The Millionaire Manifesting Meditation

What you will experience...

  • A guided meditation journey that will help you release financial burdens and feelings of lack in your life!
  • A dramatic increase in your ability to access and live from your powerful abundant self. 
  • The ability to deeply feel and experience what it is like to be a multi-millionaire.

These guided audio meditations will help you access boundless financial abundance!


 Become a Multi-Millionaire!


These Money Meditation are guided journeys designed to support you in awakening to the powerfully abundant being that you already are.   These meditations will allow you to relax about your current financial state, and embrace your financially free self.  As you do each meditation, you will experience yourself receiving the kind of financial wealth you deserve, and feel the supreme joy of becoming a Millionaire!

A Millionaire is someone that uses his or her wealth to support the evolution of the planetary consciousness.

Have you been struggling to become financially abundant?  Many people find themselves trapped in a vicious circle of lack.  They have financial debts or burdens that weigh down their energy field, attracting even more financial challenges to them.  According to the Laws of Attraction, what you focus on is what you magnetize to you.  So focusing on your financial troubles will keep you stuck in a state of lack. 

A Millionaire Meditation is the perfect tool to help you relax about your current financial situation, and transform your mental and emotional states around money and financial prosperity.  This meditation supports you in living from an entirely different place where you know  and feel that you are already a millionaire. 

The Universe is literally brimming with infinite potentiality.  All you need to do is to align yourself with the potentiality of wealth to start experiencing the kind of abundance you desire in your life.   

To date, our society has propagated the false belief that only a lucky few can enjoy true financial wealth.  As a result, there exists a feeling of scarcity around being a millionaire in the global field of consciousness.  You may, in fact, be unconsciously stopping yourself from amassing wealth out of fear of taking it away from others.  The absolute truth is that the Universe is so naturally abundant that everybody on the planet.

Each Millionaire Meditation supports you in seeing abundance blossom for all of your community.  It allows you to experience how your millionaire-hood will serve as a vehicle for transitioning the entire planet into a more abundant healthy state.  As a Millionaire, you will naturally attract opportunities and resources to you that further the development of wealth and well-being for all of your fellow citizens on this planet.  We can no longer afford to be self-centered and hoard our wealth.  It is time for all of us to harness our natural manifesting abilities and create abundance for the masses.

Each time you do a Millionaire Meditation, your subconscious mind will be programmed with an experience of feeling infinite riches coming into your life.  You will literally feel money raining down from the heavens and blessing you and all of your community with financial abundance. You will gain a profound experience of what it is like to bathe in an infinite sea of money.

As your body-mind taps into this experience of being a Spiritual Millionaire, your energy field will shift into a vibration that matches this abundant state.   The Universe automatically tunes into this vibrational state and sends you experiences that resonate with this abundant energy field.  The truth is simple, if you can truly feel like a millionaire and send that energy out to the entire Universe all day, the Universe will one day manifest millionaire-hood physically for you.


The Millionaire Manifesting Meditations



With these Guided Meditations you can magnetize more financial abundance into your life!



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