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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of paypal account do I need? An individual or a business account? 

You can use either.  Simply visit to sign up and receive your account for free!

Q: If I cannot get a paypal account can I still participate?

Sorry, unfortunately we only pay commissions via paypal.  Perhaps if you know someone who already has a paypal account, you might ask to share your commissions with them.

Q: When will I get paid??

We will paypal you after the 1st business day of each month.

Q: I lost my password and login information, how do I retrieve it?

Simply click on this link and you can retrieve your lost information.

Q: Can I sign up for an affiliate account to purchase your materials and receive an extra 50% discount from the commission I receive back? Nope. This would qualify as an abuse of the system and any affiliate who does this will be disqualified from receiving further commissions in our system.

Q: Can I manually send my friends or family your FREE Enlightening Gifts?

We do allow you to share our FREE materials on as long as they are ONLY associated with your Super Affiliate link and with no other products or offers. If you do associate other offers with our blog articles or affiliate account, we will deactivate your account.

Q: Can I add random people to my email list and send them your blog without their permission? 

This day and age even if it’s your best friend, adding someone to an email list without their personal consent is still considered SPAM and is highly illegal. The best thing to generate sales is send people your affiliate link and have them signup for the FREE Manifesting Gifts.  After they instantly download the free gift, contact them and ask them what their experience was. Then in your next connection send them your affiliate link to download the Super Manifesting Program. It’s the most effective approach to generate new sales.

Q:  Can I post any of your articles to my blog or webpage and type in my Super Affiliate website (URL) at the bottom of the article?

Yes.  As long as you leave the article intact exactly as it is, and the only thing you change is replacing the URL you find in our article with any of the Super Affiliate links, then you are free to share our articles with the world.  You may post our articles on your website, forums, blogs etc. Our articles, blog and manifesting materials are copyrighted, so please do not use it for any other means than marketing our products.

Q: Do I have to pay for or maintain my Super Affiliate websites in any way?

No.  Everything is always free and we will always maintain everything for you.

Q: Why do we use “cookies” to track affiliate sales?

By default, the duration of the cookie is set to 30 days. This means if a user comes to your site via an affiliate link and purchases something within 30 days, the affiliate who referred the user will receive a commission for it. We’ve found that using cookies allows you to receive a commission for a potentially lost sale.  If you would like to read more about how cookies work click here. 

Q: How do I direct TONS of traffic to all my Super Affiliate websites?

There are many ways to increase traffic.  I’ve listed the most effective ideas that will work for you by following the special marketing instructions given at this link.

Great job at manifesting this amazing opportunity!

Have fun enlightening the planet and getting paid for it!

Jafree Ozwald, Founder & Creator

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