Say YES to your Life!

Say YES to your Life! Written By Jafree Ozwald   The word "YES" in any language is one of the most powerful words you can use.  It will instantaneously and naturally expand your energy field, and make you more receptive to what the Universe is offering you.  When you say YES it vibrates your vocal cords and creates a powerful resonance in your body sending out positive vibrations into your world.  Take a moment right now to discover what YES feels like when you just think this thought.  Say the word YES in your mind several times getting louder each time.  How does it make you feel?  Did you notice any energy shift inside?  Most people sense their energy is expanding and they feel more joyful and open to life.  Saying this magical word on your inner world is only a small portion of the power you can tap into.  We recommend saying YES out loud to the Universe if you really want to energetically open up your being and manifest whatever desire is trying to come your way.

"There is a life-affirming spark within you which constantly nudges you towards saying yes to life. Create your YES list; a list of all the things you want to say YES to, and be prepared to be amazed.  ~ Linda MacDonald 

If you want a great secret to quickly manifesting your dream life, always start with the end result first.  This means that AFTER you receive the goodies the Universe is trying to gift you, what will your end result response be?  You will naturally say YES or some form of "thank you" in response.  So start with saying YES now and you’ll put the horse in front of the cart and get things moving!

In each moment, the Universe is offering you a multitude of opportunities and experiences to say YES to.  Every time you open up to what is showing up in your life and welcome it fully, you shift your energy field to a YES vibration.  Saying YES to life is about saying "yes’ to the totality of what is here now, and playing the game of life fully.   When you say YES to what is happening now, your energy body expands and begins to attract even more positive experiences.  Imagine yourself to be like a newly blossoming flower.  As you say YES each one of your petals opens to the Sun, allowing you to easily receive the bounty of warmth and love the Universe is offering.

"The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day." ~ Charles R. Swindoll   Now you are probably wondering if you’re saying YES to everything, how can you say YES to something you don’t want to manifest in the future or re-experience from your past.  The secret is in using a much BIGGER YES!  For example, if you come out of the grocery store and find out that someone put a scratch in your new car, you could get furious by saying NO to the experience, refusing to be at peace with it and become angry at everyone the entire week.  What we mean by saying YES to something negative in life, you are choosing to be in a state of acceptance and peace with it.  You will not attract more negative experiences when you are at peace with what is.  Like attracts like, so you will attract peaceful experiences instead.  Since "negative" events happen at some point in everyone’s life, the more you can learn how to open, relax and embrace this situation, the easier it will be to transcend it and move on to higher experiences.

"To say yes, you have to sweat and roll up your sleeves and plunge both hands into life up to the elbows. It’s easy to say no, even if it means dying."  ~ Jean Anouilh

So what do you really have difficulty saying YES to in your life?  Think about that one thing that you dislike about your life or something you’ve been resisting or avoiding.  Notice how you start feeling by saying YES to it as a way of finding peace with it.  Say YES to the sensations of relaxation and peace you’ll have when you are free from it.  Most people aren’t easily manifesting what they want because of these energetic blocks inside.  By saying YES to the things that your mind is resisting you instantly start to transcend it.  For example, perhaps you were afraid of not having enough money, and have been saying NO to feelings of desperation and lack.  When you can allow yourself to welcome this experience, it starts to move through you and eventually leaves your body. Whatever you resist will persist, and when you can welcome it with open arms, the negative energy actually dissipates.  So imagine that you are opening your arms to any feelings that you’ve been avoiding right now.  Say YES to having these feelings and just welcome all that is there without having to change it in any way.  The power of YES is sooo strong that you’ll quickly notice these feelings become smaller and smaller.

If you want to become the master of your life this is where it starts.  Learning how to say YES to ALL of your life.  Learn many more amazing techniques and manifesting meditations to become the Manifesting Master of your life with our Manifesting Master Package!  Harness the extraordinary power of saying YES to this experience by Clicking Here Now!

Sending many many many blessings to you, Margot and Jafree   Copyright 2010. Enlightened Beings. All Rights Reserved.

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