The Brick and The Mind

A young man practicing meditation, who was a disciple of a Zen Master,had been working hard at his meditation for months on end.

Then one day the Master came, sat in front of him with a brick,and started rubbing the brick on the hard stone floor beneath them.The sound was annoying, and it was distracting and disturbing to the young disciple.

Finally, the irritated young man asked, "What are you doing?!"

The Master said, "I am trying to make a mirror."

The disciple said, ‘Have you gone mad? Just by polishing a brick a mirror cannot be made!You may polish it for your whole life and a mirror cannot be made this way!"

And the Master said, "Then I have nothing to say to you.  You are trying to polish your mind.  Mirrors are not made that way either. I throw away this brick — see — now you do the same."

Drop the mind. It is not a question of polishing the mind, modifying the mind, making it more and more clear.  It is not a question of changing the mind, it is simply a question of dropping it utterly.  ~Osho

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