The Manifesting Manual Audiobook!


The Manifesting Manual Audiobook! This is a 12 hour deeply enlightening experience and your first step to attending our Manifesting University. The information you’ll receive will help you magnetize everything you want from total financial freedom, to enlightened loving relationships, to having a peak state of energy for the rest of your life! You’ll learn exactly how to awaken your manifesting powers, transcend your saboteurs and blocks, and receive ALL the essential tools, techniques and technology you’ll need to manifest the life of your dreams. This course contains ancient secrets to enlightenment which fuel the most powerful and effective manifesting technology on the planet today. Instead of reading the Manifesting Manual, you can listen to all 14 mind blowing chapters wherever you are. Get ready to experience the most powerful transformation in your life! You’re about to enlighten your consciousness, skyrocket your manifesting vibration and learn how to attract your dream life with joy and effortless ease.

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