thinking’ mind.  Be the Watcher When thoughts arise, just watch them. They come and they go. Notice how you release them as quickly as they come.

Watch and notice your thoughts without getting caught in them. Whatever distractions arise, just give them space. Practice being unfocused and pure presence. You are simply being empty, quiet, and free.

The state of pure unbounded consciousness is our natural state. The greatest inner guidance I’ve found in practicing meditation happened when I allowed all my mind’s attention to rest, be unfocused, and relax inside. There is no effort to relax, that would be redundant.

The ‘goal’ is effortlessness on all levels of the mind. If the mind cannot stay present to being unfocused always come back to the breath. Focus on the sensation of air passing in and out of your nostrils you can learn how to calm the mind.

Explore the Unlimited Nature of your Divine Presence

Deeply rest into your center, into the center of your being. Only here can you experience your simple soft sweet Divine presence. This is the fastest and most efficient way to transcend the mind.

If your mind needs to focus on something, then direct it to focus on your inhalation and exhalation. If you try to focus it on the quality of “unfocusedness” it will waiver between thoughts. The secret is to relax into experiencing your presence and let the mind flow back and forth between the breath and being unfocused. Let it play this game until the mind gives up and falls into bliss.

If this is too much, then try something easier. Don’t make your meditation into a complicated practice. The mind loves things to be difficult so it tends to create extra unnecessary challenges! Don’t fall for it. Be extra gentle with yourself and deeply patient with taming your mind.

Don’t expect any results from your meditation practice. It can take several days to years before you notice any shifts at all. 

Become Enlightened by Judging Nothing

If you have been meditating for many months or years, and feel that you’re not getting the greatest possible benefit from it, then try this. Judge nothing. Don’t label anything or anyone as good/bad or right/wrong. This is one of the fastest ways to expand your conscious sense of self.

If you cannot drop judgment, then simply allow yourself to consciously judge others. For example, you could say, ‘I’m going to judge this person as being an ‘idiot’, and notice what happens inside. When you consciously judge another always say in the next statement ‘just like me’ and notice where you are not okay with your inner idiot and thus must project it out onto the other person. The goal is to find peace with your inner Judge by bringing awareness to it. Soon you’ll start seeing that everything and everyone is your mirror and have more conscious awareness of your thoughts and the words you speak.

Being free from judging anyone or anything is one of the greatest achievements for any human being on the planet. The mind must learn how to let go and be at peace with everyone as they are and everything as it is.

Being free from judgment is a divine process of letting go of ALL egoic efforts for people and situations to be different than what they are. So start by telling the mind that this exploration is about learning how to relax, be more open to others, and be a better lover of life. The mind may still try to judge yet you don’t have to believe that it’s speaking the 100% truth anymore!

When you release judgment, you are practicing being more gentle with others, and also however you’re doing in your life as well. Wherever you are, is a moment to practice letting go of right and wrong and gentler with you. This gentleness is what’s needed to drop into being present to the most sacred sweet divine stillness that resides at your innermost core.

The mind is used to always being right, and remaining in old known habits, so it’s not going to stop judging yourself or others right away. The only way to stop the mind from constantly wandering here and there is through a deeper gentleness. Then it will soften and fall into a state of allowing itself to relax and be deeply unfocused. Unfocusedness is the quality of simply being present to your BEING and the gateless gate into “enlightenment“.

How to Instantly Experience Deep Inner Peace

The 10 Most Important Spiritual Lessons in Life  

1. Learn how to be loving, gentle, and kind to yourself in all situations.
2. Learn how to be loving, gentle, and kind to others in all situations.
3. Learn how to listen closely to your highest guidance always following it and bowing down to it as the ultimate authority of your life.
4. Learn how to own your dark side knowing it’s working for the highest light to provide duality, growth, and excitement in life!
5. Learn how to be free from the mind’s projections on yourself, others, and the whole world. Being free from who/what you believe you are and what you think the reality is.
6. Learn deep acceptance of existence as it is, knowing it is all an eternal mystery that is not meant to be solved only appreciated (we would have it no other way).
7. Learn how to be infinitely patient with your ascension and spiritual awakening process knowing its growth is reliant on how deeply you’re loving your darkness and seeing it as a gateway to the light.
8. Understand and realize that this now moment is the greatest and only real ‘religion’ for you to explore that can and will liberate you from all your mind’s blocks and negative programs.
9. Realize everyone is your mirror reflecting the Atman (perfect) Self back to you. This liberated realization returns to you always releasing more jubilation.
10. You always know deep in your heart that there is only ONE SELF, one unified consciousness that exists and you (we) are all that!

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5 Meditation Tips for the Eternal Beginner

  • You need a daily structure of training the mind to relax and rest in stillness.
  • Choosing the path of Devotion over Discipline is easiest.
  •  A moment of stillness of mind can yield a lifetime of mastery of the mind.
  • Stopping the mind can feel like death to your ego.
  • The end of the ego is the beginning of your spiritual journey.

How to Have a Profound Meditation Experience!


Patience is love, so be extra patient with yourself. It may take you months and even years to learn how to meditate.

Trust your inner guidance always over others’ instructions. Listen to the guru within you!

If you perhaps find a teacher who fits you like a glove (makes your heart sing and brings peace to your soul) stay with that teacher until they no longer do this for you.

It can be empowering to learn how to meditate all on your own. Just please be extra patient with your progress and give yourself plenty of time to learn how to let go.

If you enjoyed this information on my page above and are curious for more, you can try out one of my guided meditations for FREE!

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