The Tantric Manifestor Workshop


With Jafree Ozwald

Join me in exploring Divine Tantric experiences with the Secrets to Manifesting on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand

“The day on which we come to know the supreme consciousness within us, then the outside world will also appear to us like the expanse of the supreme consciousness. Then we shall touch a stone as if we are touching our beloved, because the stone is not stone, then it is God.” ~Osho


When the divine being within me opens to meet with the divine being within you, without barriers or boundaries, we both can relax and open up to our own divinity. This is perhaps the deepest healing and sensual meeting we can explore, that will awaken us to realizing the Divinity that exists in everyone everywhere. When you integrate this healing connection with the Secrets of Manifesting, nothing short of absolute magic is the outcome.

I’ve studied and practiced Tantra since 1997. During these years I’ve discovered that we are all seeking to feel safe, loved, and feel connected in a magical life that has infinite possibilities. I find sacred sensuality is very different than Tantra. In my own experience, sexual energy is simply the spark that ignites the fire of the Kundalini which awakens us from the deep egoic slumber that has forgotten our Divinity within.  Once our inner safety is sensually rooted, and we open up to the magical divine being we truly are, we naturally and spontaneously start creating powerful heart opening experiences.

I’ve been holding sacred space and facilitating personal enlightenment and manifesting workshops and retreats since 2000. When 2012 arrived, I opened myself up to teaching Tantra and since then have been offering these Tantric Retreats and one day workshops around the world. As of today, I walk this planet following my highest divine flow, guided in each moment by my heart’s truth, and always listening to where Spirit wants me to go next.

What I’m offering here is a truly life changing experience. It’s a completely different way of seeing life, and experiencing yourself as a powerful sensual god being who is manifesting your reality instantly with each thought you believe to be true. When I hold space for people, deep emotional healings simply start to occur as well as deep heart and soul merging. These intimate life connecting experiences spontaneously manifest from realm of merging with the Divine.

I am devoted to this work, providing life transforming experiences that are deeply rejuvenating for the body, mind, and soul. My highest priority throughout the retreat is creating a safe container where your boundaries are respected and revered as sacred. This way we can explore real Tantric Intimacy and heal ourselves, our wounds and deepen our relationships in the most profound ways.

It is my experience that only from this a safe heartfelt container we can have a direct experience of the Divine sensual being we truly are and receive a deeper understanding of what Tantra is truly about. When our eyes meet, two souls open up to the Divine. When my skin touches your skin, it is the Divine flesh merging as one. When our minds stop, our hearts unite, and we start living inside the Heart of God.

In my Tantric Manifestor workshop you will experience…

  • A deep healing of your own sexual energy.
  • How to open and move your Kundalini energy in an orgasmic way.
  • How to release emotional blocks stopping you from opening your heart and creating a deeply satisfying long-term relationship.
  • How to be honest and intimate with yourself and others in a safe respectful way.
  • Tantric exercises that create solid long-term passionate relationships.
  • Understanding your emotional and sexual boundaries so that you can gently stretch them and experience more joy and love in your life!

A few of the Tantric exercises we’ll be exploring are…

  • Tantric Touch and Tantric Massage
  • Hands-on Tantric Healings
  • How to Become Multi-Orgasmic
  • Kundalini Activations
  • Tantric Sex Breathwork
  • Tantric Manifesting/Sex Magic
  • Dream Dialoguing
  • Daily Manifesting Exercises
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Sensual Contact Dance
  • Soul Gazing
  • Intimacy Practices
  • Laughter yoga
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Enlightening Talks
  • Cuddle Piles

Who is this Healing Retreat for?

The Tantric Manifestor Retreat is a 7 day experience in paradise that will designed for anyone who is willing to face themselves and grow in their intimacy. You can come as a single or a couple, it doesn’t matter. The work is designed to open each individual up to reaching their highest ecstatic place in consciousness.

We will be discovering and honoring our personal boundaries, and melting our resistances to letting in the love! When our core emotional wounds/walls are healed, a Divine presence is felt all around, inside our bodies, where our heart discovers real peace with the entire Universe.

This is a deeply healing life transforming workshop. So we will be exploring deep transparency where our inhibitions, fears, and insecurities around our bodies and sexuality are allowed to be seen, felt, heard, received, and embraced by everyone.

We all yearn to be sexually alive spiritual beings who are living their dream life. To get there, we must do the work that is heart opening, soul touching and emotional healing. This healing work is essential for releasing whatever blocks preventing you from manifesting (receiving) all that your heart desires.

Personal boundaries are always respected and given space to be freely spoken. This helps everyone relax and feel safe within the group. This level of safety is needed to allow us to form a deeper intimate exploration of our true nature, where we touch the divine within ourselves and the other.

“The vision of Tantra is a direct approach towards God, towards Reality, towards that which is. It has no mediators, no middle man. Tantra says, God can ONLY be approached directly, there is no other way. God is immediacy. God is here now, already always surrounding you.” ~Osho

What you’ll get out of this workshop…
  • How to ignite your Kundalini energy and use it to manifest anything you desire.
  • Living daily using the Secrets of Manifesting along with the Divinity of Tantra
  • How to be a sensually alive and sexually liberated free human being
  • The enlightened secrets to attaining truly happy long term fulfilling relationships and creating deeper trust and intimacy with yourself and others
  • Awakened Kundalini energy making it easier to manifest more abundance, love, and miracles.
  • Tantric Manifesting exercises that provide deep healing and attract real abundance
  • And much MUCH MORE!!

Shifting into new patterns with money, creativity, relationships, sex and your love life become your fun creative outlet when you realize your Divinity within. The tantric exercises will open up your bliss body, expanding your energy and consciousness until you’re transcending limiting belief patterns blocking you from moving forward in life.

As the sexually alive being becomes spiritually awakened inside our physical body, we transcend this 3rd dimension of reality and step into the 5th dimension and divine life we were born to live. The infinite power of kundalini is awesome, and learning to harness it transforms our consciousness to the experiencing the divine God source within.

We will focus on the enlightened secrets to creating healthy partnerships with each other.  Exploring how to create real intimacy and a divine connection in our sex life, relationships and discover how it can naturally heal old emotional wounds. We will be creating a deeper relationship  and intimacy through breath, movement, touch and sound. You’ll learn how to do “tantric touch” and move energy within your body with the healing power of Kundalini energy. This magical touch has the power to  transcend any blocks you’re experiencing.

If your mind is nervous thinking about nudity in my tantric workshop, this is mainly a “clothes on” workshop, and we will be building a safe container where all boundaries are respected and communicated throughout the week. If you are coming with an intimate partner we will be exploring more intimate healings with each other where clothes will be optional.

BONUS GIFT!! After the workshop has ended you will receive my entire 90 Day Super Manifesting Program. This program will guide you in the process of manifesting your dream life. The manual teaches you everything you need to manifest your soulmate, more money, personal energy, self esteem, and take your intimate relationships to their highest peak.

My retreats are often given on the deeply healing tropical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. Yet I’ve given them in Bali, Bulgaria, Colorado as well. I am open to offering my services any where on the planet where people are willing to explore themselves deeply. Dates, location and hours for the next retreat are pending on participates who show interest. Please send in your request below to be notified when and where the next event will manifest itself by clicking here and giving your information.

Sending many blessings and deep love to you!

Jafree Ozwald

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