Tantric Relationship

How to Manifest a Tantric Relationship

The Secrets to Creating a Spiritually Alive Sexual Relationship with your Partner

Written by Jafree Ozwald

First of all, I’d like to say that the reason I feel that I have any sort of authority to write an article how to create a successful intimate loving relationship is that I’ve had over 30+ years of hard core practice. With 27 intimate relationships and 2 healthy divorces behind me, I’ve developed the ability to create a deeply loving intimate relationships. I’ve learned something spiritually essential with each partner I’ve had along the way, and see each relationship as a successful encounter.

The intimate relationships of my life have touched me on the deepest spiritual levels. I’ve learned how to be authentic, speak from the heart, and communicate my truth from a place of love in the face of fear. I’ve learned the power of keeping my heart open no matter what happens, the magic of tantric intimacy, and how to bring a woman into a cosmic orgasm. I’ve discovered that these 3 explorations are society’s main missing ingredients needed for successful long term relationships. If every human being on Earth was practicing these, we would all be supporting each other to reach our highest spiritual potential, and deepest fulfillment in this lifetime.

If there was one golden key to manifesting a long term intimate loving relationship it would be the ability to have an open heart and mind at all times. This means dropping all attachment to ego. In order to achieve this great feat, you’ll need to reach a very high vibration of energy and consciousness. Which is why I’ve created online Super Manifesting Program! This 90 day experience has helped tens of thousands of people from 60+ countries around the world how to achieve this highest state in 90 days or less! I personally guarantee it will work a profound magic in your life as well.

Even if you’ve been struggling for years trying to create an intimate loving relationship that fits your sensitive soul, now is the perfect the time to experiment with a new angle and more enlightened approach. There are no coincidences in this intelligent Universe, and you didn’t come across this article by chance. Consider this article as an Enlightened Message from your Soul to start inventing, investing in, and manifesting a new love life that meets your emotional, sensual and sexual needs. Are you ready for this?

What if I told you that you have this awesome amazing spiritual power inside you that will instantly dissolve away every challenge you’re having in your love life. Would you be willing to invest some time and energy in removing the egoic mask to awaken this divine sleeping power inside you? If you’re interested I’d like you to start with taking a deep breath of air and relaxing your body as much as you possibly can.

Now… imagine what it’s like to already have that perfect intimate loving relationship with your partner right now. Feel this is the truth in this very moment. Yes! You are going to have the deepest, most profound love affair with your partner tonight! Are you excited? How does this feel? How are you feeling and thinking differently about your partner? What actually changed in you? Once you awaken your natural manifesting powers, you will see how easy it is to pull any desire or dream you have into your living breathing reality.


The Great Secrets to Shifting from Ego into a Soul Based Relationship

The first basic step on this sacred journey is learning how to shift out of relating to your partner from a place of ego to the space of spirit. Ego always feels a lack in life, so its constantly thinking about what’s in it for me. Soul based interactions come from feeling of infinite abundance, and so one naturally responds with some variation of how can I best be of service. The heart tightens and protects when we’re relating from ego, and is opening and expanding when coming from Spirit or Soul.

In each moment, we have the opportunity to meet our mate from the demanding impatient ego’s agenda, or our timeless eternal Spirit. The power to make this shift starts with our imagination. We can alter how we are viewing a challenging situation with our partner by shifting the dimension where we are coming from. We can perceive this lifetime on Earth as one huge cosmic classroom, and creating a successful intimate loving relationship is getting our masters degree and PhD.


How To Know You’re Coming From Ego

The ego is that incomplete part inside who is constantly lacking love. In the spiritual context, its the “I” thought (or who you refer to as “me”) who believes it is separate from the God Source. It’s not the pure awareness that is conscious of the “me”, yet the vast collection of beliefs, thoughts and rules all around the limiting idea of “me”.

When we are coming from our ego we are not coming from love. We are coming from lack, limitation, worry, impatience, fear, mistrust, control, powerlessness and a feeling of separation. All arguments, fights, and power struggle dynamics in relationship stem from an ego based paradigm. We see life as a survival school from womb to the grave, where striving for more money is what millions are fighting for everyday. And why are we here on Earth? What is our real soul’s purpose? Are we here just to get all of our ego’s needs met and then we die?

The level of consciousness we are coming from always mirrors the level of relationship we are manifesting. If we ourselves are living our lives from ego, our partner must also live from ego in order to continue being in the same relationship with us. Once we learn how to transcend our ego and come from our spiritual nature, our partner must also drop their ego in order to remain in relationship with us.

The fear that many couples have in their relationship is that they will spiritually outgrow their partner if they work on themselves, and this will ultimately end the relationship. Real spiritual growth is never what kills a relationship, but rather the lack of it which makes people move on. What makes everyone evolve is real love. This is the most powerful force in the Universe and it’s highly contagious.

When we are truly rooted and touching our spiritual core 24-7 there is only love radiating in the field of energy all around us. We are like a radiate Sun that everyone feels good being around. This love is very real, extremely powerful and will energetically penetrate into the core heart of whomever is in our presence.

When our partner spends time with us, their mind and heart are forced to relax and open. It becomes very obvious how wrong it feels for them to live from ego. All the reasons they had to be angry, mistrusting, in lack and fear simply melt away. The block of ice they were hiding behind is melted by the blazing warm light of the Sun. They realize how joyful, blissful and amazing life feels again, and know its from being with you. Your presence is the guiding light, helping them understand how to live a spiritual life in trust, love and joy again.


The Sneaky Signs that We Have a Spiritualized Ego

The journey to spiritual awakening in our partnership can be a tricky one at times. It can elude us to the point where we don’t how to discern who we truly are and what our spiritual path is. We can get lost in some intellectual search for spirituality, thinking we are God, and that who we are is the only source of love in the Universe.

The spiritual ego is easily formed for anyone who has had a glimpse of self realization, and then is needing to integrate the ego and its limiting world. One can become isolated on the tip of ones spiritual quest, thinking they have arrived at knowing all there is to know in the Universe. The momentary joy of finding one big spiritual truth morphs into one grand illusion that eternal happiness is here to stay.

The spiritual ego trip works like a sedative for feeling the raw too real human pain that has been ignored inside. The spiritual ego mask is put on, and others are wooed by the sparkle and fancy regurgitated wisdom that it provides. When the spiritual ego rears its head in a partnership, it becomes the most dangerous of all facets of ego.

If our partner is having an emotional meltdown, Instead of opening up the spiritually warm heart whilst moving energetically closer with compassion to melt the egoic ice, the spiritualized ego pulls back to protect itself instead. It behaves just the same as all forms of ego, and tends to remain emotionally distant from any form of pain our partner may be having.

The spiritual ego may seem like its on top of the world, yet in truth it is deeply afraid our partner has the power to hurt and destroy us, and it does. The spiritual ego mask would be quickly demolished if an ounce of our partners pain would be felt and allowed in. The spiritual ego is so clever and quick, and often pulls away with judgment and blame while giving our partner unasked for advice and spiritual direction.

The biggest and most challenging culprit on the spiritual path is the spiritualized ego. To truly be free from all levels of ego, one must see the games, plot and strategy ones spiritual ego is playing. through that egoic mind that believes it is spiritual being. The awareness of our spiritual ego allows for the recognition of our true spiritual nature. This discernment is the final enlightenment exam of breaking free from the ego.

The spiritualized ego is perhaps the greatest ego trip in disguise. It is wearing the sneaky mask of how can I have my way with you and yet proclaims to be this all loving perfect fluffy holy being. The spiritual ego feels that it is coming from a higher more evolved perspective because it thinks, “I am a spiritual being and not some lowly human.” Clearly, the ego is creating more separation from the unacceptable parts of itself, claiming that it is only the high and almighty divine source and nothing else.

When the spiritual ego runs amuck, we cannot so easily see why, how or if we are suffering. The spiritual fantasy encapsulates our brain, and the idea that we are divine becomes more entertaining and addicting than the actual experience of being Divine. It is the greatest trap in the spiritual path, and once we are willing to embrace all of our darkness and our light, allowing for who we are to be bigger than both worlds, we will discover the end of our suffering and the doorway to freedom.


How to Tell If Your Spiritual Ego Is Running the Show

The spiritual ego is the most slippery, hidden and tricky of all egoic facets, and nearly impossible to grasp. It’s like water, it will run through your hands if you try to grab hold of it, and can only be contained when frozen solid. So how do we know for sure when we are living from a spiritual ego and not coming from our soul? Simply ask yourself if you’re truly at peace. If not, there is a 99% chance that your ego is still in control somewhere.

If you’re not certain, look at how many hours in a day you’re spending in total peace and bliss. Ask yourself if you are living in bliss (all day long) or you’re trying to believe that you are. Feeling and imagining that you are deeply happy are two very different experiences. Real happiness needs no intellectual fabrication to arrive in joy. It has no reason needed to be happy, just existing is enough.

If you’re generally happy throughout your day and yet not involved in a long term intimate relationship, you’ve not passed the final litmus test whether the ego is the ringmaster behind the show. The only true determining factor here comes down to pure honesty with yourself. Only your heart knows if you are truly happy and having a spiritual experience of life all the time.

If you still are uncertain you’re caught in an spiritualized ego, you can always find some form of reflection in how your partners respond. Is their face light up with joy when you connect with them? They are your closest most honest mirror and best friend, the one who will let you know if all your actions are truly coming from love or fear. Just watch, wait listen and observe closely. People always relax when a real Buddha has entered the room.


How to Deal with a Deeply Stuck Wounded Partner

It’s vital to remember that it’s not your job to fix, heal or change your partner. They are not a machine that can be broken. They are also a Divine God Being with the same natural powers that you have, to manifest anything their heart desires at any place and time. If your partner is temporarily (or perpetually) addicted to certain unhealthy thought patterns, emotions and substances, they are trying to relieve the massive iceberg of pain underneath the surface. All addictions come from a need to relieve pain.

As we look inwards and drop our attachment to our ego, our partner will in time do the same. The key here is not waiting impatiently for them to change, yet putting everything in God’s hands, knowing all you can do is enlighten yourself. Naturally, when you are as bright as the Sun, their ego will melt in the light of your love. You can even see it happening with your very eyes, its just like how sunshine melts an block of ice on the sidewalk. So major patience is always a huge determining factor in this journey. Notice if you have expectations, assumptions and a hidden agenda. This is all coming from ego. Look inside to see how deeply you’re connected with your spiritual source and make that your real goal.

Ultimately, when we relax and know that everything is in God’s hands, our relationship blossoms in the most magical ways. It’s always the responsibility of the Universe/God Source about what’s needed for our partner to truly transform, how quickly it will happen, and the mystery of why it finally occurred. Just know that every soul has come to Earth to spiritually wake up, and there are an infinite number of creative ways how this can manifest.

We cannot know in any given moment what is right or wrong for another human being. We can only hope that we can be quiet enough inside our own mind, to hear our own intuition saying what is right or wrong for ourselves. The best course of action we can take in any challenging relationship is to spiritually work on ourselves. This always means to exponentially increase the level of love we are giving to everyone and to ourselves. When we are continuously radiating love and enjoying the journey, our ego drops naturally on its own accord.


Create a Loving Supportive Ego Liberating Community

When we are living in connection with our heart, soul and spiritual source, we naturally create soul based connections with everyone we meet. Everyone around us, including our partner, becomes an opportunity for greater love and to see a deeper reflection of the Divine. Our simple loving existence will automatically manifest a support system and create a loving caring community of people around us. When our partner sees how many people’s lives we touch everyday, the cold walls around their heart will melt in deep reverence.

Our community of friends and extended spiritual family are where we receive the reflection about how our progress is going. The world is our mirror, and others become our greatest teachers to reflect back to us what’s really happening inside of us. In each new encounter, we are given feedback about how much we are coming from ego, or overflowing with joy, appreciation, lightness and unconditional love.

In those challenging times when we are about to make a major breakthrough of living more often from soul than our ego, we may need the support of a loving community. It’s not necessary, yet it can help our animalistic tribal brain to relax, and trust the 3rd side of the coin which says we are both ego and divine.

When we make the final shift from ego to soul, we need to let go of depending on the outer world for support and allow ourselves to meet with the Divine being totally alone. This is where the ego cannot hide or be distracted by some outer cause. When you are alone in the mountains by yourself for many days (or weeks if you have the time) you can have the spiritual adventure of a lifetime! You can get to know yourself on the deepest level and make the most spiritual progress that is possible.


The Secret Awakening Power You Can Give your Intimate Partner

Most of us don’t have the money, luxury or courage to break away from our jobs or family’s to head into the hills to be alone for a month. If you try to do it, at least 10 good reasons will try to stop you and keep you in the same routine at home. If you are unable to physically break free, this perhaps becomes one of the best (and more challenging) aspects of having an intimate partner. They become the one and only super special person who can instantly awaken us from our deepest egoic slumber.

Your partner naturally has this powerful secret ability to deliver the greatest wake up call of awareness to your ego. They will somehow, someway find those hidden abandoned, fearful, anxious, neglected, unloved or wounded areas inside yourself where you somehow forgot to look. It can happen in one word, one glance, or even their silence in a response, we can get emotionally triggered and see the intimate details of how we are still attached to our small unlovable ego.

The power you’re giving your partner to awaken you doesn’t come from them, yet it comes from your listening perspective. How are you listening to them? Are you listening from your past or your projection into your future? Are you listening from your soul or from you ego? It doesn’t matter if your partner is spiritually awake or not yet. They are already intimately intertwined around your heart and this is what truly matters. This one person will always be your biggest ego button pusher, and thus the most intense motivator to open your heart wider, and push you deeper into higher levels of compassion for yourself and the world.

It’s really not important that your partner knows that they have this secret awakening power over your ego. If they do, it just becomes another egoic hurdle for each soul to have to jump over. This exploration is only for you and your inner world. Just know that it is their soul’s spiritual job to make sure that all of your hidden darkest closets are opened wide and cleaned out. Be aware that when your awareness is most dim, is the most likely time when your monsters from your past will come out to play.

When we honor the master/student dynamic with the higher self or soul of our partner, we stop blaming them and start thanking them instead. We stop focusing on how they need to change, and instead we use our creative energy to liberate ourselves from the habitual ego patterns we are stuck in. The reactions we have of feeling stuck, discouraged, abandoned, angry, disempowered, and hopeless are all manifestations and visceral proof that we are still living from our ego. When we only respond in gratitude and love, we are seeing and feeling the greatest spiritual reality there is, and living our true life mission on Earth.

Your job with your partner is to be loving in the most honest, unique, creative and empowering ways. Your mission is relate with them from the very depth of your being, from your very soul. This is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to your partner. For when you are authentic in your every response, your integrity with your spiritual growth will be solid, and the clarity you receive will make you into one of the best students of life who can truly trust themselves.


Tantric Intimacy Training: How to Instantly Ignite the Power in your Soul

If there is one thing in life that we all want and yet are terrified of is amazing tantric sex. We want to experience the deepest spiritual sexual connection, yet all our societal hypnotic training says that this is definitely not OK and merging sex and spirit is perhaps the greatest sin man can make.

Tantra is the sexual path to spiritual enlightenment. It is the most natural exploration two lovers can make who are devoted to creating a life together. When a couple decides to open the doors between sexuality and spirituality, there is every possibility that great magic will pour through. If you’re interested in manifesting your dream life with your partner, I highly suggest you read about the magical manifesting power of the Kundalini.

Those who manifest their dream relationships are the ones who truly trust themselves. By merging sex and soul, we have to have absolute trust in ourselves over everything that society has taught us about life. Often the main initial reason why a loving intimate relationship started, was because of sexual interest in each other. There was such a strong physical, sensual or sexual attraction that it magnetized the couple out of their social setting until they took it home and dove into bed together.

For a long term relationship to work, sex has to be addressed and practiced daily. Yes, daily. If you want to experience the magical tantric connection between your energy, you need to practice having tantric sex at least 6 days a week. Of course its healthy to take some time off to gain perspective and give it all a rest, yet if you’re practicing for the Olympic Gold Metal in long jumping, you’re not going to get very far if you’re going to the field once or twice a week.

Tantric sex is perhaps the most important essential secret for any intimate loving relationship to work harmoniously long term. There are too many benefits physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually from having daily sex to not make it a priority. Sex has to take precedence and vital importance in your relationship, and feel just like you wouldn’t go a day without brushing your teeth. Believe me, after just the first month of having sex every 24 hours, your ego will be quite easy to tame, and you will be emailing me with the most amazing deep letter of sincere appreciation and gratitude.


The Divine Set Up: Why you Need to Shift from Ego to Soul

Awakening from our ego trip is a major undertaking, so first off we need to respect the immensity of it. Most likely you’ve been attempting to conquer your ego for lifetimes, and have perhaps made baby steps along the way. The good news is that there is more spiritual awakening momentum right now on the planet than there has ever been before in our spiritual history. With the internet sharing information at light speed, the spiritual growth field is rapidly increasing, and will soon be going viral. It will only become easier and easier to wake up.

If you want to be on the head of the enlightenment locomotive instead of the caboose, you’ll need to truly detach from the relentless grip of the ego as quickly, deeply and as often as possible. This means you’ll need to understand the source from where the ego is attached, and where its Velcro-like structure is coming from. When we move to the roots of the ego, and realize what its actual hooks are all about, it has no choice but to release you from it’s illusionary snare.

The first unhooking secret is this. Realize that everyone on the planet has been unconsciously taught from childhood how to live in an ego based relationship with everyone and everything. This is a world wide human phenomena. We were taught from the TV as kids how buying certain goodies will make you sexy, happy or fulfilled. We have been fed a constant lie since the day we were born.

The lie runs even deeper into our psyche as your parents and their grandparents for 700+ generations were also raised with this lie. Your lineage runs deep with perfect examples of how not to create a healthy loving honest authentic intimate sensual sexual relationship. Some parents have had the blessing of reading self help books or learned how to tolerate each other in order to stay married for their kids sake. Other parents pretended to be spiritual people yet deep down had their own hidden egoic agendas. Some have met a spiritual teacher who opened the door to freedom, yet were pulled in by the belief systems of friends, family and society to remain acceptable and thus didn’t have enough support to become fully freed up from their ego.


How to Deal with Ancient Programming from Your Ancestor’s Egos

One of the most important things to liberate yourself from your ego is to take a long good look at the programming your parents handed you. Find out the details of what you believed their belief system was all about. If you could give one word to describe each of your grandparents, how would you label them? What would be the 3 sentences you’d use to describe to a new friend who your mom and dad were for you. Your relationship (or relationshit) with your ancestors is the clay that has molded your ego. It’s created your deepest belief system about what is blocking you from creating a healthy loving intimate sensual sexual tantric love life.

The good news is that when we step back and see things from a spiritual perspective, it doesn’t matter so much how horrible or amazing your parents were. Those good/bad standards are based on personal egoic desires anyway. The ego says if they coulda, shoulda and woulda been different, then I’d be a happier person. When your soul came to Earth, it knew what it was doing. You received the perfect parents you needed for the karma and dharma you’re still carrying. When you own that, you’ll stop blaming them for how messed up you think you are.

The horrible truth is that every child born in society today has been brought up by unenlightened parents. We have all been cult-ured by a massive hypnotic education system that does not teach enlightenment, because no human being actually knows first hand what enlightenment actually is. The good news is that naturally the soul is quite radical and rebellious, and it often tries to explore what not to do, in order to know which direction to go down the road.

We were brought up in a system that has no successful relationship, marriage, or parenting classes in public schools. This is obviously because nobody feels they have had a truly unconditionally loving intimate relationship in order to teach it to our youth. So, we were all taught how not to have deeply tantric, highly intimate, and profoundly loving relationships. Everyone in the system has been raised to follow the path of fulfilling the relentless demands of their ego.

Accepting our darkest truth becomes our deepest step towards enlightenment. As we allow for the past programming to be whatever it is, we are no longer unaware of its pull on us, and can respond to life from a place of love and awareness. The big challenge is that our programming will always be there, like a constant screensaver running forever in the background, yet will slowly fade, becoming less dominating with more spiritual awareness.

self-love-meditationThe Divine Purpose of the Ego

It’s important to realize that the ego is not a bad thing, and having one does not mean you’re not enlightened or there is something spiritually wrong with you. The ego has a very sacred and divine purpose. Without an ego we would never know who we were, or have any reference point for what it means to be human. We need separation to find unification. Without an ego there’s no sense of direction in life, as there is nobody who is going anywhere.

We need ego to know spirit, we need darkness to know light, we need to release heaviness to feel lighter, and we need the illusion of spiritually separating ego trip in order for us to have spiritual journey. If our purpose on Earth is to spiritually grow we will need an ego to transcend. Being free from ego is how we truly enjoy the spiritual dimension of our real nature and divine existence.

The cosmic joke is that society gives you an ego by age 7, that you spend the remainder of your life trying to find peace with. This is one reason why our society is addicted to their ego, we were never taught the real purpose and meaning behind it. When you look at the root of it all, I’d have to say that this egoic addiction is responsible for all of humanity’s suffering.

self-love-meditationHow to Permanently Shift from Ego to Soul

In order to make that permanent shift to creating intimate loving relationships in life, you need a substantial amount of emotionally positive and negative motivation. I invite you to project yourself into the future, and explore who you are going to be if you remain steady on the course you’re currently on. What is your life going to feel like in 5 years from now if you don’t make a change? How about in 20 years? If you start taking steps to drop your ego addiction now, what will your life be like in a year from now? What about in 5 or 20 years from now? Take some time to feel into this. It’s perhaps one of the most important choice points we can have in our spiritual journey.

The shift from ego to soul is massive. It helps to download a basic 21st century Soul Based Relationship Template as a guide. It can show us exactly when and how we are relating to others from a soul based connection that is free from ego.

As we experience how amazingly joyful, peaceful and empowering it is to be free from our own ego, we realize how fun spiritual growth truly is, and it then becomes effortless to bring this peaceful ego free quality into all our actions and relationships. No matter what the ego says with all its relentless demands, criticisms, judgments, and hatred, we can live in a new paradigm that feels this deep fulfilling love which just seems to follows us everywhere we go.

self-love-meditationHow to Know if You’re Stuck in an Ego Based Relationship

This may seem crazy outrageous, yet you can always know that you’re living in an ego based relationship if you’re not feeling totally relaxed, fulfilled and at peace in each and every moment you are spending with your partner. When ego steps in you’ll notice this perpetual subtle tension attempting to rise up to the surface. Conversations tend to end in some form of emotional numbness, anxiety, stress or emotional conflict. The tension tends to build with outer financial or sexual stress, and can suddenly feel like nothing is going to work out and you are your partner need to go your separate ways.

When we are living every day from ego, there is very very little eye contact. There is no breathing together snuggling in bed, there is no real heart connection, and life feels void of romance. Fear, time and stress prevail and the number one concern is always, “How to get what I want and protect myself from feeling pain.” In ego, everything you do together will feel challenging and even painful to the heart.

The good news is that this egoic way of living is supposed to be painful. It’s just like how you’re supposed to feel pain if you accidentally sit on a hot stove. We were not born to remain stuck in an ego based relationships. This pattern is simply spiritually immature societal conditioning.

Our job as spiritual beings on the path to enlightened relationships is to do whatever is causing us pain, then do the opposite of whatever we are doing. If we are avoiding our partner, we must then move towards them. If we are constantly invading our partner’s space, we must learn how to relax and give them more space. We must learn how to become more sensitive, aware and outgrow our ego based lifestyle if we wish to discover the spiritual path we are meant to be on.

self-love-meditationThe Qualities of a Soul Based Relationship

A soul based relationship is one that is rooted in relating to your partner from the Divine part of you that knows that it is whole, complete, and perfect just the way you are. When you operate from your soul, you are connected to your heart and feel a deep expansive love for everyone and everything. From this place, you will naturally have an all-encompassing love and patience for your partner.

When we begin relating soul to soul, deep feelings of love, respect, and intimacy will naturally emerge in our relationships. Sometimes the old egoic patterns tend to keep coming back again and again, yet we can unravel them subconsciously. You can uproot these past patterns my using my Guided Manifesting Meditations. They have the power to reprogram your mind to manifest real love and long term happiness in all the areas of your life.

In a soul based dynamic, you and your partner are relating from a timeless spiritual realm where the meeting has reverence for the precious time you have with each other. Each day is a sacred soul to soul encounter, and bowing down to this truth allows a real spiritual experience to step in. The awareness of how quickly it all can end instantly provides both with a deep, fulfilling, and blissful lively connection.

The missing key ingredient to any truly successful loving relationship is a shared spiritual foundation. Communicating from this deeper spiritual level is the secret to long term love. The Divine is the common ground and reference point to where everyone meets and finds relaxation, acceptance and the Truth.

By devoting yourself to having a spiritual partnership you are invested in creating a new future that knows no fear of arguing, fighting or divorce. You are going to have real communication that comes straight from the heart and soul. Your relationship from this place has a real love quality in each encounter, and provides you both with the courage to live the life of your dreams!

Now, are you ready to do some work and start transforming yourself from the inside out? Let’s start with thinking about these questions…

What do you need to let go of to allow yourself to…

Always keep your heart open, no matter what happens between you and your lover.

Devote yourself 100% to being in a committed long term highly sensual, sexual, tantric partnership.

Eliminate the drama, anger, fear, struggle, and anxiety caused by hidden ego conditioning that have plagued your relationships for years.

Live your life from your soul instead of your ego.

Feel with that Divine part of you from which has a Universal spring of unconditional love and well being.

Experience a Spiritual Love for yourself that allows your soul mate to want to stay in your life!

Maintain real integrity with yourself exploring your relationship with the God Source.

Get Ready to Create an Loving Relationship!!


The 3 Steps To Liberate Yourself from An Ego Based Relationship

Use these steps for 21 days to free yourself from any habitual ego based pattern that is blocking you from love and reoccurring for you.


Step 1

Focus Only on Creating Your Soul Based Relationship for 21 Days

Whatever we focus on grows. Don’t try to get rid of the ego based relationship. Just focus on creating the spiritual connection with your partner. When we are 100% devoted to our own spirit and soul within, this same soul based connection will show up in our relationship. We are 100% responsible for the relationship we create.

When the spiritual foundation is solid within you, it will mirror and manifest itself on the outer person in time. We all know that love is patient and very kind, this transition time is your gateway to practice deepening your spiritual qualities until your partner shifts from ego to soul.

The kind of relationship we believe we deserve to have is often the one we end up creating and dreaming is happening. The secret to shifting our of ego, is holding the feeling and vision of what a solid soul based relationship is like for you! What qualities does it have and how does it make you feel to be in one? What did you have to let go of to let in this amazing soul based relationship? The more we focus on and feel into what we want, the faster and deeper our manifesting energies catapult in the right direction.



Step 2

Unravel Your Ego’s Tight Grip

The ego has a strong grip on you because you have a strong grip on it. When you let go of your attachment to “I am xyz” or this is my xyz…you begin to release the tight grip that it has. Often the ego is running the show without you even being aware of it. When we create awareness of the ego, it no longer has power over us.

The exercise here is starting your day with 5 minutes of pure awareness, looking at what is this ego trip you are on. This will help you learn how identify, and release ego attachments that are harming your relationship. Through your simple soft pure awareness you can discover how to relate to your partner’s anger as well as your own, and learn how to transform the judgments generated by the ego and turn them into acceptance from the soul.



Step 3

Practice Loving From Your Soul

This step is dedicated to helping you consciously learn how to easily embrace the Divine in Yourself and Your Partner. When you realize the Divine God Source is within you (because it exists in everything) then you’re able to see it inside your partner. This realization will support both of you in relating to each other in a clear and authentic soul-based way.

The secret to this step is learning how to deepen your own love towards yourself. Love is the key to joyful relating, and the more we strengthen the love connection within yourself, the more you have to share with your beloved. The more you honor the divine in yourself, the easier it is to see it when your partner is triggered and totally going mad! As you wake up to the Divine truth of who you are, it becomes impossible to hold on to the old ego-based way of relating, and naturally you see the Divine Soul that lives inside the body of your partner.


The Final Hidden Pitfalls in Creating an Intimate Loving Relationship

Most couples fail to manifest the kind of loving partnership they desire because they are afraid to take the risk to relate to themselves and their partner from a spiritual paradigm. They are afraid to be honest about what they truly want in life, and decide that its better to play it safe.

Perhaps it feels safer to focus on trying to get the egos needs met, even though its never satisfied, it is at least a direction that is known and comfortable. However, whenever the ego is running the show, relationships are always eventually filled with strife, power struggles, and unhappiness.

The problem here is we are unable to see ourselves as a spiritual being. If we cannot honor this aspect of ourselves, how the heck are we going to see it in our partner? We must realize, own and have reverence for our own spiritual nature first, then we are to create whatever emotional, spiritual, sexual we desire in our outer relationship.

Perhaps you know that you and your partner love each other, yet your relationship is plagued by arguments, misunderstandings, or feelings of being disconnected. What is missing in this type of situation is a magical little tool called 5th Dimensional Listening. This is all about learning how to listen as if God were speaking directly to us personally. When we shift how we listen, we change how the other feels received, and thus the dynamic can shift from an ego based to soul based connection.

The other pitfall is how relationships tend to seesaw back and forth in duality from, “I love you soooo much please don’t leave me, to I hate you get the hell out of my life!” When we are living from ego, in one moment we can feel loved because our lover is giving their energy to us. Yet when their love is not available or blocked in some way, where do we get our love source from?

It’s only when we feel connected to our soul, to the God Source, and invested in our own spiritual awakening that we can feel loved at all points and time in life’s journey. Sure we may have the feeling that God abandoned us and we are alone here, yet this is just a childish misunderstanding that makes everyone feel alienated from each other. Being aware of this deep spiritual misunderstanding is the secret to transforming any mediocre ego-based relationship into deeply loving Divine partnerships full of intimacy and well-being.

When you discover how to find the Divine God Connection is always inside yourself, you have the power, love and opportunity to be at peace with life and centered in love no matter what is going on inside your partner. This powerful experience is a result from doing 90 days of my Super Manifesting Program. This experience alone will dramatically transform your relationship and create a long term successful friendship as well.

Inside the program you’ll receive a powerful meditation to help you discover this vast source of spiritual love inside yourself called the Self Love Meditation. As you retrain your brain to live in self appreciation, self acceptance and self love, you’ll find any relationship you have with anyone, will be coming from the soul instead of the ego. Life becomes quite joyful when we love ourselves and can love others with effortless ease. I’ve found doing daily manifesting meditations are one of the most powerful techniques to quickly altering one’s life, and they give you an entirely new approach to creating what you want in life.

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