Secrets to Manifesting Money #1

Have you taken your Money Shower lately?By Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaherwww.EnlightenedBeings.comYou’ll find this exercise and many more money powerful manifesting techniques in the e-book How to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration. You can instantly download a copy at This is a super fun and freeing experience that will raise your Money Vibration and show you that your thoughts/feelings are what manifest results in your life!!

Here’s what you do. Get 3 or 4 fun friends together and have each person bring over 100 one dollar bills. Then have everyone throw all their bills into the air and scream, YAHOOOOO! WE ARE RICH!! Take a mental photograph of the moment, holding the image for at least 30 seconds in your mind. Put your favorite celebration music on and watch the bills falling from the sky! Let go and play! Grab as much money as you can on the floor, jump up in the air and shower yourself again! Notice what it feels like as the bills are gliding over your face, head, shoulders and body. Feel the abundance all around you. Continue to shower yourself with these bills while doing your millionaire money dance! Next, take turns having each person lie on their back as everyone else sprinkles money over them. Everybody chants to the person on the floor many times, YOU ARE RICH! Ask them how it feels to be showered with money and take a picture of them laughing and rolling around in all this money. Could you imagine being showered by 500 one dollar bills, or better yet 500 one hundred dollar bills? As your manifesting vibration increases, we invite you to use bills with higher denominations. We did this exercise with $20,000 and took a picture of each other and put it on our Manifesting Dream Boards. After we did this exercise our income increased by 200% the following month!

"The purpose money is to go on moving from one hand to another hand. That’s why it is called currency: it has to remain like a current, moving. The more it moves the better, the richer the society becomes. If I have one rupee and it goes on moving and it moves to five thousand rupees. The more it moves, the more money is created. It has functioned as if there were five thousand rupees – just one rupee!"  ~Osho.

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