The Secrets to Transcending Perfection


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The Secrets to Transcending Perfection  By Jafree Ozwald

“Outwardness of the mind is suffering, inwardness is happiness.” ~Ramana

Have you ever noticed that your mind can get wrapped around this funny little idea that life is not perfect the way it is, and that all the circumstances of your life are not the way they should be?  The mind can easily become attached to the idea that if something is not “perfect”, then you certainly cannot find peace, happiness or even love today.  Perhaps the kitchen is a mess, or there’s a pile of papers on your desk, or your loved one isn’t behaving exactly the way you’d like them to.  Whatever the reason is, whether rational or irrational, the mind can easily get snagged in the thought of needing things to be perfect in order for you to relax inside and feel that everything is perfect exactly as it is.

Whenever you start believing that your life isn’t exactly how it should be, be aware!  A perfection saboteur is lurking close by.  We all have an inner saboteur voice inside us.  This sabotaging energy is easy to pin point.  It is always critical, never easy going, and always trying to achieve for selfish reasons instead of thinking about serving humanity.  When our saboteur is running our lives you be sure you’re not smiling or have a stern look on your face through the day.  By simply being aware of your own inner saboteur and not buying into its long list of complaints, you take back the happiness steering wheel of your life.  You realize that life doesn’t have to look a certain way for you to be happy.  You can simply choose to accept and allow for life to be the way it is, and choose to be happy right now.

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things that are beyond the power of our will.” ~ Epictetus (1st century A.D.)

The major problem with trying to achieve perfection in anything is that the mind will never ever never be 100% satisfied. Sure, it may momentarily believe “perfection” has arrived, yet give it 24 hours and it will soon decide there is room for more improvement.   The reason for this is because the mind has become addicted to desire.  It is caught in the wheel of wanting, and doesn’t know any other way to be.  We would all love to be the creative master who is in control of our existence, and this is possible once we realize the wheel of trying to fulfill desires never satisfies.   Then we have the power to find what does truly satisfy.  The core essence of our being, that is always at ease with life, accepting life as it is and not needing to improve upon anything.  This is the only way to truly allow yourself to find real long them peace inside.

In my 257 page Manifesting Manual, I purposely included some mistakes, blunders and gramatical errors just to capture the attention of the perfectionistic mind.  The skill to notice when the perfectionist is being hyper-crtical and not buy into it’s belief is enormous.  If you simply practice watching the mind closely throughout your day, you’ll see that it’s at work constantly.  It will even work at trying not to be this hungry rat who is struggling to get off the wheel of desire.  The mind loves the hunt that keeps it searching after the next hanging nugget of cheese.  It thinks it is getting closer to perfection with every action, yet it isn’t aware of the fact that it cannot arrive simply because it cannot stop running and searching!   The mind is addicted to the thrill of the possibility that one day it will reach its goal and it will be happy, which is precisely what causes it to miss the gratitude that is available right now.

It’s important to understand the mind and see how it works if you want to transcend its grasp on you.  Just taking a small tiny step back from it, you can see it is a highly creative thinking machine. It is only doing its job to constantly think and think and think about all the many ways it can do, have, become, create, eliminate, and improve upon life.  It is always generating new problems as quickly as it finds the last answers.  It think everything is “normal” just as long as it has something significant to do with it’s time.  This is the typical programming society has given the mind and there is nothing wrong with this.  The only issue is that it can become soooo highly addicted to and entertained with the wheel of desire that it doesn’t realize it’s actually stuck running on the wheel…just yet!

If your mind is caught in the eternal internal rat race, this next paragraph may be of great importance to you.  Believe it or not, there is an ancient yogic science that has proven how anyone can find total peace and satisfaction, and reach it within 48 minutes!  These yoga masters have studied the mind through their meditation students, and have realized that the liberation of the ego/mind is much like boiling water.  As we all know that water needs to be boiled at exactly 100 degrees Celsius to start evaporating, not a degree less will do.  The same is with the mind.  It needs exactly 48 minutes of sitting silently, being still, looking within, and doing nothing before it begins to evaporate as well. Nobody knows why water boils at 100 degrees, or why it takes 48 minutes exactly before the mind lets go. What is important is that it is a scientific fact, and this phenomena has been known for centuries.  For just 48 minutes of sitting like a statue, not moving at all, you will have some form of experience in transcending the mind and discovering a reservoir of peace within.  

“Any real ecstasy is a sign you are moving in the right direction, don’t let any prude tell you otherwise.” ~ Saint Teresa of Avila

My advice to is beware of the mind.  It will do everything and anything to avoid sitting still doing nothing for 48 minutes.  Yet, if you want to find something beyond this world, a slice of heaven within you, a window of clarity in your life, make some time this week to sit and try it out.  You will be amazed!  You have nothing to lose but your ego.  Simply sit in a comfortable position in a chair or on the floor with your back against a wall and close your eyes.  Get a timer so you don’t have to keep an eye on the clock and rest deep inside yourself for 48 minutes.  Just relax.  Start with scanning your body and letting go of any tension in your muscles and follow your breath.  Rest into your innermost personal connection to the Source this moment.  No efforting is required in this practice, this is a simple invitation to discover the divine peace inside you by inviting the ego to learn patience. 

As I said before, be aware that the mind will have all sorts of excuses not to do this exercise. It will also try to jump out in the middle of it, because the ego is terrified of being defeated.  Yes, you will conquer the ego/mind and transcend your suffering on a significant level after being cooked for 48 minutes by stillness.  You will be amazed at what miracles can happen in such a short amount of time.  If you can justify spending 2 hours watching a movie, you surely can take 48 minutes to find the God Source itself.  Just sit in silence and notice who and what is watching it all.  Soon you’ll become aware of the watcher watching the witnesser, seeing the sea of thoughts flowing by.  When this occurs you’re knocking on the door to Nirvana.

Remember, the experience of suffering is optional.  You don’t have to live in doubt, confusion or fear.  Freedom is a personal choice.  You can turn off that highly addictive monitor (for a while) and take a little personal journey inward to discover the amazing being you are!  You probably won’t find anything “perfect” inside you right away, and you might initially feel that this meditation makes everything inside feel more chaotic and unsettling.  Yet, what you’ll discover after your 48 minutes are over is brilliant!  You will have a glimpse and feeling of true perfection.  You’ll have a glimpse of transcending the ego/mind and discovering a state of oneness with the Universe.  Remember that this is a science so if you do it you cannot fail.  Think of it as an experience that allows you to know yourself as Divine.  Right now, there is enough curiosity inside you to try out.  Jump on this opportunity and take the chance to truly discover the real perfection that is already inside you now.  Enjoy! 

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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