Why Meditate?

Why we need to meditate more often and decrease our screen time?

The 7 Spiritually Juicy Reasons to Meditate

Why do we need to meditate? It seems quite boring to just sit silently with your legs crossed and watch your thoughts. What is the real purpose and benefits of having a daily meditation practice?

I’m going to share with you my personal experience of the true manifesting power behind meditation. You’ll learn how meditation is the foundation for creating deep inner peace, accessing your natural manifestation powers, and realizing your life purpose. After reading through this article, you’ll never need another reason to meditate again!

“You need not leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. You need not even listen, simply wait. You need not even wait, just learn to become quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no other choice. It will roll in ecstasy at your feet.” ~Franz Kafka

Learn how to meditate and transform your life!


Meditation is truly the only real way to master this life. Learning how to meditate is your ticket to transcending any experience of suffering. Meditation teaches us exactly how to find inner peace, master the material world, and discover our life purpose. It gives you the knowledge and power how to attract all of your heart’s desires.

When we start bringing more presence, love and awareness to our inner world, we slowly and naturally begin to soften the body and quiet the mind. This simple experience of slowing down, coming into the moment, and relaxing into the body is the essential foundation for self-mastery and finding profound inner peace.

When you begin to feel the impact of having a quiet calm mind, you see that you are free from its grasp on you. You are no longer a slave to the mind, but rather its master. When you can silence the mind at any moment of your day, then there’s this sensation that you are free from all suffering.

It’s important to realize that all suffering is caused by some form of attachment to thoughts. The moment we see that they are just thoughts, we can drop them. In the very next moment we begin discovering a deeper place of peace, power, and spaciousness inside our being.

#1 Learn How to Control this Uncontrollable Mind

When you start meditating, you realize that all efforts to try and control the mind cause suffering. It’s just waaaay too much work and stress to always be in control, and this type of micro-management wouldn’t allow you to fully enjoy your life.

Letting go of controlling the mind also doesn’t mean you let your mind get lost in thinking thoughts. There is a certain type of balance to mastering the mind. It’s the 3rd side of the coin between control and surrender. This means you are not “buying into” the mind and its dramatic stories, nor are you pushing them away or trying to ignore them. This is all too much effort.

Meditation is the state of absolute effortlessness. It’s a centered state of being in the heart which allows you to be present to the mind and its thinking habit, yet always surrendering to the magic of life in each new moment.

Ironically, the mind cannot be 100% controlled because there would be no space for Divinity to enter. When the ego is trying to control itself, it’s like your hand trying to grab itself, or your eyeball trying to see itself without a mirror.

#2 Meditate Daily and Become the Manifesting Master of your Life

When you become the master of your mind, you will automatically and naturally master your life. You will have complete control over your mind and can point it in any direction to achieve anything you desire. There are no limits as to what you can achieve in this world with a center meditative mind.

It is much easier to manifest what you want in the world when you know that no stress can touch you. When you are grounded, emotionally open, mentally healthy, and full of inspiration, you are unstoppable! The devotion to yourself and constant self-love will be well worth it for years to come.

By letting go of the mind who always needs to be in control of everything in your life, is how you become the grand manifesting master who can magically attract anything. When you feel centered and deeply peaceful in times of chaos, you will understand how your meditation practice paid off.

Meditation enables you to create a distance from your mind. So that one day you can step back from the mind enough to be able to keep it perpetually focused on what you want, instead of what you don’t want. When you are focused on what you want for long enough periods of time with passionate emotion behind it, you can easily attract ANY experience you desire to you.

Mind mastery happens when you can drop any thought at any moment and experience pure silence for as long as you wish. With enough mediation practice you’ll be able to experience this. When you are truly free from the clutches of your thoughts, you can find peace with any experience that comes your way. This is the point you know you have mastered this life.


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#3 Meditate Daily and Experience the Most Profound Inner Peace

The mind often tends to wander and be restless. It thinks it needs something ‘more’ to be happy or free. The mind was programmed by society to believe that if it just had more structure, power, or control it could attain all the ego’s goals. Yet, the truth is just the opposite. When you learn how to let go of control, and surrender to the infinite spiritual freedom inside you, you discover the most profound peace and become the master of the whole Universe.

With the meditative practice of Letting Everything Be As It Is, you discover the real secret to inner peace. This holy attitude will train your brain to detach from all the thoughts that invade your peace. Through the power of allowing, you learn how to rest in the stillness of the heart.

The big question now is how much of a relaxed calm presence can you have while you’re at work, connecting with your partner, eating a meal, or even washing the dishes. You can meditate as you’re feeling the warm water run across your hands, and listening to the sounds of the soapy brush scrubbing the pan. Every sensation can be your ticket to transcending suffering, mastering the material world, and learning how to meditate.

#4 Meditate Daily and Tap into the Bliss of Spiritual Liberation

Imagine you could just sit down and release every negative, heavy, anxious or fearful experience that is still lingering inside your body. How would you feel? Liberated, empowered and alive? Exactly! When you meditate, you sit still, do nothing but breathe, and you FEEL your naturally body filling up with this relaxing healing bliss-filled energy from head to toe.

The experience of bliss is found through letting go. It is a deep release of all fear, desire, negativity, tension and anxiety hiding inside you. The hardened mental cracks and emotional crevices are blocking you from real spiritual liberation. By letting go of what causes suffering, you instantly discover liberation.

When you meditate, you are not doing ‘nothing’. You are practicing being with your spiritual essence. You are consciously sitting with the real you. The pure consciousness that had no boundaries, and is infinite, limitless life.

When you meditate, you are consciously letting go of the body, and letting everything be as it is. Eventually, you dive deep enough into yourself and reach this space of pure no-thingness. There is nothing but peace. Here the most profound realizations enter you instantly.


Divine Heart Meditation


Let’s practice this right now. Just sitting here, relax your heart. Let go of any stress, pressure or tension inside or around your heart. Allow your chest to open, feel safe, and relax deeper than it ever has in your entire life.

Take a few breaths into your heart (right now) and whisper the words to yourself “It is safe to relax.” Do this for 10-15 minutes until you feel a lightness inside your heart that permeates throughout your entire body.

#5 Experience an Infinitely Deep State of Peace

Here are some simple instructions that will help you to understand how to meditate.

Infinite peace is not far away. You simply need to bring stillness into the body and mind. So when you’re practicing being still, let everything that’s active or moving inside you to dissolve into the silence of your heart.

Do not move any muscles, even keep your eyeballs super still. Yet, do not hold tension in a way that you’re trying not to move. Simply relax, be quiet, solitary, and still. This is the easiest thing to do when the ego/mind is not in charge of your life, and the hardest thing when the ego/mind is running the show.

It may help to pretend that you are a stone statue that just happens to breathe on its own. Don’t do anything. Learning how to be perfectly still without any movement of the mind will happen on its own accord.

All of your attention is resting inside. When the mind is resting inside your “vertical center”, a feeling of lightness and expansion will follow. Imagine a pillar of light that flows through your spine, from the top of your head to the base of your spine, and allow your mind to relax in here.

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#6 Meditate Daily to Experience Everything & Everyone as Divine

There is nothing juicier than discovering God, and God is not found in thought. So always return gently to being ‘unfocused’ and watching the rise and fall of the breath. The experience of watching your thoughts means not getting lost in their story. Whatever juicy distracting thought that arise, just let them rise.

Life is a practice of patience and surrender. Eventually with patience, the mind will slow down and all the mental chatter will stop. When thoughts arise, you just see them as if they were distant clouds floating by. The thoughts may try to come into your consciousness, yet the watcher releases them as easily as they came.

Surrender everything to the source of Divine presence in you. Simply be empty, completely empty, quiet, and free. Your natural state of unbounded divine consciousness will find you when you are doing absolutely nothing, being purely nothing, and as still and quiet as a mountain.

It’s perfectly okay to do nothing but sit in your own Divine Presence.

Bow down to the divine consciousness that exists everywhere. It’s inside every atom in the Universe, including you! Yes, experience your own sacred presence as Divine! This is not about entertaining some lofty ideas about how amazing you are, it’s simply humbly recognizing the truth that you are an extension of the Source of God itself. This recognition will excite you and eventually bring a calmness into the mind.

#7 An Unfocused Mind is the Ultimate Vacation

If there was one important reason why we should meditate, it would be to experience the joy of having a 100% unfocused mind. This is where the mind is quiet, completely silent, and unfocused on anything. In this space, you naturally fall into experiencing your own divinity.

The mind needs to focus on something when you meditate, so direct it toward the quality of unfocusedness. As long as your body is totally relaxed, you will be able to drop the focusing mind. It might seem impossible at your first attempt to focus on being unfocused, yet what we are trying to do here is feel the quality of unfocusedness awareness.

This is the state that is completely free from all thoughts. Only silence remains when the mind is unfocused and empty of thought. What is left is the feeling that you are beyond the mind, and transcended from the body.

Be extremely patient with this process as training your mind to be unfocused. The mind is similar to a drunk monkey on LSD. It doesn’t know how to sit still. It cannot listen to you or obey any order or command you give it. This is the hardest stage to overcome in the beginning. It takes lots of time to settle everything down inside the mind and relax. So don’t expect any results whenever you meditate.

What should you expect??

It may take 7 days to 7 months to 7 years to notice any major shifts in your life. It all depends on what level of spiritual attainment you are already at, and what your soul is seeking to experience. If you have been meditating for years with a mantra, and still do not feel you’re not spiritually evolving, then you will one day need to drop your mantra and simply be silent.

As long as you are using the mind to transcend the mind, you will be unable to drop into the God presence inside you. The mind is too small to handle infinite divinity. Just try to relax about everything and surrender to being present and completely still. Soon you’ll find that Divine awareness finds its way into you.


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