What Is Enlightenment?

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Enlightenment has as many definitions as the number of leaves you’d find on an oak tree in springtime. Basically, for a practical understanding of the enlightened state, the ego (or separate self) dissolves away and you experience yourself as being ONE with the entire existence. There is a deep knowingness there is no separate “you” anymore.

This knowingness creates a rediscovery in each moment that the real YOU (the eternal you) is perpetually found within everything and everyone. You see yourself everywhere you go and understand that the world is your mirror. You’re aware of your reflection in your relationships and bathe in an intimate state of connection and oneness with the matrix of the quantum Universe.

I can only speak on this topic from personal experience and the few Satori Awakenings which I had in India in 1995 & 1996. After many months of meditation and contemplation on the Self, something profound opened up inside me. A cosmic understanding and deep seeing of what you may call an ‘enlightening state’ poured into me for many months. You can read more details about this experience in my autobiography.


At this time I knew that there was no “me” and no more “you” anymore. There was nobody who was trying to achieve anything, resist anything, or cling to anything in life anymore. There was only 100% peace with the past and future and everyone in all of existence.

When you glimpse a moment of enlightenment, you are at peace with the world as it is. You don’t get attached to any possible future that arises. You are free from past karma because you are fully embodied in Divinity which is pouring through you in every millisecond.  You feel relaxed about life, content yet curious about existence, and 100% aware in the now. You are totally open, vulnerable and deeply available to people in life. Every thought, feeling, and experience which arises in you is like another new Christmas gift to be opened… 24 hours a day.

Enlightenment is the Path of Self Realization

If you wish to experience a glimpse of the ‘enlightened state’ in your life I can recommend a few things to you. Start with practicing meditation every day, especially when you don’t feel like it. The practice is absolute surrender to What Is. Letting everything inside and outside you be exactly as it is, and everyone be as they are. There is so much peace within that there’s nothing that wants to try to change anyone, or anything, including yourself. You just accept and surrender to whatever experience you’re having.

In the world of enlightenment, the ego is falling into the “Isness” of existence. Which means, you begin letting go of any identification with being a separate self. There is no effort to become anyone or improve yourself in any way. You simply see that there is no place better than being here now. You feel sooooo free and playful like a curious child in life again. You are relating to life as the magical all intelligent all-loving God Source, so what could be better than that?

It’s good to know that deep curiosity will bring you closer to enlightenment than acquiring more head knowledge. You have to drop the mind to let the enlightened state in. The mind is too small of a container to hold this deep connection with the Universe. So enlightenment is more of a perpetual surrender, a continual freefall into the Self, where you constantly realize your unlimited divine potentiality is at the core of existence. You see that nothing is separate anymore, and everything in the Universe is you (consciousness).

The enlightened being can enjoy the exquisite imagination happening in the mind, yet is not possessed by it. The mind is expansive and absolutely free, yet you are flying along right beside it, and so you do not get attached to any desire, feeling, thought, or experience. You realize that you are not this mind, you are pure awareness beyond it, so you know true freedom and truly are the master of your mind. Most people are too attached to their ego/mind and all their belief systems and are not willing to give it all up for a small taste of freedom.

Some say that enlightenment is the greatest cosmic joke there is. Before enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water, and after enlightenment, you’re still chopping wood and carrying water. So what’s the difference?

On the deepest level of our existence, you are connecting with a state of unlimited presence. You feel the Divinity within yourself at all times, no matter what you’re doing. You may look like you’re washing the dishes, yet internally the dishes are washing you clean from past life impurities. Nothing is as it seems to the enlightened being.

Every small action has cosmic connections to it. When you are abiding in the highest 5D consciousness (living from the heart of pure love and pure Presence), your actions are unencumbered by the mind. The consciousness almost takes you into the core to experience the truth of who you are with whatever you’re doing. You see that in the most ordinary situations that you are already free from all your imaginary sufferings.

If I was to offer another piece of advice on this path, I’d say that the greatest intention you can take on to become enlightened in this lifetime is to learn how to DEEPLY relax your entire body. Not just kinda let go for a few minutes and relax half-ass, and then check your notifications on your phone. Relax soooo deep into yourself, more than you ever have in your entire life. Let go of all tensions on every level.

Yes! You are FREE to leave this experience of suffering at any time. You already have an out of jail pass. You can open your mind and let the Universe, with it’s all-loving, accepting, sensual energy take you in! Let this Enlightened Universe cradle you like a baby. Relax and let yourself be supported by its majesty.

 Whatever you are clinging to in your life is perpetuating your suffering. You have the power inside you to let go of whatever your mind’s clinging to. Don’t be afraid to be alone, separated, or feel disconnected. This is just the mind. You are already connected in the most intimate ways with the most sacred Universal love! Just relax with whatever you cannot relax with.

When you just cannot relax, spend your time welcoming whatever tension or anxious feeling happening in your body. You are a magical being who can transform your darkness into light. Your thoughts are always creating your reality. You actually are an all-powerful Super Manifestor! You can imagine anything you want and anything you don’t want. You are the producer, director, actors, and the audience of the great show on earth!

This ego of yours is here for one purpose, to melt into the ocean of existence. So every day when you wake up choose to dissolve, surrender and melt into this living state of bliss. You will quickly transcend any block that comes your way. This is a benefit of Enlightenment!

All rivers of thought come from and return to the ocean of Existence. They were never separate thoughts that were privately “yours”. This is the nature of reality. When you live in the flowing river of thought, knowing there are infinite bandwidths to listen to, you discover your true spiritual essence and your life’s awakening mission.

Feeling into the truth of your timeless soul, this infinitely spacious existence is soooo deeply liberating. The door opens to enlightenment when all attachment to the “material world” has resigned. The Enlightened Being in your knows without a doubt that life is eternal. You know you will get the chance to have another body, and another life, and another life after we die again. Spirit lives forever. We are all spiritual beings who cannot be killed. This is the great cosmic joke!

You are here to have a highly enjoyable experience of being human. You were given a body to feel profound sensual pleasures. You were given skin so you could be sensually touched, taste buds to enjoy drinking and eating, ears to hear music and sensual sounds, eyes to see the Divine beauty all around you, and a nose to smell sacred fragrances around you. Enjoy living in this body, do not resist enjoying it.

Breathe, relax, and accept all the amazing freedom that is available to you. You are human AND divine! Play while you’re still alive. Choose to be young at heart, let go of your burdens, and explore life! This freedom is available today. It is yours now…you can reach out and take it.

Feel the pain that is created from clinging to heavy contracted thoughts and feelings. Feel how these old illusions make you feel and believe that you’re separate from an Infinite Loving Source. Only through feeling this pain will you realize this is not the path to enlightenment and you’ll begin to naturally effortlessly choose to be free from your suffering. Just commit yourself to be honest with your experience of life and play!

Enlightenment is already yours. You don’t have to do anything to deserve it. You are already worthy of it. You were born worthy. You are already with whatever energetic/spiritual connection that Buddha and Christ had. This is found through meditation, the merging of your higher Self with your lower Self.

Another golden key to enlightenment is learning to live the quality of trust. This is about surrendering everything over to God. The all intelligent Universe is ultimately in charge of itself. It won’t always give you whatever your ego wants if there is something better for your enlightenment available.

Know yourself. Realize that your ego is a wanting machine that cannot be turned off. It’s job is to desire, so that you move, take action, to grow, and become divinely creative. The Universe never makes mistakes, the deepest darkness makes the stars bright.

Embrace and move through every imprisoned feeling that arises inside you. Release whatever arises in you, and relax into the oceanic experience of your being through your day. Explore what it’s like to truly let go of everything and just BE!

Believe it or not, letting go is easier than you think! It’s absolutely easy and effortlessness to relax your grip on life. It’s your mind and ego who is holding on to something and creating your suffering. Simply experience the vast infinite Universe in this moment and drop any clinging you have to it. The moment you drop your suffering, a part of you dies and is reborn.

How will you know when you are Enlightened?

You might as well ask the question, “How can you tell that the sun is shining upon your face?” You cannot see the Sun light hitting your face, yet you feel it and the warmth is delicious to your soul. This is what Enlightenment is like. It will be so obvious that you cannot miss it.

Enlightenment is remembering that you are the Sun. It is your innermost being. It is the Source of existence, your existence. Your Universe will not exist if you do not exist.

There is an awesome Universal intelligence right here, right now, that is guiding you every step along the way. Ask it to guide you into your deepest enlightened state of being. Through this deep and simple surrender into what is here now, you will find that you were always guided everyday, and the greatest Universal intelligence exists inside you.

The more you can surrender to life, the more open you become to experiencing this supreme enlightened consciousness that is the core of your very being. It is your essence. Enlightenment is your natural state of being and is seen, felt and known when the mind is not clinging to anything.

Now is the only time that there is. The past and future are fabrications of the mind. Without the mind you experience this entire Universe unfolding perfectly, magically. The now contains your doorway to enlightenment. No other time will do.

Open your eyes, spread your wings, disappear into the wondrous Light of your inner most being. Your spiritual essence is here now to be experienced. All of your lifetimes have been merely a great preparation for you to wake up to realizing and exploring this great experience, right now. Now is the only time you can relax and truly know that you are as brilliant, bright, and beautiful as a newly born Sun.

Enlightenment is an awakening to the “Light” in you. It also happens at the speed of light! Enlightenment may take you many months, years, or lifetimes of deep self-inquiry, inner exploration, and letting go. Yet, this experience is the main purpose why you came here. You have all the time you need to experience it. Just be very careful and watch out for everything in the world that will distract you from this purpose.

All your problems, issues, distractions, negative feelings/thoughts, and judgments are your fuel that are propelling you forward into this light of your Divine Consciousness. The world will always deliver to you the perfect people, situations and stumbling blocks that you are needing to stand up in this light. What your life is really all about is always bigger than what the mind can imagine.

How to access the enlightened state when you’re trapped within chaos and suffering?

You must embrace your dark side as if it was the doorway to God. When you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. Look into the pain, feel it, be with it, and then go deeper towards the stillness that is found in the very center of your innermost core and being. Find the center of the cyclone. It is only in this place you will discover peace. A powerful spiritual knowledge exists in the center of suffering, and it is here that you become completely fearless and clear, there is nothing ever to fear.

Abide in this center as long as you can. Be still and rest deeply into the center of each cyclone you find. Practice daily and you will see results. When you can commit to living daily from this exploratory open space and you will feel a deeper surrender to this divine all-loving creative Universe. You will find yourself automatically opening up when you find someone or something that triggers you. This is the secret to manifesting a rich life, that is full of love, meaning, clarity, depth and bliss in every connection with everyone you meet.

Eventually, you will discover that YOU were never separate from The Divine Enlightened Source when you were suffering, you were simply following the mind down a dark alley that was making it all up. The pain is all created by the mind and for the mind to jolt you into awakening. So welcome it, see it as a teacher and know that it is there for a greater reason.

Be patient and yet persistent with the process of surrender. One day you will see that everywhere you go is the infinite source of love, intelligence and power. Simply dive deep within…the clouds will soon part and you will truly see.


Enlightenment is a continual freeing of your old thinking patterns that opens you to a cosmic presence and loving energy everything. It’s realizing that God is here now always. It is seeing each person, circumstance and outcome in the most positive ways.

How to know when you meet a person who is on the path to enlightenment? The enlightened person will always remind you of the powerful God-Being you already are. They will always help you discover that no matter how stuck you may feel on the inside, there is an unforeseen path that is limitless, loving and free.

The enlightened person will not say they are “enlightened” for they know this is an infinite path and they will be forever in the enlightening process. You will know them by the sparkle in their eye and the warmth of their heart. The true enlightening being knows that true power comes from the connection with the Universal Source inside.

When you are on the path to enlightenment you are 100% devoted to God. This is not just an external God, but an internal God-Source as well. Its a connection that brings you a deeper healing, love, freedom, trust and a knowingness that YOU are much more than your body and mind. Its a devotion that asks for nothing in return. Its purpose is simply for the spiritual connection with Source. This devotion brings such a deep clarity of life purpose and absolute success in everything you do, every day of your life.

Enlightenment is a constant discovery that inner peace is your most natural state. This inner peace breeds the greatest self-confidence and transformation in ones energy and perspective. It is the most effortless, easy, and essential core of who you are.

Enlightenment meets others with compassion and acceptance, especially when they are in great pain. If someone is angry, mean or truly evil to you, the enlightened person will not take it personally yet simply be compassionate or indifferent to them.

There is no ego to push against in the enlightened being, there is only a movement towards being of service of the greater whole. The ego is here to transform itself into what is light, joyful, loving, and free. One who discovers this path of transformation within themselves can find ecstasy in anything. There is no difference from the God-Source and the World.

Quietly being still,
simply doing nothing,
the green grass grows
and reveals its natural spirit.

I have a little enlightening “homework” assignment for you. I invite you to look deeper inside yourself for the next 7 days and practice letting go of everything that is stopping you right now from being at peace with your past and future. Choose inner peace over everything else.

Make this a conscious choice every moment of every day. I am committed to being relaxed into this divine Source of love and life. Bathe in this gentle awareness of that which is aware of itself. Find inside you that infinite state of Being that has already come home to peace within yourself. Awaken to being present to your infinite presence

You wil know when you are successful with this assignment when all your friends and family are treating you differently. They will say something has changed in your and some will look at you as if they don’t know you.  This is the path to awakening. Nobody said it was easy. You may have to sever some relationships to realize how amazing you are truly are. Yet, in time everyone will come around and it will be so wonderful for them to experience how magnificent you are. 

Your extra credit assignment here is to raise your inner peace level out in public so that people on the street begin to stop and want to connect with you. They feel your warmth and divine presence when you walk by as if you were a relaxing gentle breeze gliding along the Ocean shore.

My invitation is for you to LIVE each day this week as if each moment was the greatest moment of your existence!! Decide every day that your life is a magical journey which you are continuously creating. Just do it. Believe that you are ALWAYS connected to an ever-powerful and loving magical source of energy ALL the time. Fake it until you make it. Do whatever it takes to let go of fear and create what you need right now to feel a deeper sense of power and relaxation inside.

Is there anything better for you to do with your life? If there is, then do that. When you’re ready for deep inner peace, then enlightenment will be waiting for you. It’s not going anywhere.

You can do whatever you want with your time here on earth. It is your blank canvas to create, imagine, and decide to manifest however you want your life to be.  Nobody is judging you more than you. God will allow you to become whatever you choose. You don’t have to choose to be at peace. You can continue living your life just the way you are living it. Yet, if you faced yourself truly and realized that you are not truly at peace, I bet you might want to open up to and let it become your reality.

What would your year be like if you knew there
is a brilliant conscious light inside everything and everyone?

I want you to do something very very radical right now. I want you to stop and think about that ONE fear that has been running and controlling your life most of the time. Replace that fear with an invincible love for yourself and forgiveness. Whatever your fear is, it is not worth clinging to. It is here to teach you how to let go, and how to love again. Your fear is just an illusion your mind made up! It is not as important as LOVE, so let it go and dive back into loving something else!

Why is it important to find, catch and release this fear? You can experience the whole perfection of the Universe right now when this fear is freed. So you can be totally free! Once you realize the depth this fear has been running behind the scenes of the show, you will let it go. Then your mind will have the energy to start generating all kinds of thoughts that are beneficial to you and the people around you. The future is not set in stone. What if you repeatedly imagined your future EXACTLY as you wanted it to be? 

Do you want to have even more fun? Go tell your neighbor how amazing they are. Flow out a constant river of appreciation to everyone you meet for the next 24 hours and see what happens! I dare you. Why wouldn’t you have the guts to do this? So what if people think you are a crazy fool. If you are experiencing an overflowing river of aliveness then they are the one who is missing the point of life.

I invite you to practice this feeling of freedom and reaching out to connect with everybody on the planet. There is already so much life and love around you. If you don’t see this, you are looking in the wrong direction! An unlimited supply of love and freedom is available inside you right now. It is waiting for you to become courageous enough to let go of your suffering and taste it! This divine loving energy is flowing through everything, God is here…right now! Just open up and let her in!! 

Take this precious day of your life and realize that your life is precious, so very precious. Do not waste it on trivial matters. Open this door to your heart, discover the wonders that exist at the core of your being. This is the time and the place to reveal your greatest most enlightened Self!! This is the peak experience of your existence. YOU!! You are an infinite ocean of consciousness, an immortal being who knows no boundary or limitation. Surrender to that! Enjoy the journey!!

Enlightened Message for Your Day  

Just for today, I will choose to be soft, open and receptive to life. I will choose to find peace and face my fears, doubts and worries. Today I am entering a new life that is devoted to total freedom and gratitude for this amazing Divine Existence!!

Sending many blessings to you,
Jafree Ozwald

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Imprisoned No More

By Emmett Fox

I loved reading this story so much that I felt it was worthy to share on this page…This is a story of a man who became a prisoner for some misdeed that angered the King of his particular country. He was arrested and shut up in a dungeon beneath the castle. A ferocious-looking jailer carrying a long key escorted the man down a dark stairway. The door of the cell was opened, and the man was thrust into a dark hole. The door shut with a bang, and there he was.He lay in that dark dungeon for twenty years.

Each day the jailer would come, the big door would be opened with a great creaking and groaning, a pitcher of water and a loaf of bread would be thrust into the cell and the door closed again.After twenty years the prisoner decided that he could not stand it any longer. He wanted to die but he did not want to commit suicide, so he decided that the next day when the jailer came he would attack him. The jailer would then kill him in self- defense, and thus his misery would be at an end.To prepare for the next day, he decided to examine the door carefully.

When the prisoner went to the door, he caught the handle and turned it. To his amazement, the door opened, and upon investigation, he found that there was no lock and never had been. For those twenty years, he had not been locked in … except in belief. At any time during that period, he could have opened the door and been free.He thought it was locked, but it was not. He groped along the corridor and felt his way upstairs. At the top of the stairs two soldiers were chatting, and they made no attempt to stop him. He crossed the great yard without attracting attention.

The armed guard on the drawbridge at the great gate paid no attention to him, and he walked out a free man.He went home untouched and lived happily ever after. He realized that he could have left at any time throughout those long years since his arrest if he had known enough, but he did not. He was a captive, not of stone and iron, but of false belief. He was not locked in; he only thought he was imprisoned.

In may be safe to say that we all are prisoners, to some extent, of own making. We may find ourselves imprisoned by anger, resentment, remorse, or the belief that there are no other options for us in our lives and jobs — that we are locked into doing what we are currently doing.What kind of prison might you be living in that you would like to get out of? Remember, the prison is in our thoughts and the key to our release is the desire to be freed from limiting thoughts.

The 21st Century Millennium Shift

It may not be obvious for many, yet if you become clear enough in your mind, you will realize that we are in the midst of a global spiritual awakening. As the world has stepped into the 21st Century and we are all realizing that we’ve reached our outer physical limits of exploration and are needing to find the inner world as our endless route of discovery. The inner world is this territory and is being prepared for ALL of us to move deeper into and discover our own divine consciousness and develop our true God given manifesting powers. This global awakening leaves only one place left for everyone to explore… the God Source of our very nature and being.

The real truth is that the future is so amazingly bright, flawless and perfect already that our limited minds/Egos cannot imagine it’s perfection happening to us. Thus we create a darkness inside to protect us from that which we fear “exists”. These fears only really exist in our own mind’s interpretation of the Light and our imagination.

In Reality, the MIND is causing all our problems and delusions. There is only Light, and lesser degrees of Light. There is no thing that’s 100% evil, wrong, bad or void of God. The mind will make you and everyone around you believe there is darkness here. There is actually soooo much light and consciousness inside each one of us that if one courageous person came out of hiding he/she would change the way the entire world thinks forever.

How long can you wait to experience THIS truth of your existence? How long can you personally pretend life is meaningless and comes to a dead end? How can you NOT believe its a miraculous magical ride all the way home? It is up to you. New communities of awakened beings are popping up ALL around our society, in every country around the World. Now is the time to jump on the Awakening Train and take action with the knowledge you have been given and share your life energetically and generously with the people on this planet today.