The Enlightened Beings Quiz

What does it mean to become Enlightened?

Does becoming "enlightened" mean that you develop special psychic powers, can read people's minds, and see far into the future? Or does being enlightened mean that you will never have a negative thought or challenging emotional experience in life ever again? Does it mean that we become totally at peace with our past, future and truly humble and vulnerable in our relationships so that we never argue with anyone ever again? What is your viewpoint on how to become liberated from any type of suffering in this life?  

How Enlightened Are You?

There are a million different ways we can live our lives, and not one of them is wrong.  Many people throughout history have discovered a more liberating way of experiencing reality that has allowed them to feel a deep joy, inner peace, and continuous gratitude for the way things are. These beings feel free to express themselves with love, unbounded creativity, and are unconditionally compassionate and kind in their relationships, because they have a totally fearless experience of life. 

Inquire the Truth Within

My quiz below is an enlightening exercise which will help you take this deeper introspective look into yourself and explore the enlightening (and unenlightening) habits you are currently participating in which are creating a more spiritually liberated and enlightened life. The invitation is to explore for yourself what it means to be truly free and reach a level of consciousness where you know that everything is exactly divine and as it should be. I invite you to make some time to consider what being enlightened means to you, and you can Click Here to explore in depth what I believe it means to be enlightened.

Instructions: For each section, select the one answer which generally feels closest to where you are currently at in your life today, and then click the NEXT button below...
Generally how often do you smile, laugh and take this life lightly?
How long can you sit completely still with a relaxed body and keep your mind in a state of single-pointed awareness?
How often do you feel at peace with yourself and the world?
What does your weekly diet consist of?
How often do you connect with a Divine or Sacred quality in other people?
How do you experience your typical daily spiritual Reality?
7) EGO
What is your relationship like with your ego?
How physically close and intimate are you with new people?
What is your relationship with sensuality and sexual energy?
How deeply connected do you feel with your own soul?

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