The 4 Steps to Manifest your Ultimate Destiny

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Like attracts like. Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious mind identically creates.” ~Brian Adams

Most of us don’t know how to create our destiny. We don’t believe we can create anything we can imagine, and tend to stick to the known, attached to our same old job and comfortable zone where we don’t have to fail by trying anything new. Somehow we stopped believing that we have the natural ability and power to manifest anything

Whenever we hit a wall in our life’s journey it serves as a wake up call. We may think it’s just too hard to get through this, and I don’t have enough energy, time, money or resources to be happy. We get trapped in these limited beliefs about ourselves, thinking that we simply don’t deserve it, and believe only a few specially gifted people can manifest whatever their heart desires.  

The truth is that we were all born with the natural ability to materialize thoughts into physical form. It is our very nature. We each are capable of forming our dreams into a 3D reality with our imagination and intention. From the time you were a small child, you had the power to create a world through your imagination. It was an inerrant gift you were given to empower and enlighten yourself in this world.  

By simply returning to that childlike innocence, where you could imagine anything is possible, you start in learning how to remain busy and blocked, and start relearning how to harness the quiet calm creative power of your mind. With a few weeks of creative exploration you will start seeing what a magical manifesting being you truly are.  The golden secret here is in learning how to relax your body, focus your mind, and enjoy the entire experience. 

The greatest cosmic joke on modern day mankind is that we were taught to believe we are only human, and not also something Divine, all-powerful and ‘beyond human’. The generations before us have believed that we are limited, struggling humans and not deeply sacred divine God beings in a human body. 

When the mind opens up to this possibility, understanding that we live in a world of duality and polarity, where everything has its opposite, we soon realize that we must have both. We must contain real power and real magic, if we have a powerless experience of being limited and disconnected from the Divine.  

When you can feel your human limitations and find peace within them, you’ll soon discover you also have access to an unlimited world filled with infinite possibilities.  By accepting both sides of the coin, knowing polarity always exists, your life’s playground becomes a thousand times bigger. 

When you acknowledge that we each contain an all-powerful Divine aspect inside ourselves, you stop living the lie that makes you believe you’re powerless or completely devoid of magic. We are limited only by our imagination, and the quality of thoughts we are thinking. When we see that anything is possible, we start opening to that magical being who can create destiny.  

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable” – Mary Oliver 

 It’s easy to understand how to manifest your destiny.  The first thing to do is practice having a constant positive focus with your mind. By allowing the mind (with 100% intention) to only create a string of positive inspiring thoughts about life 24 hours a day, you’ll be amazed how you start to mysteriously materialize your desires without lifting a single finger!  You may think this is a joke, yet I’ve done this many times and it truly works!  I simply hold onto the feeling of what I want to manifest as if it has already happened, continue to trust that it’s already on its way, and relax waiting for it to arrive on its own sweet time and it does!

You may have certain blocks and distractions inside you that are stopping you from thinking positively.  These stem from  the subconscious mind which was programmed to believe that you aren’t connected to a higher power, and are merely a mortal human who must work hard all life long to survive. The fearful mindset says you don’t have the time to daydream, play or fool around with lofty dreams about your future. It makes you believe that you must be serious, practical and get your head out of the clouds if you want any real success. 

In my life I’ve found that the middle path is always the best way. To truly manifest your dream life it comes down to building a rock solid foundation underneath that dreamy castle that you’re creating in the sky.  One simply needs to place a positive block on top of the negative one, and soon you’ll find you’ve designed a long staircase that reaches high up and reaches your ultimate fantasy life. 

 Creating your highest destiny in life is not easy for those negative mindweak in mind or heart. You may be running on autopilot, and unaware of a few skeptical saboteurs inside you who are controlling your thinking.  You probably unconsciously accepted this from a negative thinker you met in life along the way.  

It’s often this type of internal negativity and resistance to creating the impossible which keeps people stuck in the same old patterns, income, relationships and a tired way of living.  Remember, you have everything it takes to let go, and retrain your brain to believe ANYTHING is possible.  This is the golden key to become a manifesting magnet! 

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the Universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.” ~Shakti Gawain

The experience of manifestation is a natural occurrence that can happen for anyone when they have the right knowledge, vibration and awareness.  By practicing this exercise below, you’ll begin to create a subtle shift in your thinking, which will take you into FEELING that you can do anything!  Below are my 4 powerful secrets that will instantly help you start FEELING that you can make this shift and start manifesting your destiny this week! 

Step #1 – Have absolute clarity on what you truly want to manifest. The more specific your intention is, the easier it is for the Universe to know what you really want. Specific desires create specific results.  Vague request and unclear goals create wishy-washy results. 

Step #2 – Choose to manifest one thing at a time.  If you pour your energy into 8 different desires you’ll only be giving a little energy to that special one that truly matters.  Pick the one that matters THE MOST to you, that makes your heart sing, and stick with it (and only it) for 90 days in a row at the very least.

Step #3 – Feel your Goal or Intention has already occurred.  For at least 3 minutes a day imagine you have already achieved your desired outcome. Hold onto the great feeling of what it’s like to have done this!  A powerful intention is one that stems from a deep desire found inside your heart that makes you naturally feel empowered, alive and free anytime you think about it.  As long as your desired outcome is totally free from any “shoulds”, “need to’s,” and “have to’s,” you will effortlessly attract it to you.

Step #4 – Have FUN visualizing your desire happening for you. You cannot be attached to your desire manifesting if you want it to come to you with joy.  If you are too serious about your goal, you’re cutting off that warm fuzzy flow of powerful manifesting energy. Lightness always wins over hardness in the end, and the greatest thing you can do is to be playful and enjoy each moment of your life to the fullest!  When your joy-valve is 100% open, and you FEEL like you could skyrocket over the moon, the manifestations you desire spontaneously occur.  They’ll show up like magic, Divine synchronicities that may make you think you had nothing to do with it. 

“Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.” ~Vaclav Havel

As you start living from feeling your dream has manifested, you’ll be inspired to take actions everyday that build up to create this reality.  You are a physical being so you’ll see your desires manifest faster and easier when you take inspired action in the world whenever a glimpse of motivation arises.  The Universe needs to know that you really want to manifest this one thing, so taking massive action steps is how you communicate your sincerity back to the Universal intelligence.  By acting from inspiration you increase the level of joy in your body, and when your energy is HIGH enough the Universe will effortlessly bring whatever you want to you!

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Sending lots of love and lightness, 

Jafree Ozwald

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced.” ~ Swami Vivekananda


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