There Is No Death

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There Is No Death
By Jafree Ozwald

“In the midst of winter, I learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”  ~Albert Camus

You are like the Sun.  Eternally bright, warm and healing.  There is nothing in this Universe that can put your light out.  Your brilliance will continue on and on… for eternity.  Your inner light is always on, blazing bright and expanding.  You shine without even knowing you are shining.  The light of your awareness is continuous, even when the mind clouds your vision the Sun is always always shining behind it.

The light that you are is forever here now.  There is always a flame burning within you. Even when you think all is lost, hopeless and dark, it is there.  Even after your body wears out, and you physically leave this amazing vehicle, you will see that the light of your creative lumin-essence goes on and on.  Something will continue to experience life, reality, and consciousness.  Death is the greatest illusion of them all.

If you truly want to get the most out of your time and experience the greatest experiences possible on Earth, you must first accept deep in your heart that there is no end to this experience called life.  You must know it deep down, so it becomes a part of you.  When you trust that which never dies is forever inside you, eternally free at the core, you become fearless and unstoppable in all that you do.  Every thing you do becomes successful.  Any goal you want to achieve will manifest because you will have no fear.  Your approach will be unfailing because you have nothing to gain or lose.  You can finally leap into the unknown with total faith, courage, enthusiasm and joy!

The person who realizes that he/she is not really a person, but a soul that lives in this body is the only one who can truly be unconditionally loving and free.  Everyone else will give love with conditions and be attached to some form of expectation.  This is because they are attached to their ego, thoughts and body on some level.  They think this form is all that they are and thus are limited by it.  The advanced being knows otherwise.  The truly liberated soul has realized that they are pure undifferentiated consciousness, that is beyond all thought and form, and is grounded and well established in the joy and freedom of being absolute unconditional love.

When you accept that there is no death in this lifetime, you begin to see everything with new eyes.  The typical stressful situations you’re used to suddenly become exciting fresh new adventures!  Those people who challenge you on the deepest levels are truly your greatest teachers, and are welcomed into your heart on the most intimate levels.  This is how we can know and experience what real peace is like.  There is no longer any resistance, judgment or fear because you realize you are the eternal source of love.  All is forgiven and everyone is your friend.  It is truly discovering heaven on Earth, every single day of your life.

Recognition of the deathless in you is the fastest way to true freedom.  It comes instantly from a deeper investigation of your spiritual nature and an honoring of the very essence of your being.  This is what really matter most in this lifetime.  The source of who you are is where the ego life ends and the spiritual life begins.  You know you cannot bring any of this “stuff” with you when you die, so why invest so much of your time and energy into it?  Do not be attached to anything that you can place a label or name upon. Everything one day will fall away from you, like old leaves on a maple tree when hit by the autumn breeze.  Simply invest all your time and consciousness exploring the eternal light and love that you are.

It is like we were told as children to be afraid of a snake that is really a piece of rope.  It sure looks like a snake in the dark when the lights are dim, yet when you turn on the light and see the truth you just begin to laugh and laugh and laugh!  When you fully accept that death is not real, then you really start to smile and truly become alive.  You stop being afraid of everything in life completely.  You also stop procrastinating and start doing everything you always wanted to do.  You stop holding back your love, your words of appreciation, and your sacred heart energy, and every meaningful thing you wished to say to those who you care most about.  You start to share the gold which you always felt could not be shared.

  In truth there is nothing to be afraid of.  Everything is always on a divine cosmic plan.  The projection your mind has created in who and what you think death is or who you are is still a small slice of the truth.  The totality of you is beyond what you can imagine.  You don’t have to be afraid anymore.  Are you afraid to look in the mirror?  You may not like what you see, yet you know that what you see can change if you’re willing to look at yourself differently.  This tiny shift in perception is all it takes to step into the deathless experience of life.  This is my invitation for you.  Open your mind and see what its like to live the next 24 hours of your life knowing deep in your heart that you will never ever die.

You will find that the mind resists this experience or tries to manipulate and micromanage it.  The mind is used to living in being in control.  To live a life without fear is the purpose of your life, yet if the mind hears there is nothing to worry about it will truly get worried!  The mind is used to its job of being afraid and time bound in the 3D world of polarity thinking.  It doesn’t know anything about living for an eternity.  That seems absurd, there are so many practical things to accomplish and being absolutely trusting would mean that nothing would get done.   Give your mind the option to explore what is behind door number three.  Imagine what it may be like to just explore the sensation and knowing that you are an eternal being who will go on and on forever.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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“There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you’re experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you’re focusing your energy, attention and consciousness.” ~ Jafree Ozwald

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