Super Manifestation “Rocket Fuel” Formula

The Ultimate Green Juice Experience!

Would You Like to SKYROCKET your Natural Ability to Manifest your Dream Life with Joy and Effortless Ease?

I’m sure you know about the power from setting a manifestation intention…yet, what I’m about to share with you will dramatically transform what you thought was possible in the world of manifestation!

My name is Jafree Ozwald and I have been teaching the Science and Art of Manifestation for over 20 years. In my own personal journey through life, I have discovered the essential Manifestation Secrets that every human being needs to turn themselves into a Super Manifestation Master.  

You might already understand the basic manifesting principles but if you aren’t seeing rapid results in the physical world, well… there is some VERY essential that you’re missing.

The Ultimate Guidebook below that will solve this issue for you!

I’m going to show you how your body can be radiating with the joy, love, vitality, and abundance 24/7… so that you don’t have to reach for caffeine or energy drinks that only deplete your adrenal glands in the end.

When you are living off of green supercharged “rocket fuel”, every cell in your body acts like a vibratory antenna to attract the life that you want. 

Like a billion manifesting assistants endlessly petitioning infinity on your behalf for the abundance that is your birthright. When your cells are accessing this powerful healing fuel, they naturally open you up to this abundance internally and externally.

Would you expect NASA’s space rockets to reach the moon if they were running on diesel fuel?

Your body and mind are exactly the same. You cannot expect to reach your life’s biggest dreams when you’re feeding your cells low vibratory fuel and your organs haven’t had an oil change in years.

Think about would your life FEEL like if every cell in your body was FLOODED with creative, clear, manifesting energy all day long and was CONSTANTLY sending out these positive intentions for you? 

When you’re feeding your body with the highest frequency fuels it is MUCH MUCH easier to create the life that you want. In fact, sometimes you’ll see miraculous manifestations happen for you instantly!!

 Let me show you what is possible… 

Here are the gifts you will experience by committing
to this journey over the next 3 weeks…

  • Accessing your source of boundless energy to allow you to accomplish your goals

  • Increased Vitality & Sexual Endurance

  • All of the powerful health benefits that come with transforming your diet

  • The unfolding of a clear mind that bring forth the manifestation of your dream life

  • Emotional balance that allows improved performance in life and relationships

  • A clear concise path towards cleansing your body, mind, and soul from the inside out

How this cleanse will affect your Spiritual Clarity?

  • You’ll Have a Realistic and Dependable Energetic Health Guide for Living In and Maintaining the Enlightened State of 5D Consciousness

  • You’ll discover the physical foundation you’ll need for an easier rise and flow of Kundalini energy

  • You’ll Be Guided Through your ‘Rite of Passage’ which is the physical and spiritual purification towards Sainthood and Enlightenment

  • You’ll naturally be inspiring and empowering your friends and family by becoming a living testimony to the spiritual power of physical cleansing

  • You’ll explore how the inner spaciousness and clarity you tap into will effortlessly uncover your highest life mission and purpose

  • You’ll experience a grounded way of being that makes room for more joy, clarity, and certainty on your spiritual path

What you’ll receive INSIDE my Ultimate Guidebook To Experience The Miracle Of A Green Juice Cleanse!

  • The Essential Guidebook for Making Organic, Raw, Healthy Juices Designed To Enlighten your Life From The Inside-out

  • The Empowerment and Testimony Required To Start You On Your Powerful Journey

  • My Personal Rocket Fuel Smoothie Recipes That Will Send Your Body Into an Energetically Grounded and Balanced Way of Daily Living

  • My Personal Rocket ‘Fuel Juice’ Green Juice Recipes That Will Revitalize Your Mind, Balance Your Body And Ignite Your Spirit

  • AN Ancient Hawaiian Colon Cleansing Formula That Is The Ultimate Detox Path for Cleaning the Mucoid Plaque Out of Your Intestinal Tract

  • The Key To Balancing Your Green Juices To Prevent Candida Overgrowth and Future Disease!

Take My 21 Day Cleansing Challenge!!

This is your official invitation to take on my 21 Day Challenge of drinking Green Juice every day so that you can know with certainty that you’re drawing your dream life to you from the inside and out.

The upward spiraling effects of these 21 days are what I personally experienced on my own health journey that led to me to heal many aspects of my life.

The power you’ll gain from taking on this challenge allows for accumulative effects that will energetically move mountains in your life.

This guide is designed to meet you wherever you currently are on your spiritual journey.

You don’t have to jump right into the deep end straight away. (Unless you want to, that is!)

In fact, The Miracle of Green Juice Cleanse is created to ease you in from whatever lifestyle you’re currently living.

When you attack this journey from all angles, the universe MUST give you what you want!

A green juice cleanse isn’t just about your health… 

Because the adventure that you’re about to go on completely transcends the amazing health benefits that come standard with this kind of lifestyle.

This is a manual that I’ve personally designed to support your leap into transforming your reality from the inside out by handling the EMPOWERMENT of your physical incarnation.

This kind of shift works synergistically with your spiritual practices.

See, a lot of people will focus on the spiritual but neglect the physical.

Yes, it’s true that everything physical is born and reflected out of the non-physical… 

But we came to this earth to balance both body and soul. Our work is to embrace the gifts that we have been given.

When you turn your body into a supercharged spiritual temple through this green juice cleanse – your entire being begins to dance in ecstasy as the vibration of your being continuously attracts higher and higher energies.

When this knowledge is taught in college our world will become a completely different place.

What’s soooo special about my Green Juice recipes?

Nothing, actually! There are no magic or super-special ingredients here – nothing that you shouldn’t be able to find at your local grocery store.

But this isn’t your typical “101 Green-Juices” recipe book either.

There is already an unlimited number of juice recipes out there, after all.

Instead, inside this program are a few simple and powerful recipes that I know for a fact work to create the transformation you seek.

I’m not asking you to go on this journey just to experience the usual tremendous health benefits that come with a high-quality diet.

In fact, if that’s all you’re looking for, then look elsewhere!

Instead, I’m inviting you to make the kind of commitment that can totally and radically change your entire being, dramatically raise your vibration and create the foundational change that is going to support you for the rest of your life.

You Will Become The Source of Your Transformation

Your small investment in this guide represents your INTENTION and COMMITMENT towards cleansing your body so that you can begin to see the rapid results that you’ve always wanted.

It’s ultimately the context of the DECISION that you can make right now that will plant the seed that will grow into your greatest destiny.

It’s the ALIGNMENT that I will help you to create that will carry you like a river into the vitality that you know is already yours.

I’m going to personally take you by the hand and imbue you with the faith and testimony that’s required to make this kind of commitment.

This is the secret that prevents you from falling off track like you may have done in other health kicks.

The benefits of the incredible green-juice are really just the icing on the cake!


What are you willing to give up?

What if instead of spending your next $7 on a meal that you know you probably shouldn’t be eating, or your next coffee and donut…

What if instead… you invested it on the essential cleansing path to will access your highest self and learn how to manifest anything you want in your life?

What do you think could happen if you make the decision to invest those few bucks on a pathway that is going to fundamentally change you for the rest of your life?

Have FAITH in your ability to change your health and your life and it’s my promise that soon your FAITH will be replaced by CONVICTION IN THE UNDENIABLE FACTS that manifest before your eyes!!

You will become a living testimony to the vitality that has enhanced every aspect of my life and that I want to share with you today.

In fact, Just to eliminate any risk for you…

I’m so convinced that you will experience radical positive shifts after 21 days that if you have genuinely engaged with it and aren’t totally satisfied with your results, I will refund the full amount. You have nothing to lose and a divine adventure to gain…

Instantly Download Your Ultimate Guidebook Now!

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