Super Manifestor Refund Form

As stated in our Super Manifestor Refund Policy, your agreed purchase can only be refunded IF you can prove how you have followed each of The 8 Manifesting Habits found inside the 90 Day Manifesting Routine E-book over the 90 consecutive days and received zero positive changes in your life.

Please do not request a refund until we can speak over a phone call about how you have attempted to follow each one of the 8 Manifesting Habits found inside your 90 day program.

Please Note: If you’ve listened to the audio manifesting meditations and you still have not read and/or followed all 8 Manifesting Habits exactly, this does not meet our refund qualifications. What works in skyrocketing your Manifesting Abilities is following these 8 Manifesting Habits for 90 days in a row. The audios are used for psychological, emotional and energetic support.

REFUND INSTRUCTIONS: If you have followed each of the 8 manifesting habits for 6 days a week over the last 12 weeks, then please proceed to filling out each section of the entire form below… Thank You! 🙏