The 6 Laws Behind The Science of Manifesting 💥

The 6 Laws Behind The Science of Manifesting 💥

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The 6 Laws Behind The Science of Manifesting

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“You are the Supreme Being, and yet thinking yourself to be separate from it, you strive to become united with it. What is stranger than this?” ~Ramana

Manifesting is the science of attracting what you want into your life with effortless ease and joy. It is based on the law of attraction which states that like attracts like. The specific frequency of energy we create on our inner world must be matched by our outer world. If we are feeling positive and happy, we will magnetize circumstances and people that mirror those positive qualities back to us. It’s that simple…

Below are 6 laws that will help you to see, feel and ignite
the creative manifesting power in the world around you… 

#1 Stop Trying to Manifest  –  Realize that you already are a super powerful manifesting machine, so you don’t have to try so hard to manifest what you want.  Just relax, enjoy the ride and allow your desires to unfold on their own accord.  Like anything in the world, if we are gripping on too tightly and trying too hard, we are living without trust and obscure the goal making life much more challenging than it truly is. Trying comes from hoping, which eventually leads to hopelessness and desperation, struggle and fruitless results. The “trying energy” contains the ingredients of fear, insecurity, and a feeling of lack in this divine connection within you. 

The manifesting magician in you is powerful because he/she is relaxed, trusting, and knows the core is already perfectly aligned with this divine creative connection.  There is no doubt, hesitation or anxiety inside.  There is only the deep knowing and belief in the law of attraction.  Positive outcomes on the outer result from positive feelings on the inner.  When we follow this magical formula, our lives can only develop greater wisdom, love, abundance and freedom.

#2 Power Is a Choice  –  Don’t be afraid to use your manifesting power because it is needed on your path to find true freedom. Real freedom is not available for those who deny their power, and choose to remain in their own internal prison. The people who are living the life of their dreams are doing so because they chose to empower themselves by believing in their dream.  A very firm decision was made inside themselves that this one life is not going to last forever, and they must take advantage of this creative opportunity while it is here.  Only from a conscious empowered place can we open up to receiving the most rich loving abundant healing experiences life has to offer.

 #3 You are already intimately connected  –  Success in life can only manifest through being connected to the one Universal Source. All failure, poverty and sickness in life comes from feeling and thinking you are separate from this one Source. When the mind/ego gets in the way, believing it is superior or inferior, it blocks the manifesting flow of energy.  Manifesting comes naturally and effortlessly to those who are not creating a division in themselves, thinking any part of them is unloved, unwanted, abandoned, or unworthy of success on any level.  The moment we separate ourselves, we negate our connection to Source and meet head on with strife and struggle. Feeling connected to the one Universal God Source is the foundational ingredient needed for becoming a master of manifesting. From the master’s perspective, desires may manifest, or they may not manifest, and it really doesn’t matter. The master doesn’t care so much about the desired physical outcome because the real goal to feel connected with God right now, is always the same.

 #4 Enjoy this Moment and Be Happy  –  The essential goal of life is to be happy.  When we are aligned with this, life aligns with us.  Magical things manifest when we are deeply happy inside with who we are, exactly the way we are, and the way our life is. When we are not attached to thinking that manifesting our desires is then going to make us happy, then we are free. The manifesting master inside us knows of course that we may become momentarily “happy” when a desire manifests, yet this happiness is miniscule compared to the deeply loving sensation of being connected to the infinite Source within.

#5 Be Detached from the Outcome –  Whenever you are attached to a certain outcome to bring you happiness, you are coming from a fearful needy place and ultimately feeling disconnected to your Source. When you are simply relaxed with yourself, at home in your being, able to rest in your heart, you naturally feel connected with your Source. This spiritual connection is already the foundation of your being, and finding mastery within it, is simply realizing what you already always are.

This divine connection really boils down to a moment to moment choice in life. You are always choosing in each moment if you are or aren’t connected. You are always choosing if you’re coming from trust or fear. Your entire reality is defined in this now moment. You can choose to be happy, feel deeply at peace, empowered and grateful for your life just as it is. You are the eternal choice maker of how you interpret the feelings arising in you, and the thousands of thoughts passing through you.

Attachment is the most powerful way to stop your desires from manifesting.  Attachment is happening every time your body feels tense, tight, stressed, confused, upset or grumpy. Every time you are not experiencing great joy, you are attached to something. It will feel like you are swimming against the river, upstream fighting the current and trying to force something to happen by pure will alone.

What’s the payoff you’re getting for remaining attached to these desires, dreams or beliefs? Find out what it takes to let go and trust in the divine process of life. Whenever you feel anything that is not connected to ease and joy, just ask yourself this simple question, “What am I attached to?” Your freedom and enlightenment is as simple as that!

#6 Know That You Are Beyond All Desire – To fully master the world of manifesting starts with a test of how well can you have a burning desire for something, yet not get lost in the fire of that desire. It’s like walking that fine edge between living in this world, yet not of this world. The secret to walking this edge is relaxing into this pure untainted awareness, that is looking through your eyes and listening through your ears. This is your only hope for freedom as it can become very easy to get consumed in the excitement, thrill, fear and wild energy that surrounds your desires. We all want to feel truly alive, and when desire hits us everything lights up!

Yet, it is the real master who can feel the fire, honor the passionate heat, and not get cooked by the intensity of the juicy outcome, or what you expect will manifest. The master chooses instead to be constantly warmed and nourished by the warm pulsating heart of the great Source within.

“Feel ecstatic that there is no end to life, that when you have reached on one peak, suddenly another peak starts giving you challenges, a higher one, a more arduous climb, a more dangerous reach. And when you will have reached the other peak, another peak; peaks upon peaks. It is an eternal Himalayas of life.” ~Osho

I think the most interesting dimension to shifting our consciousness is within the melting and merging of polar opposite experience.  When we feel our deepest connection to the Source, we are also allowing our worst limiting feelings and beliefs to arise. It’s always in our darkest hour when the brightest light shines in.  The change in perception hits us when we are no longer fixated on a polarizing perspective.  Meaning, the instant we detach from gripping onto a harsh experience, we create space for gentle healing feelings to flow in.

It is in this meeting of opposites, the melting of polarity, that we transcend all absolutes and discover what real freedom is about. My invitation for you here is recognize the enlightened manifesting master inside you and step into playing this role in your life.  Find out what is stopping you from taking your next step into becoming truly free.  What will it take to follow these principles above and begin to live the laws of manifesting. Play with your beliefs.  Notice which ones you are you attached to and hold onto throughout your day.

Get to know yourself.  Understand what is causing all the suffering in your life. If perhaps you don’t know what this is, just seek out what you are attached to.  What limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings do you have around these attachments?  When you find what’s causing the most pain in your life, you can liberate yourself from it. You will see that behind every experience of suffering, some form of attachment is found.

Beware of attachments, yet more importantly be aware of where they came from. When you investigate, you may find there are many many tiny little desires (and attachments to those desires) which are running your entire life! The good news is that the more you are aware of these attachments, the easier it is to step back from them and not buy into their story.

Freedom from attachment is what gives you TONS of extra energy and focus to consciously manifest your desires.Once you’re truly detached from all fiery desired outcomes, you will never become upset, irritable, and unhappy with the world. Now it’s very important to remember that being detached does not mean being disconnected or not caring about your future. This is a very fine line to walk, and learning to dance along it is what makes you a master.

After the day is done, it all comes down to how deep do you FEEL connected to this one Universal Source that is creating who you truly are. Living 24 hours a day from that all-loving space, you won’t need to be attached to any outcome to find happiness. You will be the source of happiness itself! Then, manifesting your desires for money, love, a car, house, relationship, etc all occurs effortlessly on its own accord because you are at one with the Source itself.

“You are born with a tremendous possibility of intelligence. You are born with a light within you. Listen to the still, small voice within, and that will guide you. Nobody else can guide you…you are utterly irreplaceable.” ~Osho

Through the power of placing our attention on the intention of what we wish to manifest and feel it as if it is already here now, we can effortlessly attract anything we can imagine on our outer world.  The reality of this basic manifesting principle may feel unreal, outrageous or miraculous for you, yet it is the law that governs the Universe we all live in.

By summoning feelings of great joy mixed with the sensation that your desire has already come to fruition, you can actually watch your hidden desires spontaneously show up in your world. For example, if you’re continuously feeling, thinking, and vibrating like a millionaire 24 hours a day, and never having any other ideas than this, you’re bound to attract people who have millions in the bank to you.  

Or perhaps you will create a situation in which this magnitude of money will physcially show up in your life in some form. The millionaire vibration you send out has to boomerang its way back to you, and large amounts of money must organically find a way to sneak into your life.

What we think about and how we think about it, is what the Universe yearns to unfold and develop for us. It truly has no other choice.  It is the foundational law and core principle of all creation. The vast empty field of energy all around us yearns to fill it with the ideas and desires bubbling up inside of our hearts and minds. Manifesting is a natural power we were all born with and we can never ever lose.  

It will be how our body and mind operates in this world until the day we die. The people who are aware of these manifesting laws and align their life with them, are the ones who experience outrageous success in their lives in extremely short periods of time.

It’s good to know that we all have access to this manifesting power equally. No human was born with more manifesting power than another.  Some people just have trained their mind to focus more acutely, and are able to hold their awareness on what they desire for a longer period of time.  Another law of manifesting states that the length of time one can hold their attention on their intention is proportional to how long it will take for that desire to show up in the physical world.  

For example, if you can hold your mind on the FEELING that you already are financially free for 4 minutes (without having any other random thoughts enter) you will manifest the money twice as fast as if you could only hold your attention span for 2 minutes.

One of the manifesting laws that many people are not aware of, is that we gain immediate full access to our deepest manifesting powers when we release all doubt and disbelief around the intimate spiritual connection we have with existence. Doubts serve as a baracade, and stop the positive energy from flowing through, as well they leak negative energy into our system.  The less doubt we have inside, the easier it becomes to feel we deserve to receive the end result we wish to manifest.  

Doubt however, is not so easily erased by free will. We must discover something deeper than doubt to uproot its grasp on our lives.  We must realize our spiritual connection with the Universe, learn how to feel at one with everyone and everything, including doubt.   We must mentally, emotionally and physically unite with every energy in this world.  The more relaxed we are on the inside, the easier becomes to harness the creative energy that is all around us and connecting everyone and everything in our lives.

It may seem like a big fabricated lie, yet material desires are designed to find their way into our lives with precision and effortless ease. When we stop believing in the illusion of apparent separation, and know on a quantum metaphysical level that we are living in one great ocean of conscious energy, we open the energetic manifesting gates in the path before us. As long as we feel disconnected from the Universe, the Universe feels separate from us. It always mirrors back to us what we are putting out into it.

It honors our response to it, reflected to us whatever choice in perception we are making.  It cannot break this great law of like attracts like. The Universe will only withhold our desired outcome from showing up, as long as we continue maintaining a feeling of separation from it. 

“When we give of our attention, we give of our soul. One moment of pure attention is worth a pound of gold.” ~ Lisa Guyman

Another foundational law of manifesting which will turn you into a manifesting magnet is this. We cannot stop manifesting.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly creating everything around us. We were born as extremely powerful manifesting magnets who are already forming every aspect in our lives through our beliefs about what is real and what is not real.  

Whether we are consciously choosing these beliefs, or regurgitating them unknowingly, reality listens to what we believe is true. The more you can honor this truth, the more amazing your life will become.  Just spend a few minutes a day with this feeling that, you are a manifesting magnet and cannot stop manifesting.  Feel into this idea so often that it sinks completely into the deepest belief system within you.  You will soon find it’s truth showing up in every aspect of your day.

We can retrain ourselves to believe in any version of reality, if we want it bad enough. We simply need to be more honest with ourselves about how stuck we may feel in our lives.  It is our pain that ultimately motivates and inspires us to bring about enormous deep change.  When everything is going smoothly we have no deeper yearning to shapeshift our belief system. It is only when we feel into our deepest pain, that we yearn to remember just how amazing, lovable and powerful we truly are.

If you have felt challenged with this idea of that you are a powerful manifesting being, and simply do not believe anyone can create anything they desire at anytime, then you are creating exactly that world for yourself right now. We define our limitations of what we are capable of creating in each new moment of this journey. Our reality is continuously being formed and shaped around us, and our thoughts are constantly molding themselves into the form of our reality. 

Thoughts are always flowing, moving and creating our experience of life in each new moment.  Each moment of life is so fresh and new that it behaves much like a blank canvas that you can paint anything you want on it.  You could suddently choose to paint a sailboat, and imagine it taking you into a new direction of your life (by pointing your inner rudder) towards an entirely new dream destination and life goal. 

You could choose to give up years of financial struggle, and shift into thinking, feeling and becoming a highly effective manifestor in just a few minutes. By merely holding your intention on integrating this manifesting mindset (without a single doubt entering), you will rewire the neuronal pathways in your brain and begin amplifying the manifesting magnet hidden within you.

 When your entire being is completely alert and relaxed, feeling sweetly centered in the core of your body, the mind becomes very quiet and very very still. When you can relax enough, and let a continuous river of confident peaceful feelings come flooding inside, you’ll start to realize how you are already attracting and creating your dream life.  Then you can you feel into your deepest connection with life, where the most intimate personal realization is discovered that this enormous manifestation power is your very nature.  From this paradigm, you know their is an unlimited amount of energy all around you, and anything is possible.

“There is enough energy in a single cubic meter of space to boil all the oceans in the world.” ~Richard Feynman (scientist)

The problem we each encounter in manifesting our dream life is that the mind actually enjoys getting caught up in the world of distractions.  It revels in the dramas that have some form of lack and limitation.  It loves having excuses and fears to overcome, as well as doubts, disbelief and worry to rise beyond.  The mind tends to ignore our real power, because if it didn’t we would have to stop feeling part of society, and be an outcast feeling excluded from the powerless trip that a majority of people on the planet seem to linger in.  Ultimately, the mind doesn’t want to become too much like the black sheep who doesn’t fit in with your coummnity of people who “get you” as that is not a safe form of survival.

This blinded mind is resistant to seeing how the Universe is constantly working for us, and not against us. This is another huge law to realize and abide to.  Life is inherently benevolent, and has this natural tendency to send an abundance of good things your way.

The mind will not always see it, and some minds cannot see it at all, yet life is always working to help you grow, evolve and mature along your spiritual path.  Perhaps you may have forgotten this is why you are here, and got caught playing in the world of trying to manifesting things and overcome doubt. When this concept becomes a self realized way of being in your life, miraculous things will begin showing up from no where.

If you feel you are ready to totally break free from all limiting mindsets and transcending all stuck old-fashioned beliefs around manifesting, the following six principles will be useful to adopt into your daily life.  Simply digesting and implementing these basic manifesting principles will shift your consciousness, and make a huge difference in your ability to create the life you yearn to have.

Okay, so now your mind is fully warmed up and ready
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Jafree Ozwald

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